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Duryodhan Attacks Matsya Desh

Paandav's Agyaatvaas was coming to an end. Bheeshm was very happy but Duryodhan was very sad because his secret envoys were not able to know the whereabouts of Paandav yet. This proved his kingdom's weakness. He was not worried about anybody else except Bheem and Arjun. So for Bheem, he considered himself all right, and for Arjun he had Karn. The then Dushaasan brought the news that Keechak was killed in Viraat's kingdom at midnight in a mysterious way.

Drone and Bheeshm tried to explain him that why he was after to know the Paandav's dwelling place. They have a long life. Besides where is Dharm, there is victory, so he should return their kingdom to them after completing their exile term. Duryodhan did not like this talk at all. Kripaa said - "It means that you have decided to commit suicide. Well, then what can we do? So first you find out from your friends who can die with you, start collecting them all now."

Duryodhan saw some logic in Kripaa's arguments, but suddenly a thought came to his mind and he called on the same spies who brought the news of Keechak's killing and asked about it again in detail. Then he said - "It is known all over the world there are four people only greater than Indra in strength, in prowess, in bravery and in physical power. They are Balaraam, Bheem, Shalya and Keechak. There is no fifth one. They equally match each other. So now it is clear that Paandav are alive since Bheem is alive, because Balaraam and Shalya have not killed Keechak so only Bheem has killed Keechak and no one else.

Just consider the facts that a strange woman comes to the palace of Matsya Desh stating that she has five husbands. Anyone could understand it that she was Draupadee. And we all know Keechak too that he could never resist any beautiful woman. And he was killed for a woman, so this woman could never be anyone else than Draupadee. And who could kill him in personal combat without weapons except Bheem? His legs, arms and chin were pushed into his chest. This is the technique Bheem is very fond of. So now it is certain that Paandav are living in Viraat Nagar. Let us go to Matsya Desh and invade it. We will take all their cattle and when Raajaa is in danger these Paandav will surely come to his help. Once we recognize them they will again have to go for 12 years of exile and one year of Agyaatvaas. So make preparations to attack Matsya Desh."

Now Susharmaa of Trigart Desh said - "I have an old enmity with Matsya kingdom. With the help of Keechak, the Kaikaya brothers and Shaalv, the Matsya king has been able to defeat me several times. Now that Keechak is dead, I will do your work." Karn said - "Let us divide our army into two and invade the country from two different directions. Thus we can win Matsya Desh easily."

Duryodhan said - "Let Susharmaa go there tomorrow (8th day after the new moon) and attack from the southern side of Viraat Nagar. He will take all their cattle, so the king will have go to fight with him. Paandav should also help him. Bheeshm, Kripaa, Drone and Ashwatthaamaa will lead our army. Next day of this attack (9th day after the new moon) we will go and take away all the cattle from northern side. Thus we will win the Matsya kingdom, gain the cattle and search Paandav."

Now Raajaa Viraat got information that Susharmaa came with his army and killed some shepherds and took away some cows of his kingdom from southern side. Viraat went to defend his cattle with his three brothers, Shataaneek and Madiraashwa and Sooryadatt; and one eldest son Veershankh. When Viraat started to go, Kank said - "I also want to go with you. I am good at fighting in a chariot; and if you take the cook and caretakers of horses and cows it will be better."

Hearing this proposal from Kank although Viraat felt strange as how a courtier, or a cook or the caretakers of horses and cows could fight, but still agreeing with him he took all of them along with him, He asked Shataaneek to equip them with chariots and their choice of weapons. Yudhishthir felt that he was doing a right thing, because he was helping the person who sheltered them for so long. And all went to fight with Susharmaa. Viraat was thinking that if Keechak had been there he must have defeated Susharmaa within no time, but well, now these four strange fighters were with him to help.

Yudhishthir was the Commander-in-Chief of Viraat army. Viraat army was fighting with Susharmaa's army, Viraat met Susharmaa in a field. In the dual fight Susharmaa kept Viraat captive. The then soldiers found that Viraat was missing, so Yudhishthir sent Bheem to rescue Viraat. Bheem tried to uproot a tree but Yudhishthir stopped him doing so because of fear of recognition by Susharmaa and suggested him to fight in a normal way. So all four Paandav went there where Susharmaa was holding Viraat captive. Bheem jumped in the chariot of Susharmaa. He defeated Susharmaa easily, made him unconscious and brought him to Yudhishthir. Kank suggested that he should be released so he was released.

Viraat was so much grateful to these four people that he could not find words to thank them. He said - "I will give you all that I own, tell me how can I repay you?" Yudhishthir said - "This was our duty only, we have not done anything great. We are just happy that we could be of some help to you." Then they sent an envoy to Viraat Nagar informing about their victory.


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