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After 12 Years-Preparation for Agyaatvaas

In Hastinaapur

As the time was passing by, people were getting worried. All were talking about war at their own level. Bheeshm asked Vidur - "Do you have any solution to escape this war?" Vidur asked - "But why don't you want this war?" Bheeshm replied - "Because knowingly fully well that Paandav are fighting for Dharm, and I will be fighting for A-Dharm. The day this Hastinaapur was divided, I was also divided the same day - I remained with Hastinaapur and my blessings with Paandav."

Duryodhan was worried in his own way. He was scared of Bheem's vow. Yuyutsu (Duryodhan's half brother) was also on Paandav's side. He tried his best to change Duryodhan's mind but Duryodhan wouldn't listen to anybody.

Karn was very jealous with Arjun. He had only two aims in his life - being loyal to Duryodhan and killing of Arjun. So he was in favor of completing the Agyaatvaas (incognito) of Paandav so that he could get the chance to fight with Arjun.

Shakuni was intelligently worried, He knew that the secret envoys of Duryodhan had already come back once without knowing Paandav's whereabouts. Paandav were able to escape secretly. He said to himself - "As much I want our victory soon, it moves much farther than that." Now Paandav's 12 years of exile were about to finish and the 13th year of Agyaatvaas was about to begin, so Shakuni called Karn and asked him to advise Duryodhan that - "Although his envoys have come back once without knowing Paandav's whereabouts, still they should not leave the hope. He should send his secret envoys again after Paandav from now, so that the Paandav could be recognized in their Agyaatvaas and pass the exile period again, otherwise after the 13th year the war was definite. We must not enter into war, that is not good for us; because if their Agyaatvaas got completed then there is no doubt that the next day will be the war day which I do not want in any case."

Shakuni was very jealous with Paandav, because he thought that his nephew Duryodhan was the right candidate to be Hastinaapur's king. Dhritraashtra was blind by birth, Gaandharee had tied cloth strip on her eyes, Duryodhan was blind by his Karm (actions), and Shakuni was blind with hatred towards Paandav. Now Jayadrath was also blind with the insult by Paandav, although nobody knew about his insult in the palace so far.

Kuntee was living with Vidur. After 12 years, Gaandhaaree went to see Kuntee. When Gaandhaaree came back, Dhritraashtra said to her - "Pray God that Paandav should not successfully complete their Agyaatvaas, because whatever is Duryodhan today, he is the result of my ambitions." But inside his heart he knew that the present is the heir of past. Whatever was happening was happening wrong, but still his Putra's love was not able to let him do anything correctly, because he considered his son as his shadow. Gaandhaaree again suggested him that Paandav should be called back but Dhritraashtra was not ready even for that, because he loved his son too much.

In Dwaarakaa

Krishn was busy in preparing Abhimanyu for war. There is no admiration in being somebody's son, and nobody may be considered respectable for this reason only. People are not respected for being a son of somebody, but they are respected for their actions. That is true in Abhimanyu's case.

When Abhimanyu was growing, he was a naughty boy, so Subhadraa used to scold him lovingly, but Krishn said - "Don't scold him. He is going to be a great warrior of the youngest age in human history. Consider him as a deposit of future with you. Just perform your duty towards him. A full day is going to be written in his name in coming war. He will be such a brave warrior that even the greatest warriors will salute him. Subhadraa got scared hearing this. 

He told Abhimanyu that until he had defeated His army chief Kritvarmaa, he could not be called a warrior. One day Abhimanyu did defeat Kritvarmaa and was called a warrior. Kritvarmaa told Krishn that even Bheem and Arjun will be proud of him. Krishn said - "I am also proud of him and he is that kind of warrior whose name will be taken with great respect even by his enemies. Abhimanyu asked - "Maamaa, who will be my enemies?" Krishn said - "Putra, an ordinary person cannot be your enemy. Certainly they will be some special people." Krishn further said - "He will be the youngest warrior in this war. Whatever war I am talking about, a full day is going to be dedicated to him in that war. Even the great warriors will greet him."

In Dwait Van

Paandav's 12 years of exile were over. Now they had to plan for their one year Agyaatvaas. Yudhishthir asked his brothers their advice as where they should spend this year. Arjun suggested Paanchaal, Matsya, Shaalv, Videh, Dwaarakaa, Kaling and Magadh Desh to spend this year. Then he said - "I have heard that Viraat is a very beautiful city." Yudhishtir agreed for Viraat Nagar in Matsya Desh, although I would have loved to go to Paanchaal or Dwaarakaa, but they will be the first places where Duryodhan will look for us. And as for other countries I do not know much about their kings. King of Matsya Desh is not a young man also." So they decided to spend their one year in Matsya Desh.

