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2-Uttar Bhaag

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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 631-639

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Rukmaangad Goes to Vaikunth Lok

Vashishth Jee said - "Hearing his son, Rukmaangad saw at the face of Sandhyaavalee, then heard Mohinee that 'take food on Ekaadashee or kill your son'. At the same time Vishnu Bhagavaan came in the sky. He was just testing the patience of Rukmaangad, Dharmaangad and Sandhyaavalee. When Mohinee repeated her request the king took the sword in his hand. Seeing this Dharmaangad saluted his father and mother, cast a kind look at his mother's face and lay down on the ground. At that moment earth trembled, sea started crossing its limits and stars started falling down. Mohinee got stunned seeing this. She thought "Brahmaa created me uselessly, because seeing my face king did not eat food even on one Ekaadashee. King will go to Swarg and I will fall in Narak." At the same time king raised his sword, and Mohinee fell unconscious. The king was about to cut his son's head that Vishnu held his hand and said "Now you, Sandhyaavalee and your son Dharmaangad all will go to my Lok. You join me keeping your foot on the head of Yam Raaj." Bhagavaan touched king's body and all immediately got absorbed in Vishnu's body.

Seeing all this Yam Raaj again went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "Now I wish to resign from my position. I don't want to take this responsibility of punishing people, because now I have no right on people living on Prithvi. Give me some other work."

Mohinee is Burned by Braahman's Shaap

Yam Raaj said - "Prabho, According to tradition all people are going to Vaikunth Lok, nobody comes to me. Your daughter Mohinee is lying unconscious. She has not even taken food because of shame. My all work is over. Tell me now what should I do?" Brahmaa Jee said - "Let us all go to bring Mohinee here." So they all went to Prithvi to bring her back. She was lying unconscious. Devtaa said to her in the same condition - "Don't worry, you did your job well, but Vishnu's Bhakt cannot be controlled. In fact Rukmaangad started his Vrat from Mohinee Ekaadashee (Vaishaakh Shukla) and continued to worship for one year doing Paad Krichchhra Vrat, that is why he could not be moved from his intentions. This Ekaadashee is the destroyer of all obstacles. You have done all your efforts, still you could not achieve your goal, then what is your fault in this? All Devtaa have come here to give you Var."

Mohinee said - "Fie on my life, that I could not succeed in my objectives - did not fill Yam Lok's path, did not erase Ekaadashee's importance, and could not make king eat food on Ekaadashee. Rather your Mohinee has destroyed both her husband and son, she has not done your job also then how can she ask for Var?" Devtaa said - "Tell us what do you want Mohinee, we will surely fulfill it."

When Devtaa were talking like this, Rukmaangad's Purohit Vasu came there. He was doing Tapasyaa sitting in water. He came out of the water after 12 years. Then he heard about Mohinee's evil behavior, so he came to Devtaa and said to them - "Fie to Mohinee, Devtaa and this Paap Karm. You are all wicked that you are giving her Var. She is a sinner of murder. She is not a woman, she is Raakshas woman. If she jumps in burning fire even then she cannot be cleansed, because she has emptied the earth from a king. She has no right even to stay in Narak. Hey Dev, She is not even worth touching, how are you giving her Var? Devtaa never protect Paap, they always propagate Dharm. Who follow the path of Dharm and justice, they should give Var to her only. According to Ved serving husband is the only Dharm for women. Only physical service is not called service. She has disobeyed her husband just to get her desire fulfilled. After removing Rukmaangad like king from Prithvi, how can this wicked Mohinee get Var? Whoever will favor her I will give Shaap to him also." After saying this he took some water in his hand and threw it on Mohinee's head. Immediately she got burned. Devtaa shouted "Stop, stop your anger", but Mohinee was already burned."

Mohinee is Dead, Mohinee is Alive

Vashishth Jee said - "Mohinee left her Maayaa body and went to Devtaa's Lok. There Vaayu Dev scolded her - "Your nature is sinful that is why you cannot live in Swarg.", beat her with a stick and sent her to Narak. Yam Raaj kept her in several Narak. Since Mohinee died with Braahman's Shaap, that is why even Narak were feeling uncomfortable in her company, so they requested Yam Raaj to sent her away from there. So Yam Raaj also sent her away. Then she went to Paataal Lok, but there also she was insulted, so she went to her father and told him that wherever she went she was insulted and sent back from there. She said - "I only obeyed you and did so mean actions that now I have no place to stay. I can attain Moksh now only by Gangaa River. If you can please that Braahman, then only I can be at ease."

Brahmaa Jee and other Devtaa along with Mohinee went to that Braahman. There Brahmaa Jee greeted that Braahman (because of Mohinee). Braahman made them seated on Aasan and prayed them. Then Brahmaa Jee said to him - "You are a Braahman. Be kind to Mohinee and give her good Gati. Mohinee is my daughter. Seeing Yam Lok emptied, I sent her to Rukmaangad. Dharm is a very subtle thing and its nature is also very strange. This Mohinee was a testing ground for the king to send them to Vishnu Lok. Whatever is not possible to attain even by Saankhya Yog and Ashtaang Yog they have attained the same region. Pardon her and give her good Gati."

Hearing this Braahman said - "Dev, Your daughter is full of sins, therefore she cannot live in those Lok where people live. We should do something else so that both of us can be right in our own way. So she should live where there is no Bhoot living." Brahmaa Jee consulted all Devtaa and said to Mohinee - "You have no place to live." Mohinee said - "Please give me that place which is good for everybody. Give me one Ekaadashee which is bad with some fault. Fulfill my this desire."

Devtaa said - "All people know that Dashamee (10th day) is the day of Yam Raaj. You stay in the ending part of that Tithi and wander with Sun and Moon's rays. Now you go to all Teerth and clear your sins. You stay in Dashamee during the period between dusk and sunrise and attain the fruits of Ekaadashee. Whoever will keep fast on Dashamee Viddhhaa Ekaadashee, he will benefit you. Dusk period is of two Muhoort (96 minutes). Day and night have 15 Muhoort each separately. [That is why it is prohibited to do Dashamee Viddhhaa Ekaadashee.]

Thus Mohinee got settled in the ending part of Dashamee which is before sunrise. Seeing Mohinee settled in his Tithi's ending part, Yam Raaj Jee got very happy. He said to her - "You have re-established me in this Lok. You have stopped that drum beat. Now people will be confused about this Tithi." Mohinee again said to Brahmaa Jee - "This Braahman has burned my body. Please try that I can get my body again." Brahmaa Jee again requested Braahman to give her body back. He told if he could permit him he could give her a new body but she was a sinner who had jealousy with Ekaadashee. Braahman permitted him so Brahmaa Jee sprinkle some water from his Kamandal on her ashes and those ashes were converted in her old body. She held Purohit's feet and Purohit Vasu got pleased by this.

He said to her - "Now I am not angry at you, so I will help you in getting good Gati by Teerth etc." Brahmaa Jee went to his Lok and Vasu started thinking about the way to cleanse her. After a while he found out the way.



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