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3-Pratisarg Parv (4)

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31-Mugal Dynasty

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31-Mugal Dynasty and Others
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (4), p 364-369

This part of the fourth Part of Pratisarg Parv of Bhavishya Puraan relates to Mugal Dynasty, and in this age the accounts of the previous life of Tulasee Daas, Soor Daas, Meeraa Baaee, Taansen, Beerbal etc is given. The account of future 20,000 years is also given.

Mugal Dynasty-Akbar's Previous Birth

(Chap 22-23) Soot Jee said - "Thus failed in their objective Maya and other Daitya went to Bali. Bali called Roshan named Daitya and sent him to Taimoor Lang saying, "Go and be Timirling's (Taimoor Lang) son - Sarush. So he came to Delhi and started destroying religious people. He ruled for five years. His son was Baabar. He ruled for 20 years (a few years in Samarkand and a few years in Bhaarat). His son was Homaayu (Humaayoon). Humaayoon disrespected Devtaa, so Devtaa requested Krishn Chaitanya in Nadeehaa Van. Hari got very angry so and he created several obstacles in his kingdom. Humaayoon got defeated, but then Sheshshaak (Shershaah) ruled in Delhi for 5 years.

At the same time, Shankaraachaarya's one disciple Mukund was doing Tap in Prayaag with 20 Braahman. Hearing that Baabar had destroyed Devtaa's idols he and his 20 Braahman immolated themselves. One time Mukund had drunk cow's fur along with cow's milk, that is why he was born as Mlechchh. When Humaayoon was living in Kaashmeer (his brother Makaraan's place Kaabul - border of Kaashmeer) he had a son and at that time a Divine voice said - "Your son will be very fortunate and gracious. He is born by the Akasmaat (Ak) Var, therefore his name will be Akbar and he will not follow Mlechchh nature. Who had these 20 disciples - Shreedhar, Shreepati, Shambhu, Varenya, Madhuvratee, Vimal, Devavaan, Som, Vardhan, Vartak, Ruchi, Maandhaataa, Maanakaar, Keshav, Maadhav, Madhu, Devaapi, Somapaa, Soor and Madan; the same Mukund Braahman is born in your house."

Hearing this Humaayoon got very happy, he made a lots of donations and brought up that child with great love and care. When his son was 10 years old, he came to Delhi, defeated Shershaah, and became the king. He ruled only for 1 year, then Akbar became the king. His seven dear disciples - Keshav, Maadhav, Madhu, Devaapi, Somapaa, Soor and Madan also took birth and came to his court. Keshav was Taansen, Maadhav was Baijoo Baavaraa, Madhu was Haridaas singer, Devaapi was Beerbal - he was western Braahman and he was proud of Saraswatee Devee. Gautam Vanshee Braahman Somapaa was born as Maan Sinh and became Akbar's Commander of his army. Soor was born as a Braahman in Dakshin Desh, he was a Pandit, his name was Bilvamangal. He was a friend of Akbar. Eastern country's Braahman Madan was born as Chandal. He was dancer. Thus all these seven were established in king Akbar's court and other 13 were settled at other places.

(1) Anap's son Shreedhar became Tulasee Sharmaa (Tulasee Daas) who was good at Puraan. He learned from a woman and became a disciple of Raaghavaanand's disciple Raamaanand's disciple. He became great Vaishnav poet. (2) Shreepati became a blind poet Soor Daas - he was the follower of Madhwaachaarya. He wrote Krishn Leelaa. (3) Shambhu was born as Haripriya in the family of Chandra Bhatt. He was a devotee of Vishnu and was the follower of Raamaanand's ... (4) Varenya was born as a saint named Agrabhuk (Agradaas - He was great Siddh, his Kundaliyaan are famous. His followers often subsisted upon milk that is why they were called Payahaaree. Bhakt Naabhdaas was his disciple only.) (5) Madhuvratee poet was born as Keelak in Akbar's time. Dheemaan Keelak wrote Raam Leelaa and became the follower of Raamaanand's ...

(6) Vimal was born as Divaakar and he wrote about Seetaa. He was also follower of Raamaanand. (7) Devavaan was born as Keshav. He was the follower of Vishnu Swaamee. He wrote Kavipriyaa and attained Pretatwa; and attained Swarg by writing Raam-Jyotsnaa. (8) Som was born as Vyaas Daas. He was the follower of Nimbaaditya. He wrote Rahah-Kreedaa and attained Swarg. (9) Vardhan was born as Charan Daas. He wrote Gyaan Maalaa and he was the follower of Raidaas. (10) Vartak ws born as Ratnabhaanu. He wrote Jaimini language and was the follower of Ropan. (11) Ruchi was born as Rochan and he was the follower of Madhwaachaarya. He also attained Swarg. (12) Maandhaataa was born as Bhoopati in Kaayasth family. He translated Bhaagvat Puraan in Hindi language according to Madhwaachaarya's views. (13) Maanakaar was born as a woman and became a princess - Meeraa. She was a follower of Madhwaachaarya.

Akbar ruled for 50 years without any obstacle. In the end he went to Swarg. His son was Salomaa (Saleem - Jahaangeer). He also ruled as his father did (50 yrs). His son was Khurdak (Khusaro - Shaahjahaan), he ruled for 10 years. He had four sons - his middle son was Navarang (Aurangzeb). He defeated his father and brother and then ruled. He was Andhak named Daitya in his previous life and came here (on earth) by the order of Daitya king. He destroyed many temples. Seeing this Devtaa again requested to Krishn Chaitanya living in Nadeehaa Van.*  He gave him Shaap of destruction of his family line. That evil soul ruled for 49 years.

