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Chapter 14



14-Chandra Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit,  Now I will tell you about the Vansh of Chandramaa. In this Vansh Pururavaa like great kings were born. Brahmaa Jee appeared from the lotus form of Viraat Purush from His navel Sarovar (pond). Brahmaa Jee's son was Atri Rishi. Chandramaa appeared from Atri's eyes. Brahmaa Jee appointed him the King of Braahman, medicines and Nakshatra (constellations). He won the three Lok and did Raajsooya Yagya. Because of this he got proud and he kidnapped the wife of Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee - Taaraa. Dev Guru Brihaspati requested him several times to return his wife but Chandramaa was mad about her and he did not return his wife.

In this situation a kind of war broke out between Devtaa and Daanav. Shukraachaarya Jee favored Chandramaa because of his enmity with Brihaspati Jee; and Mahaadev Jee favored Brihaspati Jee because of the love of his Guru Angiraa's son (Brihaspati was Angiraa's son). Dev Raaj Indra also favored his Guru Brihaspati Jee with all His Devtaa.

After some time Angiraa Rishi went to Brahmaa Jee to stop this war. At this Brahmaa Jee scolded Chandramaa very much and handed over Taaraa to Brihaspati Jee. When Brihaspati Jee came to know that Taaraa was pregnant, he asked Taaraa - "This is not my child, so destroy it. Don't be afraid, I will not burn you, because first you are a woman, second I also want a child. And since you are a Devee, you are faultless." Taaraa got ashamed hearing this and she separated gold like shining baby from her womb. Seeing that child, both Brihaspati Jee and Chandramaa got attracted to it and wanted to take it. Now they started fighting that "this child is mine", "this child is mine".

Now Rishi and Devtaa asked Taaraa whose child it was? But Taaraa wouldn't reply because of being ashamed. Then the child got angry at her fake shame and said - "Why don't you speak the truth." Then Brahmaa Jee called Taaraa in a lonely place and asked about it, then Taaraa said slowly - "This is Chandramaa's child." So Chandramaa took that child. Hey Pareekshit, Brahmaa Jee named him Budh because his wisdom was very good. Chandramaa got very happy to get this kind of child.

Budh produced a son named Pururavaa from Ilaa (read the story of Sudyumn). One day Naarad Jee was praising Pururavaa in Indra's court. Hearing the praise Urvashee had a desire to get him as her husband. So she went to Pururavaa. Although she had to come to Mrityu Lok because of Mitra and Varun's Shaap, still Urvashee got satisfied to hear that Pururavaa was as handsome as Kaamdev. Pururavaa also got very happy to see Urvashee, he asked her in a very sweet voice - "Devee, I welcome you. Please have your seat, and what can I do for you? You may stay with me and we can both enjoy life for a long time." Urvashee said - "Raajan, You are very handsome. There is no beautiful girl who does not like you. So I will definitely stay with you, but I have three conditions - one, that I will give you two lambs of sheep, you will have to protect them; two, I will eat only Ghee (clarified butter) as my food; and three, I will not be able to see you without clothes anywhere else except in bed." "That is fine." And Pururavaa agreed, so she stayed with Pururavaa and Pururavaa also enjoyed various Devtaa's places with her. Urvashee smelled like Kamalkesaree flower.

When Indra did not see Urvashee for some time, he sent Gandharv to bring her saying - "I do not like Swarg without Urvashee." So those Gandharv went to Pururavaa's palace in a dark night and stole the two lambs Urvashee gave him to protect. Lambs started crying. When Urvashee heard their crying, she uttered - "Oh, It was my mistake to choose this coward as my husband. He considers himself very brave and he could not guard even my two lambs. He poses himself a man in daytime but sleeps like women frightened in the night." Hearing Urvashee's these words, Pururavaa got very angry and he ran towards lambs with sword in his hands without clothes. Gandharv freed the lambs but started shining like thunder and Urvashee saw Raajaa without clothes in the thunder.

When Pururavaa came back he did not see Urvashee in his bedroom. He got sad and roamed around aimlessly. One day, Pururavaa saw Urvashee and her five friends in Kuru Kshetra on the bank of Saraswatee, he said to her - "Dear, wait a moment, do not go without talking to me and giving me pleasure. If you are not kind on this body then I will leave this body." Urvashee said - "You are a King. Do not talk like this. Women are no friends of anyone. But just keep patience. After each year you will stay for one night with me. Then you will have more children." Raajaa saw that Urvashee was pregnant so he came back. After one year he went back there. Then Urvashee was the mother of one son. He got very happy to see her. He stayed with her for one night. When he was separating from her he became very said. At this Urvashee said - "You request to these Gandharv. If they want they can give me to you."

Pleased with Raajaa's request, Gandharv gave him an Agni-sthalee (a pot used to put Agni). Raajaa was so much absorbed in Urvashee's thoughts that he took that pot considering it as Urvashee and roamed around with it from one forest to another. When he came to his senses, he left it in a forest and went back to his palace. When Tretaa Yug started, the three Ved appeared in his heart, so he went to that place again where he left the pot. A Peepal (a sacred tree of India) tree had grown at that place where he had left the pot. He made two sticks from that tree. then with the desire of having a son, he put one stick below imagining as Urvashee and another stick up imagining as Pururavaa and churned with Mantra which would set fire. Jaatvedaa named Agni appeared from that churning. He accepted Agni Devtaa, divided it in three parts as Aahvaneeya, Gaarhpatya and Dakshinaagni and accepted them as his sons. Then with the desire to attain Urvashee Lok, Raajaa did a Yagya for Hari with those three Agni.

Hey Pareekshit, Before Tretaa Yug, in Sat Yug, only Pranav (Omkaar) was the Ved. All Ved Shaastra were within that Pranav. Only Naaraayan was Devtaa. There was only one Agni, not three, and Varn was also one - "Hans" (swan). In the beginning of Tretaa Yug, from Pururavaa three Ved and three Agni were started. By accepting Agni as his children he got Gandharv Lok."



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