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4-Chaturth Ansh

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13-Puru's Lineage

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13-Puru's Lineage
3-Vishnu Puraan - 4-Chaturth Ansh - p 289-292
See also    5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/14;

Puru's Lineage 

Paraashar Jee said - "Yayaati's youngest son Puru's lineage --

Puru's son was Janamejaya
Janamejaya's son was Prachinvaan
Prachinvaan's son was Praveer
Praveer's son was Manasya
Manasya's son was Abhayad
Abhayad's son was Sudyu
Sudyu's son was Bahugat
Bahugat's son was Sanyaati
Sanyaati's son was Ahanyati
Ahanyaati's son was Raudrashravaa
Raudrashravaa had 10 sons - Riteshu, Kaksheshu, Shandileshu, Kriteshu, Jaleshu, Dharmeshu, Dhriteshu, Sthaleshu, Satateshu, and Vanehu

Riteshu's son was Antinaar
Antinaar had three sons Sumati, Apratirath, and Dhruv
Apratirath had two sons - Kanv and Eleen - Kanv's son was Medhaatithi whose descendents were
    called  Kaanvaayan Braahman
Eleen had Dushyant etc four sons

Dushyant had the Chakravartee emperor Bharat - about hose name Dev Gan said this Shlok - "Mother is like a leather pump, only father has the right on son. A son is like him by whom he is produced. Do not insult Shakuntalaa. A son born of one's own semen takes his father from Yam Lok to Swarg Lok. He is your son. Shakuntalaa has told you the truth."

Bharat had three wives and had nine sons from them, but Bharat said - "They are not like me"; lest Bharat leaves them, their mothers killed them. Then Bharat did Marutsom Yagya with the desire of a son. At its completion Marud Gan gave him Bharadwaaj named child as his son who was born from Brihaspati's semen established in the womb of Utathya's wife Mamataa and was delivered by Deerghatamaa Muni by hitting his foot.

This Shlok is said about naming this boy - "After the son was delivered, Brihaspati said to Mamataa - "This son is born 'Dwaaj' (from both of us), therefore you bring him up (Bharan Karo)"; then Mamataa said - "Hey Brihaspati, This son is born 'Dwaaj", you bring him up". Thus arguing both parents went away, that is why he was named as Bharadwaaj." Because the birth of sons got failed and Marud Gan gave Bharadwaaj that is why he was called Vitath also.

Vitath's son was Manyu
Manyu's son was Brihatkshatra
Brihatkshatra's sons were Suhotra, Mahaaveerya, Nar and Garg etc several sons.
Nar's son  was Sankriti and
Sankriti had two  sons - Gurupreeti and Rantidev.
Garg's son was Shini
Shini had two sons - Gaargya and Shainya who became Kshatropet Braahman.
Mahaaveerya's son was Durukshaya.
Durukhaj had three sons - Trayyaaruni, Pushkarinya and Kapi. All the three sons later became Braahman.
Suhotra's son was Hastee who inhabited Hastinaapur.
Hastee had three sons - Ajameedh, Dwijmeedh and Purumeedh. 

Ajameedh's Lineage

Ajameedh had two sons - Kanv and Brihdishu. Kanv's son was Medhaatithi whose descendents were called Kaanvaayan Braahman.
Brihdishu's son was Brihaddhanu
Brihaddhanu's son was Brihatkarmaa
Brihatkarmaa's son was Jayadrath
Jayadrath's son was Vishwajit
Vishwajit's son was Senjit
Senjit had four sons - Ruchiraashwa, Kaashya, Dridhahanu and Vatsahanu
Ruchiraashwa's son was Prithusen
Prithusen's son was Paar
Paar's son was Neel
Neel had 100 sons among whom Samar was main
Samar had three sons - Paar, Supaar and Sadashwa.
Supaar's son was Prithu
Prithu's son was Sukriti
Sukriti's son was Vibhraj
Vibhraj's son was Anuh who married Shuk's daughter Keerti
Anuh's son was Brahdatt
Brahmdatt's son was Vishwaksen
Vishwaksen's son was Udaksen
Udaksen's son Bhallaabh...     continues below as Paanchaal Kings

Dwijmeedh's Lineage

Dwijmeedh's son was Yaveenar
Yaveenar's son was Dhritimaan
Dhritimaan's son was Satyadhriti
Satyadhriti's son was Dridhnemi
Dridhnemi's son was Supaarth
Supaarth's son was Sumati
Sumati's son was Satratimaan
Satratimaan's son was Krit - to whom Hiranyanaabh taught Yog and who wrote 24 Sanhitaa of
    Praachya Saamag Shruti.
Krit's son was Ugraayudh who destroyed Neep Vanshee Kshatriya
Ugraayudh's son was Kshemya
Kshemya's son was Sudheer
Sudheer's son was Ripunjaya
Ripunjaya's son was Bahurath

They all were Pooru Vanshee kings

Paanchaal Kings

Ajmeedh had a wife called Nalinee who had the son named Neel
Neel's son was Shaanti
Shaanti's son was Sushaanti
Sushaanti's son was Puranjaya
Puranjaya's son was Riksh
Riksh's son was Haryashwa
Haryashwa had five sons - Mudgal, Srijaya, Brihadishu, Yaveenar and Kaampilya. Their father
    said on their birth - "My these five sons are able to protect my five countries" that is why
    they were called Paanchaal.

Mudgal had Maudgalya named Kshatropet Braahman. Mudgal's son was Brihadaashwa, and Brihadaashwa had one son and one daughter - Divodaas and Ahalyaa. Ahalyaa was married to Maharshi Gautam and had son named Shataanand [who was the Raaj Purohit of Raajaa Janak at the time of Seetaa's marriage to Raam] Shataanand had the son named Satyadhriti who was a good archer. Once he saw Urvashee Apsaraa and his semen fell on a reed (Sarakandaa) which caused to divide it in two parts, thus two children, one son and one daughter, were born. King Shaantanu found them when he was on his hunting tour, he brought them home, brought them up. Later the boy became Kripaa and the girl became Kripee.

Divodaas' son was Mitraayu
Mitraayu's son was Chyavan
Chyavan's son was Sudaas
Sudaas' son was Saudaas
Saudaas' son was Sahadev
Sahadev's son was Somak
Somak had 100 sons, among whom Jantu was the eldest and Prishat was the youngest
Prishat's son was Drupad
Drupad's son was Dhrishtdyumn
Dhrishtdyumn's son was Dhrishtketu

Contd from above...  Magadh 

Ajmeedh had one son more named Riksh, whose son was Sanvaran, and Sanvaran's son was Kuru who established Dharmkshetra Kurukshetra. 

Kuru's sons were Sudhanu, Jahnu, and Pareekshit etc
Sudhanu's son was Suhotra
Suhotra's son was Chyavan
Chyavan's son Kritak
Kritak's son was Uparichar Vasu
Uparichar Vasu's sons were Brihadrath, Pratyagra, Kushaambu, Kuchal, Maatsya etc seven sons
Brihdrath's son was Kushaagra
Kushaagra's son was Vrishabh
Vrishabh's son was Pushpvaan
Pushpvaan's son Satyahit
Satyahit's on was Sudhanvaa
Sudhanvaa's son was Jatu

Brihadrath had his son born in divided form, but later was joined so he was called Jaraasandh. Jaraasandh's son was Sahadev
Sahadev's son was Somaapi
Somaapi's son was Shrutshravaa....    See Future Magadh Vansh

This was all about the kings of Magadh.



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