Yudhishthir asked them to choose their work there. Arjun got worried hearing this, he said - "Hey Raajaa, You have been the Raajaa of the Earth. Even during the 12 years you have not obeyed anybody's orders, how will you work under any man?" Yudhishthir also got a bit sad but then said to Arjun - "Don't be unhappy. I will not let anyone insult me. I have decided to be the companion to the king, not his courtier. I will go there in a very ordinary clothes. I will tell them my name as Kank and tell them that I have profound knowledge of Ved and philosophy. I will wear garlands of Tulasee and crystals. I will also tell them that I am very good in dice game." Everyone appreciated his idea.

Then Yudhishthir asked Bheem as how he was going to hide his strength, mighty body and anger for 12 months, because for the sake of a few flowers for Draupadee he destroyed the whole army of Raakshas (read this incident here). Bheem smiled and said - "Don't worry. I will become the chief cook in the royal kitchen. I will go with the proposal that I will take care of his whole kitchen. Besides I will tell him that I am a wrestler and I will be in-charge of his gymnasium. If the king will ask any reference, I will tell him that I have worked in Yudhishthir's kitchen before and since he has gone in exile I have to find work elsewhere. My name will be Vallabh."

Arjun said - "In fact I have decided it long ago. And I am sure that you have not forgotten the Shaap of Urvashee. Indra told me that I would be under that Shaap for one year of my choice, and it would be this year only. I will wear women's clothes and grow my hair long. I will tell the king that I am a very good musician and dancer and can teach music and dance in your women's palaces. Since I will be a eunuch, the king should have no objection in this. My name will be Brahannalaa."

Yudhishthir looked at Nakul and asked him - "How are you going to hide your beauty and pride. You are very sensitive and you are easily hurt." Nakul said - "I am good at training horses. I will demonstrate my power over these animals. He is sure to let me stay in his stables. I will call myself as Damagranthi."

Yudhishthir looked at Sahadev and said - "You are wiser than Brihaspati. You are more diplomatic than even Shukra the Divine Preceptor. You are the wisest among all of us. You are the most favorite child of our mother. How can I let you work under an ordinary man?" Sahadev said softly - "I am not a child now, Brother. I am very good at cows. I can yield best milk in the whole world. I can handle cows and bulls very well, so I will work with his cows. I will call myself Tantripaal."

Now Yudhishthir looked at Draupadee and said - "You are dearer to us than our lives. You are so tender and delicate, but you must go through this one year." She said - "Why are you so much worried about me? When you can do menial service; when Bheem who can never obey anyone other than you, can work in the kitchen; Arjun, an archer who has defeated Indra Himself, when he can sing and dance, when handsome dark Nakul can work in stables; when the wise and gentle Sahadev can work with cows, then why I cannot do any work there? I will go to the queen and tell her that I am good at hairdos, and women's decoration. I will show her that I can dress the hair in hundred different ways, I will show her that I can string flowers of any size and shape into a beautiful garland, I can show her that how I can perfume her as no one else can. I am sure that looking at my skills she will give me a place in her palace. My name will be Sairandhree." Yudhishthir was very happy to hear this.

So they proceeded towards Viraat Nagar. Leaving Dwait Van, crossing through Kaamyak Van, they arrived at the banks of Yamunaa River.

Hiding Their Weapons

Now the hiding of their weapons was another great problem. Yudhishthir said - "If we go in the city with our weapons we will attract a huge crowd around us. We don't want that, so let us hide them safely somewhere." The then they saw a Shamee tree which was very huge, strong and dense. So Yudhishthir collected all the weapons, wrapped them carefully and tenderly and kept them on that tree. Then Yudhishthir invoked Devtaa and said - "I call upon you to be present and hear me. I ask Brahmaa, Indra, Kuber, Varun, Rudra, Yam, Vishnu, Soorya and Chandra, the sky and the Earth, Agni and Marut, all of you to guard our dearest possessions. At the end of Agyaatvaas I request you to return these weapons either to me or Arjun. They must not be given to Bheem in any case, even if he claims them. because he is very short-tempered, and is very angry with Dhritraashtra's sons. He may use them against them without my knowledge. Please bless us."

Yudhishthir climbed the tree himself and kept the bundle safely there. He hanged a dead body also there to frighten people. They looked at each other a thousand times before leaving the place, because there might be no chance for them to meet each other for one year. They had to behave as strangers also. They decided on names for themselves also which would be used as codes if the need arose. These names were Jaya, Jayesh, Vijaya, Jayatsen, and Jayadbal.


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