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Arjun Marries Subhadraa

(1-221) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After spending a few days there in Dwaarakaa, there happened a fair on Raivatak Mountain. People started donating money, adorning their houses, and coming there in thousands. Balaraam with his wife Revatee, Raajaa Ugrasen along with his thousand wives, Raukmineya (Pradyumn) and Saamb too cam there. Akroor, Gad, Vabhru, Chaarudeshn, Prithu, Saatyaki, Uddhav, Vasudev's daughter Bhadraa (Subhadraa) all came there. Vaasudev and Paarth were wandering around, looking here and there, that they saw Bhadraa. As soon as Arjun saw Bhadraa he fell in love with her and continued to look at her. When Krishn found him in this situation, He said to him - "How is this? Did a wood ranger fall in love? This is my sister and the uterine (real) sister of Saaran. She is the favorite daughter of my father. Tell me if you desire for her, then I will talk to my father myself."

Shree Krishn had no sister. Saaran name is found in Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15 as the son of Rohinee. So it seems that Subhadraa was the daughter of Rohinee and thus the real sister of Balaraam Jee.

Arjun said - "She is Vasudev's daughter and Vaasudev's sister, who is that who cannot get attracted to her? If she becomes my wife I will get everything of the world. Tell me, O Krishn, how can I get her? Selecting the bride is all right for a Kshatriya but I do not know the mind of the girl. A Kshatriya can abduct also his desired girl, so O Arjun, you abduct my sister, because nobody knows to whom will she select if she is given the choice." When they had settled on this matter Krishn sent a messenger to Yudhishthir informing this decision. Yudhishthir was very happy to hear this and sent his consent."

(1-222) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Then Dhananjaya informed Yudhishthir that Subhadraa was on Raivatak Mountain, and he also took the permission of Vaasudev too, he took his gold chariot adorned with bells and every kind of weapon, yoked with Sugreev and Shaibya horses set out for hunting. Subhadraa was returning from the Mountain to Dwaarakaa after worshipping the Deity. Arjun took Subhadraa by force, made her sit on his chariot and proceeded towards Indra Prasth. When the guards of Subhadraa saw this they ran towards Dwaarakaa, came to the Sudharmaa court and told everything presented there. Everybody filled with rage and ordered to bring their chariot ready to fight. Baladev said - "Why are you shouting when Krishn is sitting silent. Let Him speak and do whatever He asks to do." Then he said to Janaardan - "Why are you sitting silent? Say something. It is because of you Arjun was welcomed by us. But what kind of high family born is he that he breaks the same plate in which he eats. Paandav have insulted us by abducting Subhadraa. He has placed his foot on my head. I will resent it like a beaten snake" All present there approved Baladev's words.

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(1-223) Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Vishni Vanshee were speaking like this loudly, Gudaakesh said - "Whatever Arjun has done, he has not insulted our family. He knows that we are never a trader, and who will accept the bride as a gift as if she were an animal, and who is going to sell his child? I think Arjun regarded these faults in other methods of marriage, that is why he took her like this. Who would not desire Arjun as a friend who is born in Bharat and Shaantanu race and is the son of the daughter of Kuntibhoj? I think this alliance is all right. Who is there who can defeat Arjun, even Indra or Rudra cannot defeat him? His chariot is yoked with my horses. This is my opinion, that you go after him and bring him back. Thee is no disgrace in conciliation." So the people did as Krishn said to them. They went after Arjun, brought him back and married Subhadraa to Arjun ceremoniously.

Arjun stayed in Dwaarakaa for one full year. He passed his last year of his exile in Pushkar. After passing his 12 years of exile, he came back to Khaandav Prasth. He came to Yudhishthir, greeted everybody, worshipped Braahman and at last came to see Draupadee. Drapadee said with jealousy - "O Arjun, Why have you come here, go where the Saatvat race girl is. A second tie always relaxes the first one." At this Arjun pacified her in various ways and asked for her forgiveness." He then returned to Subhadraa and sent her to Draupadee dressed not in royal dress but in a cowherd dress. But Subhadraa first went to Kuntee and worshipped her. Kuntee blessed her profoundly. From there Subhadraa went to Draupadee's apartment. She worshipped her saying, "I am your maid." Draupadee immediately got up and blessed her saying - "Let your husband be without any foe." Subhadraa said cheerfully - "So be it." After that Paandav started living happily."

Vaishampaayan Jee said -"When Krishn had known that Arjun has safely reached Indraprasth and settled there, He came there along with Balaraam and many other kings and people - Anadrishti, Akroor, Uddhav (disciple of Brihaspati Jee), Satyak, Kritvarmaa, Saatvat, Pradyumn, Saamb, Nishadh, Shanku, Chaardeshn etc. They all brought presents for Arjun. As Yudhishthir heard that Madhav has come, he sent Nakul and Sahadev to welcome them. The whole city was adorned with flowers, sprinkled with water. Yudhishthir also received all of them with proper ceremony. All other also received Krishn with due respect.

Krishn gave Yudhishthir thousand gold chariots - each adorned with ringing bells, yoked with four horses, and a good driver; 10,000 cows of Mathuraa; a 1,000 mare of pure white color; a 1,000 mules who were white in color with black manes and ran with the speed of wind; a 1,000 young maids each wearing a 100 pieces of gold around her neck; hundreds of thousand draft horses from Baahleek. He gave Subhadraa ten-carrier load gold - some purified and some in the state of ore. Balaraam Jee who always praised Arjun for his bravery, gave him 1,000 elephants with secretions flowing in thee streams from the three parts of their body (the temples, the ears and the anus) decked with covers and bells and thrones and well adorned with other gold ornaments. Yaadav presented large wealth of gems, clothes, blankets. Yudhishthir accepted all these presents happily and all spent some time together there making merriment. After that all went back to their respective places along with the gems given by Paandav to them and Krishn stayed there back for some more time.

Birth of Abhimanyu and Other Sons

Krishn and Arjun sported there hunting for deer and wild boars. Krishn killed many deer and wild boars. In the meantime Subhadraa gave birth a boy who was named Abhimanyu because he was fearless and wrathful. Abhimanyu got educated like his father in religion, scriptures and using all kinds of weapons, both celestial and human, consisting of four branches and 10 divisions. Arjun was very happy seeing his development. He was equal to Krishn in bravery, energy, beauty and features. He had a face like Moon and his voice was deep like a drum.

Paanchaalee also gave birth to five sons, one from each Paandav. All of them were heroes and immovable like a hill in battle - Prativindhya from Yudhishthir, Sutasom from Bheem, Shrutkarmaa from Arjun, Shataaneek from Nakul and Shrutsen from Sahadev. Braahman named Yudhishthir's son Prativindhya because he was capable of bearing the Vindhya like weapons of the enemies. They named Bheem's son as Sutasom because he was born after Bheem had performed 100 Som Yagya. And because Arjun's son was born after his coming back from his exile during which he achieved many good feats, he was named as Shrutkarmaa. Nakul's son Shataneek was named after a great royal sage and because Sahadev's son was born in Vanhi-Daivat (Krittikaa) Nakshatra that is why he was named after the name of celestial General of Devtaa Shrutsen (Kaarttikeya). Draupadee's sons were born each at the interval of one year. Their all rites were performed by Rishi Dhaumya. All read Ved first and then got trained in weaponry from Arjun. All Paandav were very happy to see their children.

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