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Udyog Parv

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Krishn in Kaurav's Court-1
Krishn Delivers the Message

Talking like this the night passed. Indeed it passed against the wish of Vidur. Early in the morning the sweet music and singing woke up Krishn. He performed His daily chores. While He was still busy in His morning worship, Duryodhan and Shakuni came to Him and said - "Dhritrashtra and Bheeshm are waiting for you in their court full of other kings." Govind greeted them sweetly and when the Sun was a little higher, He called His chariot and started towards Kuru's court. Vidur, Duryodhan and Shakuni, Kritvarmaa and Saatyaki and all others followed Him in their own chariots. There were full 500 elephants, thousands of chariots and many thousands of soldiers behind Him. All the citizens of the city, of all ages and both sexes came out on the street to see Keshav. Keshav was casting His glance at everybody as required.

Having reached at the court, Krishn entered the court arm in arm with Saatyaki and Vidur. Duryodhan and Karn sat in front of Krishn. Kritvarmaa sat behind Him. Bheeshm, Drone, Dhritraashtra etc welcomed Him by rising from their seats. A gold seat was offered to Krishn. Krishn greeted all sitting there accordingly. Krishn saw Naarad and other Rishi waiting there to watch the happenings. Krishn told Bheeshm that the Rishi were waiting to enter the court, they should be invited and offered proper seats, because if they are not offered the seats, no one will be able to sit." So Bheeshm led them to the court. All were offered appropriate seats and were worshipped. After this Krishn took His seat. Dushaasan led Saatyaki to a richly covered seat; Vivingshati (a brother of Duryodhan) led Kritvarmaa to his seat; Duryodhan and Karn sat near Krishn, they shared the same seat; Shakuni was near them with his son; and Vidur seated on a seat touching that of Krishn. Krishn looked so glorious that people were not able to move their eyes from Him. Everybody was silent after Krishn had taken His seat.

Then Krishn said addressing Dhritraashtra - "I have come here so that peace may be established between Kuru and Paandav. I have nothing to say as new, whatever is tobe said is known to you and the world. Your family is the most distinguished one in its qualities. In fact it is so noble that it would be a pity if anything improper is done by anybody, but especially by you. Your sons are behaving improperly with their brothers. If you behave indifferently in this situation, it will lead to universal slaughter. You can still alley that danger, because Peace is never impossible and this depends on you and me. You set your own sons right and I will set Paandav right. Your sons should obey you. Peace is of benefit for both sides. Let Paandav be your ally. You can never have such allies such as them. Indra himself will not be able to defeat you. Who can dare you to challenge with all these heroes united? All other kings will be your allies. They will win the whole world for you. After the war you will not be able to see all Kuru and all the Paandav together. If any of them falls, tell me what happiness you are going to achieve? All these kings are capable to exterminate the whole population of the Earth, but by bringing peace you can stop this extermination.

After saluting you Paandav have said thus - "We have spent 12 years in woods, and one year in Agyaatvaas. We did not break our pledge in the expectation that our Great father will not break his. We have suffered a lot but now we should have our kingdom back. We are willing to behave as you tell us. If we are wrong somewhere, it is your duty to set us right." Krishn further said - "Paandav have said this to the assembly also, "If the members of the assembly are conversant with morality, they should not allow anything improper to happen." Thus Paandav are maintaining a calm attitude. Then why can't you say to them that you are willing to give back their kingdom? If you think that I have told you the truth then why don't you save the population? You know how much Yudhishthir respects you. Even if you tried to burn him, exiled him, still he came to you once more because he had confidence in you, but you and your sons banished him to Indraprasth. Although he won all the kings still he looked up to your face without disregarding you.

Although he behaved in this way still Shakuni robbed him his kingdom and wealth by means of dice game. Even seeing Draupadee dragged in court, Yudhishthir did not move from his Kshatriya duties. Still for the profit, happiness and virtue make peace. Restrain your sons, and as far as Paandav are concerned they are still ready to serve you or to fight. Whatever you think good for you, you may adopt." Everyone was listening to Krishn spellbound. All the kings thought that nobody could reply to Krishn's speech.

