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1-Braahm Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 1-5

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya.


First salute to Shree Naaraayan, Shree Nar, Devee Saraswatee and the teller of their activities Shree Vyaas Jee, then one should read Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, Mahaabhaarat, and other history, Puraan etc books. Victory to giver of joy to Paraashar and Satyavatee's heart - Bhagavaan Vyaas whose Amrit-like speeches are read everywhere.

Once, the disciple of Maharshi Vyaas, Maharshi Sumantu, Muni Vashishth, Paraashar, Jaimini, Yaagyavalkya, Gautam, Vaishampaayan, Shaunak, Angiraa, Bharadwaaj etc Rishi went to Raajaa Shataaneek, born in Paandav Vansh. The king welcomed them, greeted them, and said - "My life is blessed today by your coming here. I wish to here stories of Dharm Shaastra, by which I can attain Param Gati." Rishi said - "Request Bhagavaan Ved Vyaas Jee in this regard. He is very kind and is knowledgeable in all kinds of Shaastra. He is the author of Mahaabhaarat also." So Shataanand Jee, as per their advice, requested Bhagavaan Ved Vyaas Jee to tell him holy stories. Vyaas Jee said - "This my disciple Sumantu is very glorious and knowledhgeable, he will fulfill your desire." At this the king requested Muni Sumantu Jee.

Sumantu Jee said - "Hey Raajan, Dharm Shaastra makes everybody holy. By listening them, a human being gets freed from every kind of sin. Tell me what do you want to hear?" King Shataaneek said - "Hey Braahman, Which are those Shaastra, listening to which a human being becomes free from all kinds of sins?" Sumantu said - "Manu, Vishnu, Yam, Angiraa, Vashishth, Daksh, Samvart, Shaataatap, Paraashar, Aapstamb, Ushanaa, Kaatyaayan, Brihaspati, Gautam, Shankh, Likhit, Haareet, Atri etc have written many Shaastra. Listening to themone gets real joy in Dev Lok, there is no doubt about it." Shataaneek said - "Prabho, Whatever Dharm Shaastra, you have just told, I have heard them, therefore I do not wish to hear them again. Kindly tell me the Dharm Shaastra appropriate for the good of all the four Varn.

Sumantu Jee said - "Whoever are indulged in worldly matters, to uplift them, there are 18 Mahaa Puraan, Shree Raam Kathaa, and Mahaabhaarat etc good books. By understanding 18 Mahaa Puraan and eight types of Vyaakaran, Satyavatee's son Ved Vyaas Jee wrote Mahaabhaarat, by listening to which a human being gets freed from the sin of even Brahm Hatyaa (killing of a Braahman). The eight types of Vyaakaran are - (1) Braahm, (2) Aindra, (3) Yaamya, (4) Raudra, (5) Vaayavya, (6) Vaarun, (7) Saavitrya, and (8) Vaishnav. There are 18 Mahaa Puraan - (1) Brahm, (2) Padm, (3) Vishnu, (4) Shiv, (5) Bhaagvat, (6) Naarad, (7) Maarkandeya, (8) Agni, (9) Bhavishya, (10) Brahm Vaivart, (11) Ling, (12), Varaah, (13) Skand, (14) Vaaman, (15) Koorm, (16) Matsya, (17) Garud, and (18) Brahmaand. They all are good for all four Varn. Now tell me, what do you want to hear from me?"

Shataanand Jee said - "Hey Vipra, I have heard Mahaabhaarat, Raam Kathaa, and other Puraan, but I have not heard Bhavishya Puraan, so I am very anxious to hear that." Sumantu Jee said - "Very good, I will tell you Bhavishya Puraan, listening to it even great sin like Brahm Hatyaa are destroyed. You get the fruit of Ashwamedh Yagya and attain Soorya Lok in the end. This Puraan was first told by Brahmaa Jee. In this Puraan, all kinds of Dharm have been described. Good conduct for four Varn and Aashram, because only good conduct is the best Dharm, without it no Braahman can get any kind of fruit of Ved. Good conduct is the root basis of Dharm and Tapasyaa, so human beings should also behave according to it.

It describes the creation of the three Lok; method of marriage Sanskaar; method of Dev Worship; Dharm and duties of kings; glory of Soorya, Vishnu, Rudra, Durgaa, Satyanaarayan and the method of their worship; description of various Teerth; method of Praayashchit, Sandhyaa, Shraaddh, Tarpan, eating food; Jaati Dharm, Kul Dharm, Ved Dharm etc. Hey Kuru Vanshee, Brahmaa Jee told this Mahaapuraan to Shankar, Shankar Jee told it to Vishnu, Vishnu told it to Naarad, Naarad told it to Indra, Indra told it to Paraashar, Paraashar told it to Vyaas Jee, and Vyaas Jee told it to me. Now I tell it to you, so listen to it attentively.

There are 50,000 Shlok in this Puraan; but in present day Bhavishya Puraan, only four Sarg are found and number of Shlok is also only about 28,000. Even in this some parts are considered  fake. Who listens to it with great devotion, he attains Riddhi and Vriddhi (increase) and all kinds of wealth. Whichever Bhavishya Puraan was told by Brahmaa Jee, it consisted of five Parv - (1) Braahm, (2) Vaishnav, (3) Shaiv, (4) Twashtra, and (5) Pratisarg Parv. Five characteristics have been said of Puraan - (1) Sarg, (2) Pratisarg, (3) Vansh (lineage), (4) Manvantar (age, Time), and (5) Vanshaanucharit; and 14 types of knowledge has also been described in it.

