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4-Story of Gunanidhi

Once, in the city of Kaampilya, there lived a great Braahman named Yagyadatt who was a Somaayaajee and was reputed for his knowledge of Ved and was respected by the local king too. Yagyadatt had a lone son named Gunanidhi who was taught all Vaidik scriptures in the childhood but as he grew up and came into the bad company of friends, he became a gambler and started stealing each and every item in the house only to lose in the gambling. His mother used to tell lies to her husband that the son was doing all Vaidik studies and rituals perfectly and had gone out with friends for Vaidik repetition and learning.

Once the father came to know this and offered libations of water mixed with gingelly seeds (sesame seeds) which means his son is no more, after which, Gunanidhi left the city. After wandering whole day, he felt hungry as he did not have any food since morning. He saw some Shiv Bhakt taking food items as offerings to a nearby Shiv temple, so he followed them with an objective of stealing that food. In that process, Gunanidhi listened to all the prayers and hymns of Lord Shiv sung by those Bhakt and also saw the various Poojaa processes done to the Shiv Lingam. Once they were over, Gunanidhi went inside the sanctum sanctorum and found the light of the lamp dim, so he tore his cloth, made a wick out of it and brightened the lamp and then took the food.

Later when Gunanidhi died, Shiv Gan prevented Yam Doot from taking Gunanidhi to Narak and instead took him to Kailash Parvat where he served Lord Shiv and Paarvatee. With their blessings he was reborn as Dam, the son of Arindam, the King of Kaling who ordered all his countrymen to lit lamps brightly in all temples. By this act, after his death, Dam became the Lord of Alakaa Puree, the capital of Kuber.

While narrating the above story in Shiv Puraan (Rudra Sanhitaa, section 1, chapter 17 and 18), it is preached that even the smallest service rendered to Shiv bears rich fruit in time and all persons seeking happiness shall realize this and continue worshipping Lord Shiv which has no expense. Mere Abhishekam with plain water and taking his name is sufficient for the Shiv Bhakt to erase the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. Many natives think that one has to perform costly Poojaa, Havan, rituals or buy expensive items and do expensive charities, but stories such as the above highlight how simple worship, simple listening to Bhajan, simple Darshan of Poojaa and fasting (all these are at zero expense) erase the sins and paves the way for a bright and glorious future with the blessings of Bholenaath Lord Shiv.



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