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1. Appointment of the Crown Prince - Dhritraashtra wants to declare his son Duryodhan as Crown Prince but Vidur manages to bring justice to the kingdom and the Paandu family. To protect Mathuraa from Jaraasandh, Krishn inhabits Dwaarakaa, surrounded by sea, for Mathuraa people. He gets the news that enmity is growing between Paandav and Kaurav.

2.  Rukminee Haran - In Chedi Desh there are king Damghosh and his son Shishupaal, in Magadh Desh there is king Jaraasandh, and in Vidarbh Desh there are king Bheeshmak, his four sons and a daughter Rukminee. Jaraasandh and Damghosh are good friends so Jaraasandh throws a dice to take revenge from Yadu Vanshee (Dwaarakaa people). He proposes Shishupaal for Rukminee so that he can take help both from her brothers and husband. But Rukminee loves Krishn, she calls Him and Krisn abducts her; Ruminee's brother Rukmee tries to stop them but is deated.

3.  Baaranaavat Fair - Duryodhan and Shakuni are not satisfied with the present selection of the Crown Prince. Fortunately they get the opportunity to finish all Paandav and Kuntee together while they go to attend Baaranaavat fair, but because of Vidur's vigilance they all get saved.

4.  Bheem Marries Hidimbaa - After escaping from Laakshaa Grih Paandav wander in Van. One time they rest in Hidimb Van which belongs to Hidimb Raakshas. Hidimb's sister Hidimbaa is attracted to Bheem, she marries him, keeps him with her until she gets a son named Ghatotkach from him. Paandav move to Ekchakraa Nagaree to a Braahman's house. There Bheem kills Bakaasur named Raakshas and frees the village from his fear.

5. Story of Draupadee - A Braahman comes to stay with the Braahman with whom Paandav live and tells them about the Swayamvar of Draupadee. Kuntee is surprised to hear this as how Drupad had such a grown-up daughter that she could be married. Then Braahman tells the story of Draupadee's birth.

6. Draupadee's Swayamvar - Paandav move to Kaampilya Nagaree to attend Draupadee's Swayamvar along with Kuntee. They attend it in Braahman's disguise, Arjun wins Draupadee in the presence of Krishn, Duryodhan, Karn, Jayadrath etc. People take them as Braahman and get ready to fight. A fight is fought but Arjun defeats everybody. Paandav come back to their residence along with Draupadee. Kuntee asks them to distribute that day's alms among themselves which Kuntee herself. Yudhishthir solves the problem by marrying Draupadee to all five brothers. Drupad gets satisfied that Draupadee was won by Arjun not a Braahman.

7.  Paandav Marry Draupadee - Drupad invites Kuntee and Paandav, gets happy to see them alive, marries Draupadee to five Paandav.

8.  Kaurav Panic - Paandav are alive, they are married to Draupadee etc news panic Kaurav and Dhritraashtra. In panic Duryodhan attack Paandav but are defeated. Duryodhan is extremely worried, he shows his dissatisfaction to his father, but Dhritraashtra has to invite Paandav to Hastinaapur. Drupad makes Yudhishthir sit on his throne. Paandav send message to Hastinaapur, Dhritraashtra sends Vidur to bring them along with Draupadee. Vidur comes and takes them there. Dhritraashtra welcomes them and Gaandhaaree makes their stay in Paandu's palace.

9.  Hastinaapur is Divided - Dhritraashtra consults his assembly; and with the opinion of Bheeshm divides Hastinaapur; He gives Khaandavprasth to Paandav; Paandav are not happy with this partition but Yudhishthir pacifies them; Paandav go to Khaandavprasth.

10.  Khaandavprasth to Indraprasth - With the help of Krishn Paandav get Khaandavprasth converted into Indraprasth; Naarad's coming and advising Paandav about Draupadee; Paandav set rules of their lives; Arjun has to break the rule and he goes onPraayashchit travel.

11. Arjun's Praayashchit Travel and Marriages - Arjun goes on Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage); On the way he marries to Uloopee and Chitraangadaa; He comes to Dwaarakaa, gets introduced to Krishn's sister Subhadraa and one day takes her away to Hastinaapur.

12. Subhadraa Meets Draupadee - Subhadraa meets Draupadee as Krishn's sister; She accepts her as her sister; Krishn and Balaraam come and marry Subhadraa to Arjun.

