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11-Raam's Birth and Childhood

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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11-Raam's Birth and Childhood

There was a king named Dasharath in Ayodhyaa in Tretaa Yug. He had three wives: Kaushalyaa, Kaikeyee and Sumitraa, but he had no child. Raajaa was very much worried about this. He was getting old so he wanted a son. He went to his Kul Guru Vashishth Jee to do something about it. Muni consoled him saying that he shouldn't worry about it and he would have four sons. He called Shringee Rishi and asked him to do a Putrakaam Yagya. So Muni came and did a Yagya for him. In the end of the Yagya, Agni Dev (Fire God) appeared from the Havan Kund carrying a pot of Charu (rice pudding or Kheer). He gave that pot to Raajaa. Raajaa took that pot and distributed the Charu among his queens.

He divided the Charu in two parts. He gave one half to his eldest queen Kaushalyaa. He again divided the other half in two parts, from which one part he gave to Kaikeyee. He again divided the last part in two parts and Kaushalyaa gave both parts to Sumitraa.

In this way all the three queens got pregnant and when the time came they all gave birth to sons. Raam was born on the 9th day of Shukla Paksh of Madhumaas (Vasant - Chaitra) in Abhijeet Nakshatra, in the middle of the day, it was neither cold nor hot. Brahmaa Jee prayed Shree Hari along with Devtaa. Bhagavaan appeared in Kaushalyaa's lap. He took this human Avataar to comfort Braahaman, cows, Devtaa, and saints. All queens and Raajaa Dasharath got very happy to see Him. Kaikeyee also got one son and Sumitraa got two sons. Dasharath called Vashishth Jee immediately. Whole Ayodhyaa celebrated this occasion heartily.

To see the celebration, Soorya Bhagavaan also stayed at the very same place for one month and when that month had passed, nobody knew. Thus that day continued for one month and nobody could know this secret. Hey Girijaa,  Kaagbhushundi and I also took human form at that time and wandered around the lanes of Ayodhyaa with joy. At that time Raajaa Dasharath gave alms to people whatever they wished for.

After a few days the time came for their Naamkarn Sanskaar (naming ceremony). Dasharath called Guru Vashishth Jee to perform  that. Vashishth Jee said - "Hey Raajan, They have many names. I tell them according to my understanding. This child who is a giver of joy to everybody and who is the resting place of the whole Universe, His name is Raam. And this child who feeds everybody, his name is Bharat, and by remembering whose name all enemies are destroyed, his name is Shatrughn. And this child who is the base of the whole Prithvi, his name is Lakshman."

Lakshman had very special love for Raam, but Bharat and Shatrughn also loved Raam very much. Raam and Lakshman were of Shyaam and fair complexion, and Bharat and Shatrughn were also Shyaam and fair complexion. All four brothers were qualitative and handsome, but Raam was more joy-giver. They were so handsome that their beauty cannot be described. Whosoever has seen them, only he can describe . Raajaa Dasharath and Raanee Kaushalyaa loved them so much that when the time passed, they didn't know.

Childhood of Raam
Once Kaushalyaa gave Raam a warm bath and lay down Him in a swing. Then she took bath herself and cooked some sweets for her Isht Dev as Prasaad. She did Poojaa and went to bring the Prasaad. She saw Raam eating that Prasaad. She thought, "I lay Him down in the swing, how come that He is here. Let me check if He is still there?" and came to where she lay Him down. She saw Him sleeping in the swing. Seeing this she got frightened. She again went to the kitchen and she again came to the swing, and she saw two Raam, one eating Prasaad and one sleeping in the swing. When Raam saw His mother confused then He smiled and showed her His wonderful Roop (form) in which Kaushalyaa saw numerous universes in His every Rom (tiny holes in the body).

She saw numerous Sun, Moon, Shiv, Brahmaa, Parvat, rivers, seas, Prithvi, forests etc. And she saw those things also which nobody had heard. When she saw Bhagavaan's Maayaa, she got more frightened and just stood joining her palms. She could not speak, she just bowed to His feet closing her eyes. Then she gathered herself and prayed Him that "You are the father of the Universe, and I take You as my son". Then He explained everything to her. She prayed to Him that from now on His Maayaa should not affect her.

All the four princes were growing up gradually. Now the time came for their Choodaakarn Sanskaar. Braahman again got lots of Dakshinaa from Raajaa. Whosoever Bhagavaan is difficult to even imagine, the same Bhagavaan is playing in the house of Raajaa Dasharath and Kaushalyaa. When Raajaa calls Him for food He doesn't come leaving His friends, but when Kaushalyaa calls Him, He comes slowly. Then His body is dusty, but Raajaa smilingly takes Him in his lap. Ved and Shiv Jee can't find His beginning and end, while Kaushalyaa catches Him running after the same Raam.

Now all princes are grown more so they got Yagyopaveet and went to Gurukul for education. They got all knowledge in a very short time. From whose breath the four Ved have come out, the same Bhagavaan is studying in Gurukul, this is indeed a great surprise. But for Bhagavaan it is not difficult. Being Bhagavaan He is acting like a human being. The way all the four brothers wander around, and people continue to look at them for long time.

They hunt for deer and kill them. Whoever deer are killed by Raam's arrow, they all go to Dev Lok. Raam takes food with His younger brothers. He listens to Ved Puraan and explains them to His younger brothers. Daily in the morning Prabhu touches the feet of His parents and Guru.



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