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Story No 2

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2-Story of a Jackal Husband and Wife

Once a he-jackal and a she-jackal were taking a stroll on the banks of a river. The she-jackal used to boast of her intelligence and treated her husband as a fool. She used to say that she had hundred intelligence, the poor he-jackal used to say in a low voice, "I have only one."

As they were taking the stroll in the cool air, they were talking about their children, their future and their old parents. They were looking here and there and enjoying the scenery that they heard a roar of a lion nearby. Hearing the roar the she-jackal got frightened and asked her husband - "Did you hear that what I heard?" The he-jackal said - "Yes dear, I also heard that."

They continued their walking, that they heard another roar of the lion. It seemed coming from nearby. Now she-jackal got more frightened and asked her husband to find some way to escape that danger. The he-jackal said - "Dear, I have only one intelligence, what can I do? You have as many as hundred intelligence, you should use your own." The she-jackal said - "My fifty intelligence left me away as soon I heard the second roar of the lion. I try to use my other fifty."

In the meantime they heard another roar of the lion. This roar seemed coming from a place very near to them. The she-jackal started trembling with fear and a said to he-jackal - "Dear, my another twenty-five intelligence have also gone. I am unable to think anything, now you think about our safety." He-jackal didn't reply anything and continued his stroll.

They again heard a roar of the lion. This time it seemed coming from just beside them and really they saw a lion standing before them. The she-jackal started trembling with fear and said to her husband - "Dear, My remaining twenty-five intelligence have also gone. I cannot think any more." And she hid behind her husband. The he-jackal said - "OK, I will think of something."

The lion came nearer and said - "I am very hungry, I want to eat both of you." The he-jackal greeted him respectfully, asked him his family's welfare, and said - "Yes, why not? We are at your service, but you may not be satisfied with our old lean and thin body flesh. We have five fat children at home. I want to bring them too so that our whole family can be of use to you, and you will certainly be satisfied after eating all of us."

The lion got very happy to hear this. He immediately gave him permission to go home and bring his five fat children soon. The he-jackal and the she-jackal greeted him respectfully again and walked fast towards their home. After going fast for quite a distance, they started strolling again on the banks of the river. The danger had gone, and they were at ease again.

After this incident the she-jackal never boasted again for her intelligence and never treated her husband a fool.

[Intelligence is never in hundred or two hundred. It is always one and whatever can be used in need is intelligence.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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