* Note - There is a difference of 300 years between the times of Chaitanya and Aurangzeb, so maybe there was another very famous saint of Gaud community at that time or maybe Bhagavaan Jagannaath Himself. Dr Yadunaath Sarkar's written historical biography of Aurangzeb of five volumes is very famous and standard. He has contributed to Cambridge history's later section of 4th part.

At that time Sevaajaya (Chhatrapati Shivaajee), born in Mahaaraashtra, was ruling (in south). He was very good at war. He killed him and the crown went to his son Aalomaa (Bahaadur Shaah Zafar). Then he went to south. Aalomaa ruled for 5 years and died. Phalarush Mlechchh was born in Taalan's Vansh. He finished Mukal (Mugal) Vansh and ruled for 10 years. He was killed by his enemies. His son was Mahaamad who ruled for 20 years. At the same time Naadar (Naadir Shaah of Phaaras) named great robber came to the country, killed Aarya, won Devtaa and went back to Khuraj (Eeraan or Iran). Mahaamad's son Mahaamatsya, he ruled for 5 years. Thus born in Taalan Vansh, Mahaamatsya was killed by a Mahaaraashtra person. Maadhav ruled in Delhi for 10 years. He took the kingdom from Aalomaa (Bahaadur Shaah Zafar). After him there was no one king and thus 30 years passed.

Devtaa went to Krishn Chaitanya again, He meditated for a Muhoort (approx 50 minutes) and said to Devtaa - "In the earlier times Raaghav won Raavan and brought dead Vaanar alive by sprinkling Amrit. Vikat, Vrijil, Jaal, Baraleen, Sinhal, Jav (Jaavaa), Sumaatra named junior Vaanar asked Raam to give them Var. Raam read their minds and gave them the daughters born from Raavan and Devtaa women and said to them - "Whichever islands will be created by Jaalandhar, you will be the kings of those islands and these will be your queens. Whichever Mlechchh will be born from the trunk of Nandinee cow they will be called Gurund. You will get the kingdom after defeating them." Hearing this they got very happy and went to islands.

Hey Dev Gan, Born in Vikat's Vansh and sent by him, the monkey-faced Gurund came here for trade. They were the followers of Eesh-Putra (Khisht, or Eeshu, or Eesaa Masseeh). They spoke truth, controlled their desires and Soorya's devotees. You go there and do your work." Devtaa worshipped Soorya and came to Kalikaataa (Calcutta).

There was a Vikat named king in a western island, his wife Vikataavatee (Victoria) ruled through Asht-Kaushal way (through Parliament). She had seven more Gurund kings in her Vansh for 64 years. Till 8th king ruled, Bali sent a Mur named Daitya in Devtaa's disguise. He took Vaardil king in his control and got ready to destroy Aarya Dharm. Dev Gan again went to Chaitanya. He gave Shaap to Buddha follower Gurund that "Whoever are following Mur, they will all be destroyed." Thus all Gurund died within one year including their king Vaardil.

After this Mekal (Lord Mecauley) named 9th Gurund came and ruled justly. The 10th Laardal (Lord Vaival) ruled for 32 years. After his death Aarya born in Makarand family ruled, and after that Maun living in Him-Tung ruled. They were followers of Bauddh Dharm and came in hundreds of thousands. Their king was Aarjik. His son was Devakarn. He did severe Tap on Gangotree peak for 12 years to extend his kingdom. Gangaa gave him Darshan and Kuber gave him the status of Aarya-Mandaleek. After that he ruled for 60 years. He had 8 religious kings in his Vansh (family line). They ruled for 200 years and then went to Swarg. The 11th king was Maun king Pannagaari. He ruled for 40 years and then was killed by Pannag. Thus Maun kings ruled on earth.

Kings in Kali Yug's 1st Leg

After them, Naag Vanshee, Aandhra Vanshee, Kaushal kings, Naishadh kings, Sauraashtra kings, and Gurjar kings ruled for several years. Kali took birth from Aabheeree as Raahu in Gurjar Desh. As he was born, all planets went retrospect. Dev Gan left their idols and went to Sumeru Parvat seeking refuge with Indra. Then Indra prayed Jagdambikaa Devee, she said - "After my Darshan you will not feel any hunger or thirst. Aabheeree's son Raahu ruled for 100 years and then got absorbed in Kali. He had 150 kings in his Vansh, they ruled for 10,000 years. They propagated the dead Mahaamad faith again, so they all became Mlechchh. At that time, in Kali Yug, neither was Ved study, nor there was any Varn organization, nor any Devtaa. There was no etiquette. Remaining Braahman started living on Arbud Mountain and worshipped Devtaa for 12 years.

As a result of this worship a sword bearer Kshatriya appeared from Arbud Mountain, his name was Arvabalee. He won Mlechchh and built a city named Arva Puree in 5 Yojan land. Gradually Aarya started coming there and number of Aarya people started growing. Arvabalee ruled for 50 years. He had 150 kings and they also ruled for 10,000 years. After 10,000 years Mlechchh's friends Varnsankar married to Mlechchh girls. Aarya remained there only for name sake. At that time 100,000 Mlechchh living in Malaya Desh fought with Aarya living in Arbud Desh. Mlechchh won and the whole Prithvi was occupied by Mlechchh.



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