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3-Pratisarg Parv (2)

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14-Satya Naaraayan (4)

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14-Satya Naaraayan Kathaa - Leelaavate Kalaavatee Kathaa
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (2), p 309-313

Note - Satya Naaraayan story is very popular in Bhaarat Varsh. Normally every auspicious event is started with the worship of Ganesh Jee and completed with Satya Naaraayan Kathaa. In present times this Kathaa is known as from Skand Puraan, Revaa Khand and it is available in five or seven chapters. This Bhavishya Puraan Kathaa is very similar to Skand Puraan Kathaa and is very interesting. Along with the Kathaa several doubts are also got cleared in it. While listening to this Kathaa, people ask that which story Saadhu Vaishya, wood seller, Shataanand, Ulkaamukh, Tungdhwaj heard and where those stories are now? Since when this story came into use in public? But people should understand that only Paramaatmaa has been explained through these stories. Thus they they should do His worship with Shraddhaa.

In North India this Vrat is very common and popular. It is done normally on Poornimaa (full moon day), or Sankraanti (when Sun changes his sign), or sometime on new moon day also. Who listens to its story with great attentiveness and Bhakti and Shraddhaa gets considerable benefits.

(Chap 29) Soot Jee said - "Hey Rishi, Who listen to the Leelaa of Vishnu Bhagavaan who removes all kinds of sorrows, they always live in Hari Dhaam, while who do not seek refuge in Bhagavaan's feet and forget Him they suffer with various grievances. Vishnu's wife's name is Kamalaa (Lakshmee). He has four sons - Dharm, Yagya, king and thief. They all love Lakshmee (they all desire for wealth). Whatever is given to Braahman and guests (who comes to house) that is called Daan. It needs wealth. Dev Yagya and Pitra Yagya is done by Swaahaa and Swadhaa that is called Yagya. That also need wealth. Who protects Dharm and Yagya is called king, that is why the king also needs wealth. Who destroys Dharm and Yagya is called thief, he also steals with the desire of wealth. That is why all these four are the slave of Lakshmee in one or the other way. But wherever Satya lives, there lives Dharm and Lakshmee also lives there permanently.

When this Vaishya fell from his Satya Dharm, the king took his own wealth also. Even a theft took place in his own house. Poor Leelaavatee and Kalaavatee started managing after selling their clothes, jewelry and house. One day Kalaavatee felt very hungry so she went to a Braahman's house. There she saw him worshipping Satya Dev. Seeing this she also prayed Him - "Hey Satya Dev, If my father and my husbands will come home, I will also worship you." Hearing her, Braahman sitting there said - "Be it so." After being blessed by Braahman she came back to her house. She came back late in the night, so her mother asked scolding her - "Where were you up to so late in the night." At this she gave her Prasaad and told everything about the Poojaa. and said - "Mother, I have heard there that in Kali Yug Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan gives fruit directly. All people always worship Him. I also wish to worship Him, please permit me to do that. I wish that my father and husband come home safely.

Intending thus in the night, next day Kalaavatee went to the house of Sheelpaal named Vaishya to have some money and she said - "Please give me some money so that I can worship Satya Naaraayan." Sheelpaal gave her five gold coins and said - "I was indebted to your father, I am returning the same money to you today. Now I am free from debt." After saying this Sheelpaal went to Gayaa Teerth to do Shraaddh etc. Kalaavatee did Satya Naaraayan Vrat Poojaa with a great Bhakti with that money. Bhagavaan Satya Naaraayan got satisfied with this.

One night that king was sleeping in his palace that Satya Naaraayan appeared before him in disguise of a Braahman in dream and said to him - "You release those two prisoners soon because they are faultless. If you will not do so it will not be good for you." and He disappeared. The king woke up suddenly from sleep and remembered Bhagavaan. In the morning he came in his royal court and asked the meaning of his dream. The chief minister of the king said - "Mahaaraaj, It is really surprising that I also saw a dream like this, therefore we should make an inquiry from that Vaishya and his son-in-law."

