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8-Downfall of Shoorpadm

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8-Downfall of Shoorpadm
Shiv Rahasya-8 in Om Namah Shivaya Group [10/23/09]

Now left alone, Shoorpadm arrived at the battle front with the reserve forces of his army from the other worlds. Kaarttikeya prevented further reinforcements from reaching Shoorpadm camp and sought him out. Shoorpadm fought with many of the Devtaa and Bhoot Gan including Veerbaahu Devar and inflicted on them severe injuries and utter defeat. At last the General of the Asur found himself face to face with the General of the Devtaa. The fight that ensued was one of the most memorable in the annals of the universe. Finding the defeat was inevitable and imminent in a straightforward fight. Shoorpadm employed all the special and unholy tricks learnt from his mother Maayaa. He brought back to life by a Mantra all the dead Asur warriors and also obtained a chariot with magic powers. By another Mantra given to him by Shukraachaarya, he took successively the form of a number of animals and birds and fought with Shanmukh, but all in vain.

Shanmukh, himself was beyond all delusion; even Maayaa herself would have been powerless against him, much more so her son. With a twang of his bow and the release of Paashupat Astra, he swept back into eternity all the revived Asur. Another Astra of Kaarttikeya brought Shoorpadm's magic chariot to his side for his own use. Thus Shoorpadm was deprived of his Maayaa-chariot and had the mortification of seeing it used by the enemy. His Vaahan also was killed by another Astra of Kaarttikeya. Upon this, Shoorpadm took the shape of a huge bird Chaksavaaham. But Kaarttikeya, using Devendra in the shape of a peacock as his own Vaahan, fought with the huge bird and cut it into two pieces. Shoorpadm, however, quitted the body of the bird in time and saved himself for a while.

At this hour of wounded pride and utter loneliness for Shoorpadm, Kaarttikeya felt some compassion for the mighty demon now laid low, both on account of the good works Shoorpadm had done in his previous births and of his heroic stand against him; revealed himself in all his Divine glory before the Asur. At the sight of his Divine Vishwaroop, the Maayik delusion of the Asur rolled away, and with the Divya Chakshu (divine eyes) granted to him, Shoorpadm saw before him the Lord in the Viraat Swaroop and owed down before him, craving mercy at his hands for all the evils that he had done.

Kaarttikeya assumed his original form as Subrahmanya. At this, overpowered again by delusion, Shoorpadm resumed the fight. He took the shape of a huge tree, so Kaarttikeya cleft the tree into two vertical pieces by his Vel. Unable to escape his doom, Shoorpadm took his natural form and rushed in great rage towards Kaarttikeya, with the desperate idea of bearing him down to the ground by sheer physical weight and crushing him. Tired of his strenuous labor and anxious to end the miseries of the Asur, Karttikeya cut him in two pieces with one throw of his Vel. In commemoration of the great fight, Kaarttikeya ordained that the peacock and the cock, whose forms Shoorpadm had assumed for a while, should become, respectively, his Vaahan (vehicle) and the emblem on his standard.

Thus ended the life of the mighty Shoorpadm and with him ended the troubles of the Devtaa for ever; and this happened on the Shashthee day of the bright fortnight of Kaarttik Maas, the sixth day after Deepaavalee.



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