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Durvaasaa Rishi and Paandav

It was when Arjun had gone to Swarg Lok to collect Divine weapons, once Durvaasaa Rishi came to Hastinaapur along with his many disciples. As Durvaasaa Rishi was famous for his anger, everybody used to respect him very well. Although Duryodhan was not happy with his coming, still he respected him very well, welcomed them and honored them by offering good food. But Durvaasaa Rishi knew that Duryodhan was not happy with his coming.

Seeing Durvaasaa Muni Shakuni got an idea, he said to Muni "how nice it would have been if Paandav had also been here, they would have also got your blessings." Durvaasaa Rishi got very pleased hearing this and said _ "I will surely go there to bless them." Shakuni further said - "Rishivar, please go there in the afternoon. At that time you will be able to see everybody." Durvaasaa Rishi said - "All right". and went away.

After sending Durvaasaa Rishi to Paanadav, Duryodhan was still not feeling comfortable. He knew that Durvaasaa Muni was an angry Muni and he knew the power of his Shaap also, that is why he sent him to Paandav, thinking that when Paandav would not be able to serve and please Rishi properly, he would give Shaap to them and they would be destroyed.

So Durvaasaa Rishi arrived at Paandav's place in the afternoon. On the way he met Yudhishthir and said - "I came here to bless you on the request of your brother Duryodhan. At present we are going to take bath in the nearby river, after taking bath we will take food here." Yudhishthir said - "As you wish, Munivar." But he was worried, because he was sure that by now Paanchaalee must have eaten her food and there will not be any food left over. So this was Duryodhan's another trick to trouble them.

Still he came home and told Draupadee about Durvaasaa Muni. Bheem got very angry hearing this. Yudhishthir explained him that - "Bheem, There is a time to be angry. You should not be angry all the time. The anger which makes a man blind can never work like a shield, nor it can be used as a sword. Kshamaa (forgiveness) Satya, (truth), Tap (penance), Brahm (God), Dharm (duties), Yagya (sacrificing), Ved (Hindu scriptures) are all powers. I cannot leave the path of forgiveness. Forgiveness is everything." Bheem said - "You may forgive them, but the fire of my anger cannot be putout." and he went away in great anger.

Draupadee checked her Divine pot, she found it empty. She got very sad thinking that "Who thought that the king of Indraprasth would have to see a day when he would have to worry even to feed a few Braahman; and the queen of Indraprasth would see her all pots empty of food."

Draupadee was lost in finding some way that she heard Krishn saying - "Krishney, First give me some food, I am very hungry. and why do you look so worried?" Draupadee again got very sad that she could not offer anything even to Krishn to eat. But what she could do, she said - "I have already eaten my food, that is why there is nothing in the house. The Divine pot, which gave me food, it is empty now. Durvaasaa Muni met Yudhishthir on the way and told him to have his food here with his disciples. I don't have any food and you know his anger."

Krishn said - "Bring that pot to me and let me see it." Draupadee said - "I have already checked it, there is nothing in it. I myself have cleaned it." Krishn insisted her to bring that pot soon. Draupadee had to bring that Divine pot and she gave it to Krishn. Krishn checked it all around and said - "Look, you have not cleaned it properly, there is a green leaf stuck in the side of this pot." Krishn immediately ate that leaf saying "Let the whole world be satisfied with this leaf." And Lo, everybody got satisfied including Durvaasaa Rishi and his disciples. Then He said - "Now you don't need to worry, he will not come here. Arjun has gone to Swarg Lok, but tell me where is Bhaiyaa Bheem?"

Draupadee said - "Don't ask about him, he has gone out in a great anger, I don't know when he will return."

According to MBH Serial :
Bheem Meets His wife and Son

As Bheem went further, he saw a Raakshas telling a Braahman family that his mother was doing a Yagya for Kaalee Maa in which she had to sacrifice a human being, so who could go from among them. Bheem said - "Nobody will go from among them. They all are weak, take me with you." So he took Bheem to his mother. Bheem was surprised to see Hidimbaa there. She also got surprised to see Bheem.

Bheem said - "First you sacrifice me to Kaalee Maa, then you introduce me to your son." Hidimbaa said - "You are my husband, how can I sacrifice you?" Bheem asked - "Is that why I am not to be sacrificed?" Hidimbaa asked for forgiveness. Hidimbaa introduced her son Ghatotkach to him and offered food to him, but Bheem told that he had already taken his food in the camp when he started. Hidimbaa asked astonishingly - "But what were you doing in the camp?" Then Bheem told the whole story.

Ghatotkach said - "Father, I wish to learn various weapons from my uncle." Bheem said - "But at present he had gone to Swarg (Indrapuree) to take divine weapons." Ghatotkach asked - "Is there a possibility of a war in near future?" Bheem replied, "Yes, dear son."


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