13. Burning of Khaandav Van - On one hot day of summer Arjun and Krishn etc go to the shores of Yamunaa; There comes a hungry Braahman asking for food; He is Agni Dev and wants to eat Khaandav Van; Whenever he wanted to eat it Indra rained and put off the fire; He asks help from Arjun and Krishn; They do it by not reaching the rain to the ground; The king of serpents used to live there, luckily he was out at that time but his son is stuck there; Takshak's wife helps him to save his life; Maya Daanav is saved by Arjun.

14. Maya Daanav Builds a Hall for Yudhishthir - To show his gratitude to Arjun Maya Daanav wants to do something for Arjun; Krishn asks him to build a unique hall for Yudhishthir; Maya also offers his Devadatt conch to Arjun and a powerful Gadaa to Bheem; and a unique chariot with Hanumaan's flag on it and four white horses.

15. Naarad Jee Visits Yudhishthir - Naarad come to Yudhishthir and delivers the message of Paandu to him; the message suggests that he should do Raajsooya Yagya; Yudhishthir consults Krishn; Krishn explains the facts and advises first to remove Jaraasandh from his way; Krishn tells the story of Jaraasandh and his powers.

16. Bheem Kills Jaraasandh - Plans are made and Bheem kills Jaraasandh.

17. Raajsooya Yagya, Shishupaal's Birth -  After Jaraasandh Vadh Yudhishthir sends his four brothers to four directions to win kings; Shishupaal's story of birth and death.

18. Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya and Shishupaal's Vadh - Vyaas, Krishn and many other people make preparations for Raajsooya Yagya; Duryodhan is in-charge of treasury; Bheesm suggests Krishn's name for Agra Poojaa (first worship); As Shishupaal Shishupaal gets angry and abuses Krishn; Paandav intervene to kill him but Krishn stops them saying that He will take care of him Himself; He tells the story of Shishupaal's birth and death.

19. Draupadee Insults Duryodhan - After the Raajsooya Yagya is over, Duryodhan stays back to see Yudhishthir's unique royal court; His eyes are wide open to see that court; Everything of Yudhishthir makes him mad; While he is in the court he falls in water while he didn't see any water anywhere, Draupadee laughs at this and insults him and his father; Duryodhan gets so mad at this that he intends to take revenge.

20.  Shakuni's Plan to Invite Paandav for Chausar -  Shakuni cannot see Duryodhan's madness so he plans to play Chausar with Paandav; For this he sends Duryodhan to Dhriytraashtra to invite Paandav to play Chausar.

21. Invitation for Chausar - On Duryodhan's threat of committing suicide, Dhritraashtra sends Vidur to Indraprasth to invite Paandav for Chausar game; Yudhishthir cannot disobey his Great Father and starts for Hastinaapur along with Kuntee and Draupadee.

22.  Chausar Game 1 - Both parties sit to play the dice game; Bheeshm, Dhritraashtra, Drone, Kripaa, Vidur etc also sit there; Shakuni plays on behalf of Duryodhan and wins Yudhishthir's all wealth brothers and wife too.

23.  Draupadee in the Game Court 1 - Now Draupadee is slave of Duryodhan; Duryodhan calls her from her palace; Dushaasan brings her in the court by holding her by hair and dragging; Draupadee asks only one question from all sitting there, "Whether Yudhishthir lost me after he had lost himself or before? Thus I am free or Duryodhan's slave?"

24.  Draupadee in the Game Court 2 - Duryodhan's one brother Vikarn is against Duryodhan; he pleas for Draupade's freedom; but Duryodhan proves her as his slave; Asks Paandav to take off their royal clothes; Asks Dushaasan to take off Draupadee's clothes too; Draupadee prays Krishn and saves herself from her insult; Dhritraashtra understands a little by evening so grants boons to Draupadee; Draupadee gets freedom of her five husbands back; Dhritraashtra pleased with her gives back all whatever Paandav lost that day; and Paandav starts for Indraprasth.

25.  Shakuni's One More Tactics - Hearing that Dhritraashtra has given back everything to Paandav Duryodhan goes mad; Somehow he takes permission from him to play another game of dice; Dhritraashtra has to call Paandav back to Hastinaapur to play second game; Yudhishthir cannot say "No" so he comes back to Hastinaapur.

26.  Chausar Game 2 - Duryodhan and Yudhishthir again play dice game; the result depends on only one throw of dice; Shakuni throws the dice and wins; Paandavhave to go 13 years of exile, 12 years in exile and one year in Agyaatvas; They get ready for this.

27.  Paandav Leave for Forest - Paandav leave for forest; Dhritraashtra asks Vidur as how did they leave; Vidur told him their gestures while leaving and their interpretation; Naarad's prophecy and Sanjaya's abuse to Dhritraashtra.


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