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1-Braahm Parv

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17-Soorya's Vyom

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17-Soorya's Vyom
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 136-144

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.

Deep Daan in Soorya Temple

(Chap 118) Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Vishno, Who lights lamp in Soorya temple in Kaartik Maas, he gets the fruit of all Yagya. Now listen to Bhadra Braahman's story. In ancient times, in Maahishmatee Puree there lived a Braahman named Naag Sharmaa. By pleasing Soorya, he had 100 sons. His youngest son's name was Bhadra. He was the most intelligent among all his brothers. He daily lighted lamp in Soorya's temple. One day his brothers asked him very humbly - "We see that neither you offer any flower, or water or Dhoop or Naivedya, nor you feed any Braahman, rather you always light lamp in Soorya's temple. What is the reason of this, tell us?"

Bhadra said - "I tell you one story in this regard. In olden times, Vashishth Jee was the Purohit of the King Ikshwaaku. He asked the king to build a temple of Soorya on the banks of Sarayoo River. [So he built the Soorya temple] and he daily worshipped in that temple and lighted lamp, especially in Kaarttik Maas he used to do Lamp celebration. At that time I was suffering with leprosy so I just sat near the temple and I subsisted on whatever somebody gave me. One day I got a very bad idea that I should steal the idol's ornaments. When Bhojak had slept, I went inside the temple and found dark there, I lit the lamp and started stealing the ornaments. As I was stealing them, Bhojak woke up and caught me. I fell on their feet, so they kindly freed me, but then king's people caught me. I got so afraid that I died there only.

Soory'a Gan came and took me in their Vimaan (airplane) to Soorya Lok. I stayed there for one Kalp and then took birth in this noble family as your brother. So this is the result of lighting lamp in Kaarttik Maas. Although I lighted the lamp with bad mind, still I got this result of that - I took birth in Braahman family, I studied Ved, and I could remember my previous birth. That is why I daily light lamp in Soorya Bhagavaan's temple."

Brahmaa Jee said - "Hey Vishnu, Who does Deep Daan in Kaarttik month doing Jaap of Soorya's names, he becomes healthy, gets wealth, wisdom, good children and remembers his past life. That is why one should light lamp in Soorya's temple. One should never put out a lighted lamp, nor he should remove it from there."

Result of Stealing Lamp from Soorya Temple

(Chap 119) Brahmaa Jee further said - "Vishno, Once Yam Doot said to living being suffering in Narak - "What is the use of crying now? You have not thought all this before. Everybody knows that this body lives only for a short time, still people are attached to their wife, sons and friends. What goes in just taking Soorya's name? Nothing much is to be done in lighting a lamp in Soorya's temple, then why do you cry now? Even if you commit a crime unknowingly, then worship Soorya Bhagavaan. He destroys all sins." Hearing this those living beings asked Yam Doot - "What did we do that we are suffering here?" Yam Doot said - "You stole lamp from a Soorya temple in your previous life that is why you suffering here." Vishno, Deep Daan is always good anywhere, but it gives special fruits if it is given in Soorya temple."

Glory of Soorya

(Chap 120) Vishnu Bhagavaan asked Brahmaa Jee - "People in the world are in trouble because of diseases, planet's effect etc, what is the reason of this? Tell me some way that they can live happily." Brahmaa Jee said - "Who have not done anything, Vrat, fast, worship of Soorya Bhagavaan, they suffer from various ailments. Who worships Soorya Bhagavaan, even enemies become favorable to him." Vishnu asked - "Who have not worshipped Soorya before, and they are suffering with diseases, how can they be free from them, tell us that also." Brahmaa Jee said - "If you want to worship Soorya then first you become Vaivaswat (Soorya Bhakt), because without taking Deekshaa, Soorya worship cannot be completed."

Vishnu asked - "Brahman, What are the characteristics of a Vaivaswat and what should they do?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Vaivaswat is the same who is a devotee of Soorya and does not do any Hinsaa with mind, speech and action. He does all jobs for Soorya Bhagavaan. The same is Vaivaswat. I am born from his right ray, Shiv is born from his left ray and you are born from his heart. Because of his orders you sustain this world. In the same way all Devtaa have appeared from him only and do their job according to his orders."

(Chap 121-124) Once Rishi went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Brahman, We are unable to tolerate Aditi's son Sun's powers. Do something so that we can live comfortably." Brahmaa Jee sent them to Soorya Bhagavaan and prayed him. Soorya, pleased with their prayer asked them to ask for any Var, so they asked him only to lessen his powers so that people can live comfortably. Then Vishwakarmaa trimmed his powers. He used the trimmings to build Vishnu's Chakra, Indra's Vajra, ornaments of Devee, bow arrow etc for Devtaa.

