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Story No 3-1

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3-Who Gives You Food-1

Long time ago there lived a King. He had three beautiful, intelligent and well-behaved daughters to whom he loved very much. When they came to marriageable age, the king called all of them and asked them - "Whose luck gives you food?" The eldest daughter said - "Dear father, I get food of your luck." The king got very happy to hear this. Then he asked his second daughter the same question, and she also answered the same. The king got very happy with his second daughter also.

Then he asked the same question his youngest daughter also. She fearlessly said - "Dear father, I get my food of my own luck." King got surprised to hear this, he asked - "How?" The daughter said - "Dear father, Everybody gets his food of his own luck, nobody can take food of anybody else' luck." The king did not get satisfied with this answer, rather he got angrier with the youngest daughter. Her elder sisters tried to convince her "Sister, We eat food of our father's luck." But she was not ready to agree with that and she was adamant on her statement. The King ordered his servants to bring the first man they see next morning passing by his palace.

As the sun rose next morning, a leper boy passed by the palace in search of food. King's people immediately brought him to the King, and the King married his daughter to him. He did not give anything to her and sent her with that leper. Her both sisters and mother wept bitterly for her. They asked her several time to change her statement but she did not agree for that. Everybody was very sad in the palace but could not do anything, and the girl went away with that leper boy.

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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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