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Chapter 24



24-Vidarbh Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, King Vidarbh had three sons from Bhojyaa - Kush, Krath, and Rompaad. Rompaad's son was Babhru, his son was Kriti, his son was Ushik, and his son was Chedi. In his Vansh Damghosh and Shishupaal were born. Krath's son was Kunti, his son was Dhrishti, his son was Nirvriti, his son was Dashaarh, and his son was Vyom. Vyom's son was Jeemoot, his son was Vikriti, his son was Bheemarath, his son was Navarath, his son was Dasharath, his son was Shakun, his son was Karambhi, his son was Devaraat, his son was Devakshatra, his son was Madhu, his son was Kuruvash, and his son was Anu.

Anu had the son named Puruhotra, his son was Aayu and his son was Saatwat. Saatwat had seven sons - Bhajmaan, Bhaji, Divya, Vrishni, Devaavriddh, Andhak, and Mahaabhoj. Bhajmaan had two wives. One of them had three sons - Nimlochi, Kinkin, and Dhrishti, the other wife also had three sons - Shataajit, Sahastraajit, and Ayutaajit.

Devaavriddh's son was Babhru. This is said about Devaavriddh and Babhru that Babhru was the best among human beings and Devaavriddh was like Devtaa. It is because 14,065 people had attained Parampad through the teachings of Babhru and Devaavriddh. Mahaabhoj of Saatwat was also very religious. Bhoj Vanshee Yaadav were in this Vansh only.

Hey Pareekshit, Vrishni had two sons - Sumitra and Yudhaajit. Yudhaajit had two sons - Shini and Anmitra. Anmitra's son was Nimn, and Nimn had two sons Satraajit and Prasenjit. Anmitra had one more son whose name was Shini, his son was Satyak, his son was Yuyudhaan who became famous as Saatyaki. Saatyaki had the son named Jaya, his son was Kuni, his son was Yugandhar. Anamitra's third son was Vrishni. Vrishni had two sons - Shwaphalk and Chitrarath. Shwaphalk's wife's name was Gaandinee. Akroor and 12 other sons were born to her - Aasang, Saarmeya, Nridur, Mriduvid, Giri, Dharmvriddh, Sukarmaa, Kshetropeksh, Arimardan, Shatrughn, Gandhmaadan and Pratibaahu. They had one sister whose name was Sucheeraa. Akroor had two sons - Devavaan and Upadev.

Shwaphalk's brother Chitrarath had Prithu and Vidoorath etc several sons who are considered good in Vrishni Vansh. Saatwat's son Andhak had four sons - Kukur, Bhajmaan, Shuchi, and Kambalbarhi. Among them Kukur's son was Vanhi, his son was Vilomaa, his son was Kapotromaa and his son was Anu. Anu's son was Andhak, his son was Dundubhi, his son was Aridyot, his son was Punarvasu and he had a son named Aahuk and one daughter named Aahukee. Aahuk had two sons - Devak and Ugrasen. Devak had four sons and seven daughters - Devavaan, Upadev, Sudev and Devavardhan and daughters were - Dhritdevaa, Shaantidevaa, Updevaa, Shreedevaa, Devrakshitaa, Sahadevaa and Devakee. They were all married to Vasudev Jee. Ugrasen had nine sons - Kans, Sunaamaa, Nyagrodh, Kank, Shanku, Suhoo, Raashtrapaal, Srishti, and Tushtimaan; and five daughters - Kansaa, Kansvatee, Kankaa, Shoorbhoo and Raashtrapaalikaa. They were married to Vasudev Jee's younger brothers.

Chitrarath had a son named Vidoorath, his son was Shoor, his son was Bhajmaan, his son was Shini, his son was Swayambhoj and his son was Hrideek. Hrideek had three sons - Devbaahu, Shatdhanvaa, and Kritvarmaa.

Devmeedh's son was Shoorsen and his wife's name was Maarishaa. They had 10 sinless sons - Vasudev, Devbhaag, Devshravaa, Aanak, Srinjay, Shyaamak, Kank, Shameek, Vatsak and Vrik. When Vasudev Jee was born, it is said that Devtaa's instruments got played themselves, therefore he was called as Aanakdundubhi. And he was the father of Shree Krishn. Vasudev had five sisters too - Prithaa (Kuntee), Shrutdevaa, Shrutkeerti, Shrutshravaa and Raajaadhidevee. Shoorsen had a friend named Kuntibhoj. He had no child, so he gave his eldest daughter Prithaa to him as his adopted daughter.