Seeing all the kings sitting silent, Jamadagni's son Parashuraam spoke in the assembly addressing Duryodhan - "Listen to me carefully. There was a king named Dambodbhav who had sovereignty over the whole world. He everyday in the morning and in the evening used to call Braahman and Kshatriya and asked them, "Be a Shoodra, Vaishya, Kshatriya or a Braahman, is there anyone superior or even equal to me in battle?" And asking thus he used to wander on the earth in pride and thinking of nothing else. Once it so happened that some Braahman who knew Ved came to counsel him. The king boasted of his power. Although Braahman tried to stop him but still he continued to ask the same question again and again. Then Braahman said - "there are two persons who are very powerful and have never been defeated by anyone. You stand nowhere against anyone of them."

Then the king askd - "Where they can be found? In which race they are born? What are their achievements?" Braahman said - "They are two ascetics - Nar and Naaraayan. They are human beings. They are doing Tapasyaa in Gandhmaadan mountain cave. If you wish you may go fight with them." Hearing this the king immediately went to that place with his large army consisting six kinds of forces (chariots, horses, camels, infantry, vehicle other than chariots, warriors on camel). He found them in the woods, he touched their feet and asked their welfare. They offered him fruits and roots, and a seat and water. They asked the purpose of king's coming and said "Let it be done". The king said - "I have conquered the whole Earth. Desiring for a battle with you, I have come here." Rishi said - "Anger and desire to have others possessions are not practiced here. Then how can a battle take place here? There are no weapons here. Go elsewhere for that."

Rishi tried their best but the king was blind with pride so he continuously asked for a battle. Then Nar took a handful of grass blades and said to king - "Be ready to fight with your army. Next time you will not desire for battle." The king got surprised to see their weapon, he said - "If this is your weapon, I will surely fight with you, although you may use other weapons too." The king showered many arrows but Nar faced them only with a handful of those grass blades without missing his aim and incapable of being cut by any weapon.

The king fell on his feet and said - "Please bless me. Grant me protection." Nar said - "Be obedient to Braahman and be virtuous. Never do so again. Be a true Kshatriya and mind your own duties. Never insult anybody in pride." The king fell on both Rishi's feet and came back to his city and started the life of righteousness. Naaraayan was superior to Nar in qualities. Besides, such weapons such as Kakoodikaa, Shuk, Nak, Akshi-santarjan, Santan, Nartan, Ghoraa and Asyamodak etc are placed on the best bow Gaandeev. Go to Arjun leaving your pride, men always lose their lives struck with these weapons. These weapons correspond to eight passions also - lust, wrath, covetousness, vanity, insolence, pride, malice and selfishness. Struck with these weapons, men are confounded, move about frantically deprived of their senses. They sleep heavily, vomit, pass urine and excreta, weep and laugh incessantly. Arjun is irresistible in fight and Janaardan is superior to him. If you trust me then adopt a virtuous resolution and make peace with them."

Having heard these words of Parashuraam, Maharshi Kanv also spoke thus to Duryodhan - "Brahmaa is indestructible and eternal, the same character is of these two Rishi - Nar and Naaraayan. Of all the sons of Aditi only Vishnu is eternal. All others, such as Moon, Earth, water, wind, fire etc are liable to be destroyed. They are created again and again. Even the great kings have enjoyed all kinds of wealth and prosperity throughout their lives but at the end they have to die. One should not think about his physical strength as great because physical strength is scarcely regarded as strength by those who are really strong. In this regard there is an old story as an example Story of Maatali (Read Story of Maatali Here). Maharshi Kanv continued - "O Duryodhan, You will live only until you do not fight with Paandav. Who is there whom Bheem and Arjun cannot kill in battle. Vishnu, Vaayu, Dharm Ashiwinee Kumaar are your enemies. Let alone fight, you can't even look at them in the battlefield. So make peace with them through Krishn. Naarad has witnessed the incident of Maatali, and the same Vishnu who is the bearer of Divine disc and Gadaa is here as Krishn."

Duryodhan laughed loudly, looking at Karn he said - "I am what the God has made me. I cannot be otherwise. What was to happen, has happened; whatever has to happen will happen, so why this senseless advice?"

Naarad Jee said - "People who listen to their friends' advice are rare. In turn friends are also rare. One should not be obstinate. In this connection there is a story of Gaalav Muni who met obstinacy." (Read Gaalav Muni's Story Here) After telling the story of Gaalav Muni he again addressed Duryodhan - "So such was the stress of Yayaati and such was the distress of Gaalav Muni because of his obstinacy. They who desire their own good should listen to their friends that wish them well. Obstinacy is always the root of ruin. For this reason, O Duryodhan, don't be obstinate, and make peace with Paandav."