The king immediately called both of them and asked - "Where do both of you live, and who are you?" Saadhu Vaishya said - "Raajan, I am a Vaishya and live in Ratnpur. I came here for trading, but unfortunately your people arrested us. He is my son-in-law. We have been blamed without any proof for stealing gems and pearls. We both are not thieves. You may think patiently." Hearing him the king repented for his action. He freed them. He gave them clothes and ornaments, and fed them. Vaishya spoke - "Raajan, We have suffered a lot in prison, now I wish to return to my home. Please permit me to go home." The king asked his treasurer to replenish their boat and that Vaishya set for his home with double the money he had before.

At this time also he forgot to worship Satya Naaraayan Vrat and Poojaa. So Satya Dev appeared before him in the form of a Braahman Tapaswee and said - "O gentleman, What is in your boat?" Saadhu replied - "I don't have anything for you, my boat contains only some creepers and leaves." Tapaswee said - "So be it." and got disappeared from there. Immediately there were creepers and leaves in the boat instead of wealth. Seeing this Saadhu got very surprised and was about to faint. He used to lament for his money.

His son-in-law told him that it might be the Shaap of that Tapaswee, so he went to that Tapaswee and saluted Him wrapping a cloth in his neck. He said - "Who are you? Are you a Gandharv or a Devtaa, or Paramaatmaa? I do not you, please forgive my faults and make my boat like before." At this Braahman said - "You said in Chandrachood's Mandap that you would do Satya Dev Poojaa as you would have a child, you had a daughter, you married her, you got money from your trade also, you got freed from the jail also, but you never worshipped Satya Bhagavaan. This proves you faulty for lying, not fulfilling your vow, ignoring Devtaa, and you don't even remember Bhagavaan? That is why O Fool, You are suffering so much. How can you be happy by disrespecting Satya Bhagavaan? You remember Bhagavaan." At this Vaishya remembered all what he said in the past, he repented for it.

Just in front of his eyes that Braahman got transformed into Satya Dev and he started praying Him. After the prayer he vowed to worship Him by 100,000 gold coins after he had reached home. At this Satya Bhagavaan got pleased with him and said - "Your desire will be fulfilled. You will have sons and grandsons and in the end you will come to my Lok after enjoying all kinds of pleasures." After saying this Bhagavaan got disappeared and Vaishya started his journey again.

He arrived in his city in a week time. He sent a messenger to inform his family about their coming home. The messenger informed Leelaavatee about her husband and son-in-law. At that time Leelaavatee was worshipping Satya Bhagavaan. Hearing the coming of her husband, she left the Poojaa and asked her daughter to complete the Poojaa. She came near the boat. Kalaavatee also finished her Poojaa but rushed towards the boat without taking Prasaad.

Because of disrespecting Satya Dev's Prasaad the boat got disappeared along with Saadhu's son-in-law in the middle of the water. Seeing this all got very sad and worried. Kalaavatee started crying loudly for her husband. She asked for Bhagavaan's forgiveness for her faults and got ready to drown in the water along with the shoes of her husband that a Divine voice said - "Your daughter has disrespected my Prasaad. If she goes back home, takes Prasaad then she will be able to see her husband along with the boat." Kalaavatee did what she was told to do and she was able to see her husband again along with the boat. Saadhu worshipped Satya Naaraayan Bhagavaan with 100,000 gold coins. Because of that Vrat all enjoyed all kinds of pleasures and in the end all went to Swarg Lok.

Whoever listens to this Kathaa with intense devotion he becomes very dear to Vishnu and gets his all desires fulfilled. This Vrat is very useful in Kali Yug."

[Satya Naaraayan Kathaa Shashtham Adhyaaya Samaapt
Satya Naaraayan Kathaa Ends Here]



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