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15-Manvantar and Yug

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15-Manvantar and Yug
6-Naarad Puraan, 1-Poorv Bhaag, p 146-152


Sanak Jee said - "Now I will tell you about Vishnu's Vibhooti. By hearing this all sins are destroyed immediately. At one time, in Vaivaswat Manvantar, Guru Brihaspati along with Indra went to Sudharm's place. Indra said to him - "If you know about Brahm Kalp (the first Kalp) then tell me about it." Sudharm said - "Indra, There are 1,000 Chatur-Yug in Brahmaa's one day. Thus in his one day, there are 14 Manu, 14 Indra and different Devtaa. All Indra and Manu are alike in their powers. I tell you their names - (1) Swaayambhuv Manu, (2) Swaarochish, (3) Uttam, (4) Taamas, (5) Raivat,  (6) Chaakshush, (7) Vaivaswat Manu, (8) Soorya Saavarni, (9) Daksh Saavarni, (10) Brahm Saavarni, (11) Dharm Saavarni, (12) Rudra Saavarni, (13) Rochmaan, and (14) Bhautya.

Now I will tell you about Devtaa and Indra.
(1) In Swaayambhoo Manvantar Yaam were the Devtaa and Shacheepati was Indra. 
(2) In Swaarochish Manvantar, Paaraavat and Trishit were Devtaa, Vipashchit was their Indra.
(3) In Uttam Manvantar, Sudhaamaa, Satya, Shiv and Pratardan were Devtaa, and Sushaanti was their Indra.
(4) In Taams Manvantar, Supaar, Hari, Satya and Sudhee were Devtaa and their Indra was Shibi.
(5) In Raivat Manvantar, Amitaabh etc were Devtaa, and Vibhu was their Indra.
(6) In Chaakshush Manvantar, Aarya etc were Devtaa, and Manojava was their Indra.
(7) In Vaivaswat Manvantar, Aaditya, Vasu and Rudra etc are Devtaa, and you are Indra. Your specific name is Purandar.
(8) In Soorya Saavarni Manvantar, Aprameya and Sutap etc will be Devtaa, and Bali will be their Indra.
(9) In Daksh Saavarni Manvantar, Paar etc will be Devtaa and Adbhut will be their Indra.
(10) In Brahm Saavarni Manvantar, Suvaasan etc will be Devtaa and Shaanti will be their Indra.
(11) In Dharm Saavarni Manvantar, Vihangam etc will be Devtaa and Vrish will be their Indra.
(12) In Rudra Saavarni Manvantar, Harit etc will be Devtaa and Ritudhaamaa will be their Indra.
(13) In Rochamaan or Rauchya Manvantar, Sutraamaa etc will be Devtaa and Divaspati will be their Indra.
(14) In Bhautya Manvantar, Chaakshush etc will be Devtaa and Shuchi will be their Indra.

All these Manu, Indra and Devtaa live and enjoy Brahmaa Jee's one day. Only one type of creation has been said in all Lok and Swarg. How many are Vidhaataa (creators) of that creation, nobody knows. When I was in Brahm Lok, many Brahmaa came and went away. I am unable to tell you their numbers. How much time I have spent in this Swarg Lok, listen to that - "Till now four Manu came and went (four Manvantar have passed), but my prosperity is still on increase, and still I have to be here for 1 billion (100 Crore) Yug."

Hearing Sudharm, Indra got very happy and started worshipping Vishnu. Although all Devtaa enjoy Swarg pleasures, still they always wish to take birth in Bhaarat Varsh. Who worship Naaraayan, even Brahmaa also worship them. Who always worship Vishnu abandoning all kinds of pleasures and desire of collecting things, how can they be bound to this world? As water is collected from all sides in low lands, in the same way wherever saints live, all good things gather to live there."