Prithaa learned to call Devtaa from Rishi Durvaasaa by pleasing him with her service. One day she tested the Mantra and called Soorya Dev. Soorya Dev came there. Kuntee got very surprised to see him. She said - "Bhagavan, Pardon me, I just tested the Mantra, now you may go." Soorya Dev said - "Devee, My Darshan does not fail. I want to produce a son from you, but you will still be unmarried."  So He put his child in her womb and went away. At the same time a very beautiful and Tejavaan son was born to her. He looked like another Soorya. Prithaa got afraid of the society and she flowed him into Gangaa Jee. The same Prithaa was married to your grandfather Paandu.

Prithaa's younger sister Shrutdevaa was married to Raajaa Vriddhsharmaa of Karoosh Desh. She gave birth Dantvakra who was born before as Hiranyaaksh by the Shaap of Sanakaadi Muni. Shrutkeerti was married to Raajaa Dhrishtketu of Kaikaya Desh. She had five sons - Santardan etc. Raajaadhidevee was married to Jayasen. She had two sons - Vind and Anuvind. they both became the Raajaa of Avantee. Shrutshravaa was married to Damaghosh of Chedi Desh whose son was Shishupaal.

Among Vasudev Jee's brothers, Devbhaag's wife had two sons - Chitraketu and Brihadwal. Devshravaa's wife Kansvatee had two sons - Suveer and Ishumaan. Aanak's wife Kankaa also had two sons - Satyajit and Purujit. Srinjaya had several sons - Vrish Durmarshan etc from Raashtrapaalikaa. Shyaamak had two sons from Shoorbhoomi (Shurbhoo) - Harikesh and Hiranyaaksh. Vatsak had several sons - Vrik etc from Mishrakeshee Apsaraa. Vrik and Durvaakshee had Taksh, Pushkar, Shaal etc several sons. Shameek had several sons - Sumitra, Arjunpaal etc from Sudaaminee. Kank's wife Karnikaa gave birth to two sons Ritdhaam and Jaya.

Aanakdundubhi Vasudev Jee had several wives - Pauravee, Rohinee, Bhadraa, Madiraa, Rochanaa, Ilaa, Devakee etc. Rohinee had Balaraam, Gad, Saaran, Durmad, Vipul, Dhruv and Krit etc sons. Pauravee had 12 sons - Bhoot, Subhadra, Bhadruvaah, Durmad and Bhadra etc sons; Madiraa had Nand, Upnand, Kritak, Shoor etc sons. Kaushalyaa had one son Keshee. Rochanaa had Hast and Hemaangad etc sons. Ilaa had Uruvalk etc. sons. Dhritdevaa had Viprashth. Shaantidevaa had Shram and Pratishrut etc several sons. Updevaa had Kalpvarsh etc 10 sons; and Shreedevaa had Vasu, Hans, Suvansh etc six sons. Devarakshitaa had Gad etc nine sons and as Dharm produced eight Vasu, Vasudev had sons from Sahadevaa - Puruvishrut etc eight sons. Devakee also had eight sons - Keertimaan, Sushen, Bhadrasen, Riju, Sammardan, Bhadra, and Shesh Avataar Shree Balaraam Jee and the eighth son was Bhagavaan Himself.

Pareekshit, your Daadee (paternal grandmother) Subhadraa was also Devakee's daughter. Whenever Dharm deteriorates in the world and Paap increases then Almighty Bhagavaan Shree Hari appears as Avataar on the earth. Bhagavaan is soul, therefore nothing is the cause of His birth and Karm except His Yog Maayaa. His Maayaa's pleasure is in Jeev's birth, life and death.

When Asur troubled the world in the form of kings with their several Akshauhinee army, then Bhagavaan Madhusoodan appeared with Balraam Jee. He did such Leelaa which are unimaginable even for Devtaa in this world, then how a human being can understand it? Who hear, sing and tell His Leelaa, their all A-Gyaan, sorrows, and sins are destroyed.

He appeared in Vasudev Jee's house in Mathuraa, but He did not live there. He went to Nand Jee's house in Gokul. He finished His work there and came back to Mathuraa. Then He killed many enemies in Brij, Mathuraa and Dwaarakaa, and married to many women. He produced thousands of sons. He killed many people in the war of Kaurav and Paandav, but made Arjun known as Winner. Then He told Aatm-Tattwa to Uddhav Jee and went to His Param Dhaam."




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