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Quotations From Puraan-1

Somebody asked a said - "Do you love God?" The saint replied, "Yes". The man again asked, "Then you hate Devil?" The saint said, "Child, I don't have time to hate anyone."

To claim one's right is not easy. One has to pay price for claiming rights. Sometimes one has to perform several duties to claim one right.

To maintain relationship, sometimes one has to be separate from each other.

Days are not good or bad, good or bad are Karm (actions).

Trees are tied to ground through their roots. They can either be cut, or they themselves can fall by breaking.

The main problem of anger is that it cannot differentiate between right and wrong, thus contributes to lose the right path.

Why anger is bad? Because when one is angry, his thinking power is gone, without thinking he cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. And when one doesn't know about right and wrong, he is not responsible for his Karm - actions.

There are three illegitimate (unjustified or we have no control on them, or we cannot do anything about them) problems with us - (1) sorrow - no matter whatever we do we cannot make our life 100% happy; (2) time - we have limited time;  we have no control on it and (3) ignorance - no matter how much knowledge one gains, still it is never enough.

Hunger destroys one's wisdom and drives one off the path of righteousness. One whose intelligence is affected by hunger, he casts off all fortitude. he who conquers hunger, conquers Heaven. One's righteousness is never destroyed as long as he continues to make gifts. You have disregarded all kinds of affection for the love of righteousness. The acquisition of wealth is of slight merit, but making gifts out of that is greater merit; and still greater merit is [proper] time to give it. Lastly devotion is the greatest merit of these.
(MBH, 7/23)

One should control his sexual desires and stomach by patience, hands and feet by eyes, eyes and ears by mind, and mind and speech by good education.

Following Kshamaa is difficult even for Devtaa. Kshamaa is grace, Kshmaa is Dharm, Kshamaa is Yagya, Kshamaa is charity, Kshamaa is truth, Kshamaa is virtue, Kshamaa is glory,  and on Kshamaa alone this whole universe is abiding. (Raamaayan, 1/11)

One should take good education from a Chaandaal, good girl from a low family, Amrit from Vish, teachings from a child, good conduct from an enemy, and gold from an unholy place.
(Bhavishya Puraan, p 18-19)



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