After this they thought, that Daitya have become more powerful, so now they will try to take Soorya away from us so we should protect him. Let us surround him so that they cannot see him. Skand stood in the form of Dandnaayak on the left side of Soorya. Soorya instructed him to write and judge all kinds of Karm of all living beings. Agni Dev was known as Pingal because of his yellow color and stood on Soorya's right side. Ashwinee Kumaar stood on his both sides, because they were born in the form of horse that is why they were called Ashwinee Kumaar. Raagya and Shraush, these two became his two gatekeepers. Raagya is said to be the Avataar of Kaarttikeya and Shraush is said to be the Avataar of Har. They stand on the first gate as Dharm and Arth; on the second gate stand Kalmaash and Pakshee. Kalmaash is the form of Yam Raaj, and Pakshee is the form of Garud. These two stand in Southern side.

Kuber and Vinaayak stand in North and Dindee and Revant stand in East direction. Dindee is the form of Rudra, and Revant is the son of Soorya. All of them are standing around Soorya to kill Daitya. Four Ved are also standing on all four sides of Soorya to protect him."

Soorya's Chief Weapon-Vyom (Aakaash or Sky)

(Chap 125-126) Sumantu Muni said - Now I tell you about Soorya's chief weapon - Vyom (Aakaash or sky). Soorya's chief weapon Vyom is all Devtaa. It has four mountains and is made of gold. As Varun's Paash, Brahmaa's sound (Hunh), Vishnu's Chakra (Disc), Shiv's Trishool (trident), Indra's weapon is Vajra, in the same way Soorya's weapon is Vyom. In this Vyom, 11 Rudra, 12 Aaditya, 10 Vishwedev, 8 Vasu Gan, 2 Ashwinee Kumaar - all are situated along with their Kalaa.

11 Rudra are - Har, Sharv, Tryambak, Vrishaakapi, Shambhu, Kapardee, Raivat, Aparaajit, Eeshwar, Ahirbudhnya, and Bhuvan (Bhav).
10 Vishwedev - Kratu, Daksh, Vasu, Satya, Kaal, Kaam, Dhriti, Kuru, Shankumaatra and Vaaman.
8 Vasu Gan are - Dhruv, Dhar, Som, Anil, Anal, Aap, Pratyoosh, and Prabhaas.
2 Ashwinee Kumaar - Naasatya and Dastra.

Saadhya, Tushit (Aaditya), Marut etc are Devtaa. Among them Aaditya and Marut are the sons of Kashyap Jee. Vishwedev, Vasu and Saadhya are the sons of Dharm. Dharm's third son is Som, and Dharm is the son of Brahmaa Jee.

14 Manu's names - (1) Swaayambhuv, (2) Swaarochish, (3) Uttam, (4) Taamas, (5) Raivat and (6) Chaakshush - these six Manu have passed. Presently (7) Vaivaswat Manu, the 7th Manu, is ruling. (8) Ark Saavarni, (9) Brahm Saavarni, (10) Rudra Saavarni, (11) Dharm Saavarni, (12) Daksh Saavarni. (13) Rauchya and (14) Bhautya - these Manu will be in future.

14 Indra's names - (1) Vishnubhuk, (2) Vidyuti, (3) Vibhu, (4) Prabhu, (5) Shikhee, (6) Manojav, (7) Ojaswee, (8) Bali, (9) Adbhut, (10) Tridiv, (11) Susaatwik, (12) Keerti, (13) Shatdhaamaa, and (14) Divaspati.

7 Sapt Rishi's names - Kashyap, Atri, Vashishth, Bharadwaaj, Gautam, Vishwaamitra, and Jamadagni.
7 Marut's names - Pravah, Aavah, Udwah, Samvah, Vivah, Nivh, and Parivah (each group having seven Marut). These 49 Marut move in the sky by different paths.

3 Agni's names - Soorya Agni's name Shuchi, and Vaidyut Agni's name is Paavak, and Agni which appears through Arani (two wooden sticks) is called Pavamaan. They have 49 sons and grandsons and Marut are also 49 in number.

5 Samvatsar's names - Samvatsar, Parivatsar, Idwatsar (Idaavatsar), Anvatsar and Vatsar. They are Brahmaa Jee's sons.

3 Pitar's names - Saumya, Barhishad, and Agnishwaatt

9 Graha (planets) names - Soorya, Som, Bhaum (Mangal), Budh, Guru (Brihaspati), Shukra, Shani, Raahu and Ketu. They always inform him about the world. Among them Soorya and Som are called Mandal Graha; Bhaum, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani are called Taaraa (star) Graha; and Raahu and Ketu are called Chhaayaa (shadow) Grah.