Dhritraashtra said - "O Naarad, I also want the same but I am helpless. I have no power to carry it out." Then he addressed to Keshav - "Krishn, You are showing me the way which leads to Heaven, but you can see that I am helpless. Duryodhan never obeys me; my sons do not care for me and my words or of Gaandhaaree, or Vidur. If you can convince that wicked, crooked, senseless son of mine, Duryodhan, you will do the noblest job you have ever done. 

At this Krishn turned to Duryodhan and said to him - "Duryodhan, You come from a great family, You are rich, you are qualitative; then why do you behave in such a way? Only low-born, poor, or of wicked nature people seem to be accepted by you. Your behavior is not truthful and it seems to persist which is sinful, frightful, and wicked. Only by avoiding such behavior you may do good to yourself. Make peace with Paandav who are righteous. Your such behavior will be greatly appreciated by all elders of yours. Obey your parents, good sons always obey their parents. He who seeks counsel from his inferiors, is soon defeated by his foes.

The exertion of wise is always towards virtue, profit and desire. If all the three cannot be attained, people tend to follow at least virtue and profit. And if somebody has to choose between these two, one should always choose virtue; people who are neither good nor bad choose profit which is always the subject of dispute; while fools choose desire. These people soon get destroyed by their senses. He that chooses profit and desire should practice virtue in the beginning because neither profit nor desire is disassociated from virtue. In fact virtue alone is the cause of the three. Who seeks the three, by the aid of virtue alone can grow like a fire. You are trying to get this empire by unrighteous means.

One who is angry, loses the sense of right and wrong. You better join Paandav than joining wicked people. Dushaasan, Karn and Shakuni are far inferior to Paandav in knowledge, in virtue, in capacity to acquire wealth and in might. All these people together cannot even look at the face of Bheem. Even Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa, Ashwatthaamaa, Bhoorishravaa, Somdatt, Jayadrath all together cannot fight with Arjun alone. Do not think of battle. have you seen any king ho has returned safe after encountering Arjun? What is the use of this mass slaughter? Who can encounter Arjun who defeated all celestials, Gandharv, Yaksh etc in Khaandavprasth? What happened in Viraat Nagar, that was the encounter between one and many? He has gratified even Shiv. Don't let your sons, kinsmen, friends die for you. If you make peace with them we will install you as Yuvaraaj (Crown Prince), and your father as the sovereign of this empire. By giving them their kingdom, reserve your prosperity for ever."

After Krishn, Bheeshm also spoke something of similar contents, he said - "Listen to Krishn's advice, my child. Do not ruin this beautiful country. They are saying all this for your good. Do not sink your parents in the ocean of grief." Then Drone spoke - "O Sir, Please accept what Krishn and Bheeshm had said to you just now. Both are very intelligent. Do not disregard Krishn. They who have been encouraging you to fight will not be able to give you victory. In fact Arjun is much more than that what Parashuraam has described him. I do not want to say anything more what has been said to you in this regard, because you yourself are intelligent."

After Drone Vidur also said something - "O Duryodhan, I do not grieve for you, I grieve only for your old parents. Who is going to take care of them? Because they have got a wicked son like you, they will have live upon alms." At this Dhritraashtra said - "O Duryodhan, Accept the advice of elders for your good. Make Paandav your friends through Keshav. If you disregard Keshav the you can never win." Hearing Dhritraashtra, Bheeshm and Drone spoke again - "As long as Arjun and Krishn do not enter the battlefield, so long Yudhishthir doesn't look at your army with his burning eyes, your hopes are living. You know what Bheem can do to you? Nakul and Sahadev with Dhrishtdyumn will kill your army within no time. Save everybody, make peace with Paandav and live and let live. Rule the Earth with love and be free from fear."

After hearing all advices, Duryodhan turned to Krishn - "Krishn, You are talkingin such harsh words as if I am responsible for all this. And not only you everybody, Bheeshm, Drone, the king, all are thinking in the same line. I really don't know what I have done to them that all are blaming me. I do not find any fault, however minute, with me. Yudhishthir played the dice game willingly and lost everything. Then I had returned everything to him. Was it my fault that he played the game again and lost it again? They are now picking up a quarrel and threatening us for fight. There is no reason for fight. What wrong we have done to them? We are also not frightened from this fight. We have many warriors with us. We are Kshatriya and are behaving like a Kshatriya. I will never move from my Dharm. I can only bow to Braahman not anybody else.

