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Chapter 9

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9-Raaj-Vidyaa Raaj-Guhya Yog

1. [After this Bhagavaan Krishn said] I tell a secret, for a faultless devotee like you, by knowing which you will be free from this sorrowful world.

2. This Gyaan is the king of all knowledge (means this is highest knowledge among all knowledge), is even highest among all most difficult knowledge, is very holy, is giver of direct fruit, is according to Dharm, and is easy to follow.

3. Hey Parantap, Whoever people have no Shraddhaa in Tattwa knowledge (means who do not want to know it) and do not follow it, they cannot attain me and always revolve in the Chakra (cycle) of birth and death in this world.

4. Hey Arjun, This whole Universe is full of me, A-Vyakt Paramaatmaa, like thus as water lives in ice; and because all Bhoot (beings) are existing on the basis of my Sankalp, that is why, in fact, I am not in them.  ------------------

5. And all those Bhoot are not in me too. But you just see my Yog Maayaa and my effect, that the carrier, nurturer and creator of all Bhoot is indeed not in all Bhoot.  -------------------

6. As [born from space] air wanders all around and still is in the space, in the same way, [born from my Sankalp] all Bhoot are in me, you know like thus. ----------

7. Hey Arjun, All these living beings (Bhoot) attain me in the end of the Kalp (means are absorbed in me), and I create them again in the beginning of the Kalp.

8. [And how do I do it, you listen to that also] With the help of my Tri-Gunee Maayaa I create all Bhoot who are dependent on their nature, [according to their Karm done by them].

9. Hey Arjun, Being detached and Udaaseen (indifferent) to those Karm, those Karm do not bind me, Paramaatmaa.

10. Hey Arjun, This Maayaa creates all movable and immovable world with my help, and because of their own Karm all of them take birth repetitively in this world.

11. Whoever fools do not know Paramaatmaa who is the Lord of all Bhoot, they consider me as a human being, when I am in human form.

12. Who live on false hopes, who do Karm uselessly, and whoever are A-Gyaanee (ignorant) have their deluded nature like Raakshas and A-Sur.

13. But Hey Kaunteya, whose nature is Devtaa-like, they worship Me with great devotion considering the Sanaatan cause of all Bhoot and eternal A-Kshar form.

14. And my those Bhakt who have strong intentions, always worship My name and attributes and make attempts to attain me by saluting me continuously.

15. Among them, some worship Me in my Viraat Roop (form) through Gyaan Yagya thinking that "Whatever is there, all is Vaasudev."; and other people worship me with the feelings of master and servant; and many others worship me in various different ways.

16. Because Kratu (Shraut Karm) is me, Yagya (Panch Mahaa Yagya) Karm is also me, Swadhaa (food offered to Pitar) is also me, all herbs and plants are also me, I am the Mantra, I am the Ghee, I amthe fire, and even Havan action is also me.

17. And Hey Arjun, I am the one, who is the base of this Universe, I am the one who nurtures it, and I am the one who gives fruits of their Karm, I am their father and mother, I am their grandfather, And I am the one who is worth to know (see also Geetaa, 13/12-17) holy Aum (A-Kshar), Rig Ved, Atharv Ved and Saam Ved.

18. I am the one who is worth to attain, I am the one who nurtures all, I am the one who is the Lord of all, who sees all, who provides with dwelling places to all, who wishes good to all, and does not expect anything in exchange of all this. I create everything, and get absorbed in me at Pralaya Kaal. I am the eternal cause of everything. -----------

19. Only I light in the form of Soorya, only I attract rains and make rains, I am the Amrit (nectar), and I am the death, I am the Truth and I am the Untruth.

20. But whoever people do Sa-Kaam Karm prescribed in the three Ved, drink Som Ras, and who are free from sins, and those also who wish for Swarg by worshipping me, and those ones who enjoys the fruits of their good Karm with Devtaa in Indra Lok;

21. ...they all come back on Prithvi after their Punya are over and they have enjoyed the fruits of their Punya. Thus even those people who do Sa-Kaam Karm prescribed in the three Ved and wish for worldly pleasures take birth and die continuously.

22. But who worship me only with concentrated mind, and meditate up on me, and worship me with Nish-Kaam feelings, they attain only my form. I myself make the arrangement of their Yog and Kshem.

23. Hey Arjun, Whoever Sa-Kaam Bhakt worship other Devtaa, they also worship me, but their worship to those Devtaa is only ignorance.

24. Because only I am the Lord of all Yagya, and I am the enjoyer of their fruits, but they do not me as the form of Adhi-Yagya, that is why they get involved in re-incarnation cycle.

25. Because the law is this, that who worship Devtaa, they attain Devtaa; who worship Pitar, they attain Pitar; who worship Bhoot (ghosts) they attain Bhoot; and who worship me, they attain me only (they do not re-incarnate) (see also Geetaa, 8/16)

26. And Hey Arjun, There is one convenience also in my worship, that whatever my pure Buddhi Nish-Kaam Bhakt offers me with love and Bhakti - a leaf, a flower, a fruit or even water; I accept it by appearing it in Sa-Gun form (means appearing in some form).

27. That is why Hey Arjun, Whatever Karm you do, whatever you eat, whatever Havan you do, whatever you donate, and whatever Tap you do according to your Dharm, offer everything to me only.

28. Thus by offering all Karm to me, and following Sanyaas Yog you will be free from Karm bondage and its good and bad fruits; and will attain me only.

29. Although I exist in all Bhoot equally, neither anybody is my favorite, nor anybody is my enemy, but still my those Bhakt who worship me with love, I am in them and they are in me.

30. [There are other manifestations also of my Bhakti, you listen to them also.] Even if a great sinner always worships me with great devotion, he is also considered saint, because he has intended to worship me.

31. For the same reason he soon becomes religious and attains eternal ultimate peace. Hey Arjun, You should know this definitely that my Bhakt is never destroyed.

32. Because, Hey Arjun,  women, Vaishya, Shoodra etc anyone, even the people born in lower species, whoever come to me attain my Parampad.

33. Then what to say about those pious Braahman and Raajarshi, etc who attains Param Gati. That is why you worship only me with this mortal and pleasureless human body. (Human body is very difficult to get, but still it is mortal, that is why you should not wait for time, abandon these pleasures which you consider pleasure by ignorance, and worship me always.)

34. That is why you worship me, Vaasudev, only. Worship me only through listening, Keertan, thinking, reading, etc. Meditate on my Chatur-Bhuj (four-armed) form, offer yourself to me by mind, speech and actions and salute me. When you will come to me in this way, you will attain me.

End of Chapter 9 - Raaj-Vidyaa Raaj-Guhya Yog

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