Chandramaa is the Lord of Nakshatra (constellations); and Soorya is the Lord of Graha.
Soorya is the son of Kashyap Jee
Som is the son of Dharm
Budh is the son of Chandramaa
Guru and Shukra are the sons of Prajaapati Bhrigu
Shani is the son of Soorya
Raahu is the son of Sinhikaa, and
Ketu is the son of Brahmaa Jee


Prithvi is called Bhoo Lok. Bhoo Lok's Lord is Agni (Fire),
Bhuvar Lok's Lord is Vaayu (Wind), Marud Gan live in Bhuvar Lok, and
Swar Lok's Lord is Soorya, Rudra, Ashwinee Kumaar, Aaditya, Vasu Gan and Devtaa live in Swar Lok.
Fourth Lok is Mahar Lok, in which live Prajaapati and who live for a Kalp.
Fifth Lok is Jan Lok where live who have donated land.
Sixth Lok is Tapo Lok, where live Ribhu, Sanat Kumaar, and Vairaaj etc Rishi.
Seventh Lok is Satya Lok where live those people who are free from birth and death cycles. Tellers and listeners of Itihaas and Puraan also live there. It is called Brahm Lok also. Here there is no obstacle, no hurdle.

7 lower Lok - Tal, Sutal, Paataal, Talaatal, Atal, Vital, and Rasaatal.

8 Dev Yoni (Devtaa species) - Dev, Daanav, Gandharv, Yaksh, Raakshas, Naag, Bhoot, and Vidyaadhar.

Thus these seven Lok are situated in this Vyom. Marut, Pitar, Agni, Grah, and eight Dev Yoni, and all kinds of Devtaa - all are situated in this Vyom only, that is why who worships Vyom, he gets the fruit of worshipping all Devtaa and he goes to Soorya Lok. That is why one should always worship Vyom for his benefit.

Hey Raajan, This Vyom is known by - Aakaash, Kha, Dik, Vyom, Antariksh, Nabh, Ambar, Pushkar, Gagan, Meru, Vipul, Bil, Aapochhidra, Shoonya, Tamas, Rodasee.

7 seas are of - Lavan (salt), Ksheer (milk), Dadhi (yogurt), Ghrit (Ghee), Madhu (hney), Ikshu (sugarcane juice), and Suswaadu (sweet water).

6 Varsh Parvat (mountains) - Himvaan, Hemkoot, Nishadh, Neel, Shwet, and Shringvaan. In the middle of these Parvat, there is Mahaaraajat named Parvat.

8 Dev Nagaree (cities) - Maahendree, Aagneyee, Yaamyaa, Nairritee, Vaarunee, Vaayavee, Saumyaa, and Eeshaanee are situated on the up side.

Lokaalok Parvat is on Prithvi, after that is Andakpaal, after that are Agni, Vaayu, Aakaash, Jal etc Bhoot; after that are Mahaan Ahankaar, then Prakriti, then Purush and beyond the Purush is Eeshwar by which this whole Universe is covered. Bhagavaan Bhaaskar is Eeshwar by whom this Universe is covered.

Golden Meru Parvat is spread in the center of Prithvi and has four peaks. Its height is 84,000 Yojan (756, 000 miles), its depth is 16,000 Yojan (144,000 miles). Thus it is 100,000 Yojan. Its first peak, Saumanas is of gold; its second peak Jyotishk is of Padm-Raag Mani; its third peak Chitra is of all metals; and the fourth peak Chandraujask is of silver. Soorya rises on Gaangeya named first Saumanas peak. Because people can see only by the sunrise, that is called Udayaachal. When Soorya is Uttaraayan, he rises from Saumanas peak; and when he is Dakshinaayan, he rises from the second Jyotish peak.

On Mesh (Aries) and Tulaa (Libra) Raashi, Soorya rises from the middle two peaks - Chitra and Chandraujask. To the Eeshaan direction of this Parvat is Eesh; to the Agni direction of this Parvat is Indra; to the Nairritya direction of this Parvat is Marut; and to the Vaayavya direction of this Parvat is Vaayu and in the middle of this Parvat are Brahmaa, Graha (planets) and Nakshatra (constellations) situated. This is called Vyom; and in Vyom lives Soorya himself; therefore this Vyom has all Devtaa and Lok.

On the Eastern peak is Shukra, on the second peak is Shani, on third peak is Kuber and on the fourth peak is Som; in the middle are Brahmaa, Shiv and Vishnu. On North-east peak live Pitra Gan and Mahaadev; on Aagneya peak lives Shaandilya; then lives Heli's son Yam; in Nairritya direction peak lives Viroopaaksh; and after that lives Varun; after that lives Veermitra; in Vaayavya direction peak lives Kuber. In the middle is Brahmaa, below are Anant, Upendra and Shankar. The same is called Meru, Vyom and Dharm also. Its four peaks are the forms of four Ved."



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