As far as Indraprasth is concerned, my father gave it to them, But now it will never be given them back as long as I am alive. As long as my father, the king Dhritraashtra is alive we both should keep our weapons in as his dependents. When Khaandavprasth was given to them, I was a child, I was not consulted. At that time it was given to them either in ignorance or in fear, I don't know, but I will not give them even the land equal to the tip of a needle."

Krishn laughed with anger and sorrow. All people trembled with fear hearing that laugh. They had seen only His smile, not such a laugh. He was grave and serious, He said - "OK, Duryodhan, Do you want to be a hero? You seem to incline to fight, so be it. You will get what you want. You think that you have committed no offence against Paandav? It was you who with your people planned to defeat Paandav. Who is that noble and a good man who can insult his brother's wife? You, Dushaasan and your friend Karn spoke such words to her which can never be forgotten. Everybody knows what Dushaasan said to Paandav when they were going to forest. You tried hard to burn them in Baaranaavat, but failed. You tried to kill them several times but failed. You are not giving them their share of parental kingdom although they are begging for it. You are not making peace in spite of asked by all your elders. You are the most sinful man I have ever seen."

Dushaasan said - "Brother, It seems that if you will not make peace with Paandav, Kaurav will hand over us (you, Karn and me) to Paandav." Hearing this shameless, disobedient and disrespectful Duryodhan walked out of the hall in a fury. He did not care for anybody, he passed them all without even bothering to look at them. His pride was great, his arrogance was greater, his ego was incurable. He could not listen to anyone. He would not sit with anyone any more. Seeing him going from the court, his followers also followed him. Bheeshm was watching his grandson walking out with all his followers. He was extremely sorry for him, he said to Krishn - "Their time has come, they all have to die, I cannot do anything, I am sorry."

Krishn said - "This is also strange that even the elders are guilty because they cannot forcibly seize and bind this wicked king. So it seems that the time has come for doing this. If this is done, it may still benefit. This wicked son is choosing his death in his father's life. Kans was killed by me in a great encounter. Then with due respect, we installed his father Ugrasen (the son of Aahuk) as the king. So by abandoning only one person the whole race was saved and prospered. When Asur and Devtaa were fighting, Prameshwar said that Asur, Daitya and Daanav will be killed, and Aaditya, Vasu and Rudra will win. So He asked Dharm to tie Daitya and Asur and hand over to Varun; and Varun having tied them with Dharm's noose and of himself will keep them in the depths of water. In the same way, Duryodhan, Karn, Shakuni, and Dushaasan should be tied and handed over to Paandav. It is said the an individual should be sacrificed for the sake of family; a family should be sacrificed for the sake of a village; a village should be sacrificed for the sake of the state; and a state should be sacrificed for the sake of the country. And lastly, for the sake of oneself even the whole Earth can be sacrificed. Therefore tie Duryodhan and hand him over to Paandav."

Dhritraashtra was listening to all this, he immediately said to Vidur - "Vidur, Go and bring Gaandhaaree here. She may be able to convince her wicked son. We may still follow Krishn's words, then there will be peace for ever." Vidur went and brought Gaandhaaree in the court which was almost empty. Dhritraashtra said - "Gaandhaaree, Your son has gone too far on the path of sin. He doesn't listen to anybody. He has left the court without regarding anyone."

Gaandhaaree said to Vidur - "Vidur, Bring my sick son soon in the court. He does not deserve a kingdom." and then she addressed to her husband - "This kingdom should not be ruled by an avarice. But you are more responsible for this happening. In your extreme love you have ignored his rules of conduct. It is now out of control. You are now reaping the fruits of your own foolishness. Why are you so indifferent for this separation. You have differently treated your own two children."

Vidur brought Duryodhan in the court. Gaandhaaree said to him - "Son, Listen to me. I want you to be happy, so you should obey your elders (Bheeshm, Drone, Kripaa and Vidur). Who doesn't have control over his senses cannot rule kingdom for any length of time. Lust and wrath are the two great enemies of a man. Krishn and Arjun are invincible. Otherwise also battle is not good. Give whatever is due to Paandav. Do you think that all these Bheeshm, Drone, your friend Karn are a match to Paandav? When all will be angry this whole population will be no more. Give up your avarice and make peace with Paandav." Duryodhan was listening to and at the same time not listening to his mother. After she finished, he left the court.


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