Naarad Jee said to Sanak Jee - "Hey Muni, Now I wish to know about Yug." Sanak Jee said - "Now I tell you about Yug. At some time Dharm increases on Prithvi, at some time it deteriorates. There are four Yug - Sat Yug, Tretaa Yug, Dwaapar Yug, and Kali Yug. Their combined time period is 12,000 Divine years, they have the same number of years of Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh and they occur in the same order. In Sat Yug, there is no difference between Devtaa, Daanav, Gandharv, Raakshas. At that time all were like Devtaa, all followed Dharm. There was no trading, no division of Ved, and all the four Varn, Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra followed their Dharm and worshipped Vishnu . They did Nish-Kaam (without wishing for the fruits of their Karm) Karm. In this Yug, Bhagavaan's complexion is white.

In Tretaa Yug, Dharm stands with three feet, its one foot is gone, it means that only three fourths people follow their Dharm in this Yug. Bhagavaan's body's complexion becomes red. All Dwij follow Kriyaa Yog (see Yog). They follow discipline of truth speaking, worshipping Bhagavaan, donation, and accepting justified punishments. In Dwaapar Yug, Dharm stands on its two feet only, and Bhagavaan's color of body becomes yellow. Ved is divided in four parts. Some people start telling lies, Braahman start feeling attachment and jealousy, some do Yagya for Swarg, some get attached to desires, some start committing sins. In this Yug Dharm and A-Dharm are at equal status. Because of A-Dharm, people get weaker and short-lived. As Kali Yug starts, Dharm stands only on one foot. In this Taamas Yug, Hari's complexion becomes dark. Very few people do Yagya, and only a few good soul follow Kriyaa Yog. People say ill about religious people, Vrat and good conduct are not followed, Gyaan and Yagya are nowhere to be seen, and people tell others' faults and they themselves follow improper conduct."

Kali Yug

Naarad Jee said - "Hey Muni, Now I wish to hear about Kali Yug." Sanak Jee said - "Kali is a very terrible Yug. All kinds of sins arise in this Yug. Because of the increased number of sins, one sin mixes with another. No Varn will follow its own Dharm, rather all will tell others' faults. I am the highest, all will think like this. They will have short life and because of this they will not be able to study Shaastra properly. Men will be indulged in extramarital relations. They will eat fish and will milk goat and sheep. Prithvi will go without fruits and seeds and flowers will also be destroyed. Rich people will also beg for money. There will be neither any disciple, nor Guru, nor father, nor wife.

People will not worship Vishnu even in the first Paad (part of Kali Yug, in the end they will not take even name. They will not donate and Braahman will accept donations from evil people. There will always be a fear of no rain. At that time people will eat roots, leaves and fruits only. They will be lusty, short structured, A-Dharm follower and unfortunate. Braahman will have Shoodra's girls. Shoodra will not serve Dwij, rather they will adopt the life style of Dwij. People will live at the most up to 16 years of age. A girl of 5 years of age will deliver the child and at the age of eight years children will look like young people. And as sins will be on increase, even young \children will also die.

Who always worship Vishnu they will not suffer from all these things. In Sat Yug Tapasyaa; in Tretaa Yug meditation; in Dwaapar Yug Yagya; and in Kali Yug Daan is said to be the best. Whatever Punya Karm is complete in ten years in Sat Yug, the same is complete in Tretaa Yug in one year, in Dwaapar Yug in one month and in Kali Yug in one day and night. Whatever fruit is got in Sat Yug by meditation, in Tretaa Yug by Yagya, in Dwaapar Yug by worshipping Bhagavaan, the same can be got in Kali Yug only by donation. Who worship Vishnu, they are not affected by Kali Yug. Even in the end of Kali Yug when Kali Yug is in its full force, who worships Naaraayan, is not affected by it. In Kali Yug when there is no Dharm, if anybody has worshipped Keshav, he is very fortunate and blessed. Who pronounce Harey, Keshav, Govind, Jaganmaya, Vaasudev, or Shiv, Shankar, Rudra, Eesh, Neelkanth, Trilochan etc names, they also are not affected by Kali Yug. So one should think that Vishnu's name is everything, and there is no other way except this in Kali Yug.



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