The 14 types of knowledge are - 4 Ved (Rig, Yajur, Saam and Atharv); 6 Vedaang (Shikshaa, Kalp, Nirukt, Vyaakaran, Chhand, and Jyotish); Meemaansaa; Nyaaya; Puraan and Dharm Shaastra - including Aayur Ved, Dhanur Ved, Gaandharv Ved, and Arth Shaastra (economics) they become 18 knowledge.


Sumantu Muni further said - "Now I tell you about Bhoot Sarg - means the creation of all beings, by listening to it all sins are washed away and a human being gets the ultimate peace. In earlier times, this whole thing was covered with darkness; nothing was seen, it was unknown and sleepy. At that time, Bhagavaan Bhaaskar desired to create various creations from his body and first of all he created Jal (water) and established his semen power by which Devtaa, Asur, human beings, etc were born. That semen, when fell into the water, became a very bright golden egg. Four-headed Brahmaa Jee, the father of the Universe, appeared from that golden egg.

Because water is born from Nar (Bhagavaan), that is why it is called Naar; and wherever that Naar was initially placed, it is called Naaraayan (Naar=water, and Ayan=place). Whoever Purush (man) appeared from Him, he is called Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee did Tap for long time and then he divided that egg in two parts - with one part he created land, and from another part he created sky. In the middle, he created Swarg, light, directions and Varun's living place ocean. Then he created Mahat Tattwa and all beings.

Paramaatmaa first created sky, and then he created Air, Fire, Water, and Eath (in this order). In the beginning of the creation itself, Brahmaa Jee gave them their name and duties according to Ved and formed their institutions. He decided Tushit Gan among Devtaa, Jyotishtom etc Yagya, created planets, constellations, rivers, seas, mountains, flat and uneven land. Then he divided Kaal (Time) in Samvatsar (year), day, month etc; created seasons, Kaam (desires); and anger, After that he created Dharm and A-Dharm to decide about right and wrong; he created many kinds of living beings and attached all kinds of dualities - sorrows and pleasures, comfort and pain, etc. Whatever Karm one did, according to them he was appointed as Indra, Chandra, Soorya etc positions. Hinsaa and A-Hinsaa; sweetness and cruelty; Dharm and A-Dharm; Truth and Un-Truth etc natures were given to living beings.

Brahmaa Jee produced Braahman from his mouth, Kshatriya from his arms, Vaishya from his thighs, and Shoodra from his feet. The four Ved appeared from his mouth - Rib Ved appeared from his eastern mouth, and Vashishth Muni took it. Yajur Ved appeared from his southern mouth, and Muni Yaagyavalkya took it. Saam Ved appeared from his western mouth and Gautam Rishi took it. Atharv Ved appeared from his northern mouth, and Maharshi Shaunak Jee took it. The 18 Puraan, Itihaas and Yam etc Smriti Shaastra appeared from his 5th (upper) mouth.

After this Brahmaa Jee didvided his body into two parts - his right part was man and the left part was woman, and created Viraat Purush in it. This Viraat Purush did Tapasyaa for long time with the desire of creation and first produced 10 Rishi who became known as Prajaapati. Their names are - (1) Naarad, (2) Bhrigu, (3) Vashishth, (4) Prachetaa, (5) Pulah, (6) Kratu, (7) Pulastya, (8) Atri, (9) Angiraa, and (10) Mareechi. Other Maharshi were also born in the same way. Later Devtaa, Rishi, Daitya, Raakshas, Pishaach, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Pitar, human beings, Naag, Sarp (snakes) etc were born.

Lightening, clouds, Vajra, rainbow, Dhoomketu (comet), Ulkaa, and small and big stars were born. Then he produced many types of fish, boar, birds, elephants, horses, animals, deer, worms etc living beings. Thus Bhaaskar Dev created this world. Then he assigned their Karm to them, now listen to their Karm -
--Jaraayuj - born from womb. Elephant, jackal, deer and various animals, Pishaach, human beings etc are called Jaraayuj.
--Andaj - born from eggs. Fish, tortoise, snake, crocodile and others are Andaj.
--Swedaj - born from the heat of sweat. Flies, mosquitoes, lice, bedbugs, etc are swedaj.
--Udbhij - born by breaking the earth. Trees, shrubs, herbs etc are Udbhij.

--Remedies - Whatever fruits are alive till they ripe and later get dried or destroyed and bear many flowers and fruits are called Aushadhi (remedies).
--Trees - Whichever plants bear fruits without flowers are called Vriksh (trees). In the same way there are other types also - Gulm, Vallee, Vitaan, etc. These are grown from seeds, or from branches cur from big trees and planted in soil. These trees are conscious and have the knowledge (feeling) of comfort and pain, but because of their previous all is covered by Tamo Gun, that is why they are not able to talk like human beings.

Thus this whole world is born from Bhagavaan Bhaaskar. When that Paramaatmaa sleeps, this who Universe gets absorbed in Him; and when He wakes up, He creates this Universe and all beings start doing their Karm again. Thus this Paramaatmaa creates and destroys this Universe repeatedly with His awakening and sleeping states."



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