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Similarities Between Buddhism and Upanishadik Religion
Dr Radhakrishnan in his “Indian philosophy”, Volume I, pp 676-694 has given a detailed comparison between the Upanishadik religion and Buddhism. Let us see the similarities between the teachings of Buddha and those of the Upanishad.

(1) Both do not accept the authority of any text (Ved) and insist on personal experience.

(2) Both have contempt for ritualism and sacrifices.

(3) Both say that the absolute reality (called Brahm by Sanaatanee and Dharm by Buddhists) cannot be comprehended by the intellect.

(4) Both agree that Moksh or Nirvaan, the state of changeless reality alone are peace for the mind of man.

(5) Both agree that this reality can be reached only through renunciation, meditation and realization of the oneness of all life.

(6) Both consider the world and the individual self as impermanent.

(7) Both believe in the law of rebirth and Karm.

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