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Draupadee and Jayadrath

Now this was the last year of Paandav's exile of 12 years. They had completed 11 years. At this time Yudhishthir was most unhappy of all the brothers. All these years he always thought about his brothers and Draupadee that because of him only they had to suffer like this. His secret agents told him about the oath of Karn. He got very upset hearing that. He knew that Karn was very powerful, more than Arjun, so he was worried about Arjun. They left Dwait Van and moved to Kaamyak Van.

One day all five Paandav went for hunting. Draupadee was alone with Rishi Dhaumya in her Aashram. Jayadrath, the king of Sindhu Desh, was on his way to Shaalv to attend their princesses Swayamvar, that he happened to pass by the side of the Aashram where Paandav used to live, that he saw Draupadee standing on the doorway of her Aashram. He did not know who she was, he knew only that she was a beautiful woman. He asked his friend to find out that who she was. The friend told that she was Draupadee, the wife of Paandav and that she was untouchable. Better they should go to Shaalv soon. But Jayadrath didn't listen to him.

He went to her and asked the welfare of Paandav. Draupadee said - "I am glad to see you, please be seated. If you wait for a few minutes you can meet them." He told her that he was very sad to see her condition. That she could go with him because it was useless to live with such husbands who could not give her comforts and security. Hearing this from him, Draupadee got very angry and told him it didn't look nice to say all this for him to his elder sister-in-law. At this Jayadrath lifted him forcefully and put her on his Rath (chariot) and took her. Poor Rishi Dhaumya could not do anything but wait for Paandav, and Jayadrath started towards his place.

When Paandav came back in their Aashram, they didn't find Draupadee there. Rishi Dhaumya told them that Jayadrath had taken her forcibly.  All five of them followed him. They challenged him, Jayadrath did not think that they would return from hunting so soon. There was a fight. Jayadrath lost the fight, he jumped from the chariot leaving Draupadee there only and fled. Sahadev (see  Nakul and Sahadev) untied the rope from which Draupadee was tied and brought her down. Bheem sent Draupadee, Dhaumya, Nakul and Sahadev back to Aashram and said - "Brother, I won't move from here until I have killed that fool." Yudhishthir said - "You will not kill him. He is the son-in-law of our family. He must be spared for the sake of our mother Gaandhaaree and little sister Dushalaa." Bheem had to forsake him but still he wanted to fight with him. So Bheem and Arjun followed the King.

Jayadrath then had to stop and fight back with them, but he was defeated soon. Bheem was not satisfied with this so he caught him and stamped on his head. He got unconscious. Arjun had to stop Bheem from beating Jayadrath. Bheem still shaved his head irregularly leaving five braids on his head. Then he said - "Do you know why are you still alive, because of the love of our brother to mother Gaandhaaree, because Arjun doesn't like to harass a fallen enemy. We take you to our brother." And they took him to Yudhishthir. Yudhishthir asked Bheem to release him, so he did. Now Jayadrath wouldn't go back to his kingdom. He went to the banks of River Gangaa and made his plans for future.

When Jayadrath was not seen for some time, Duryodhan came out to search for him. He found him in a bad shape doing Tapasyaa. He asked - "What is this? Who did this to you?" Jayadrath said - "Are you seeing these five braids? They are not five braids, but they are five snakes which are biting me continuously." Duryodhan asked - "Who are they?" Jayadrath said - "They are five Paandav. I will never forgive them." Duryodhan asked - "Didn't they consider that you are their brother-in-law and Dushalaa is their sister?"

Jayadrath said - "They did, that is why I am only in this condition otherwise Bheem would have almost killed me. Yudhishthir saved me." Then Duryodhan asked him to come to Hastinaapur along with him. Jayadrath said - "Friend, At present I cannot go anywhere, neither Sindhu Desh, nor Hastinaapur, because I am trying to please Mahaadev to give me such Vardaan (boon) so that I can win Paandav." On the other side Mahaadev was worried as how to give this Vardaan to him because Paandav are in the protection of Naaraayan. What Vardaan he should give to Jayadrath in return of his Tapasyaa, because He could not send him back empty-handed also.

He stayed on Gangaa'a banks for many days. He did Tap and asked a Var from Shiv Jee - "I should be able to defeat all the Paandav in the war." Shiv Jee said - "That is out of question, it is impossible for me to grant such a Var to you. They cannot be won, they cannot be killed, they are protected by Krishn, the incarnation of Vishnu Himself. If, however, you meet Paandav without Arjun and Krishn, I give you the power to defy all of them." Jayadrath was satisfied with this Var also.


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