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1-Vaivaswat Manu's Son Sudyumn and His Descendents

Pareekshit asked - "Hey Bhagavan, You described all Manvantar. You also said that in the end of last Kalp, the King of Dravid Desh - Satyavrat got the knowledge from Bhagavaan and then became Vaivaswat Manu in this Kalp. You described about his son Ikshwaaku etc also. Now please tell me about his Vansh (descendents) individually. In this Vansh, who were in the past, who are present and who will be in future, I want to hear about all of them."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Now you listen to Manu Vansh in brief, because it is very large. It will take hundreds of years if I describe it in detail. So at the time of Pralaya (deluge), there was only He who is the soul of every living being, nothing else. A golden lotus appeared from His navel and from that appeared 4-headed Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee produced Mareechi Rishi from his Man (mind). Mareechi's son was Maharshi Kashyap. Kashyap Jee married Daksh Jee's daughter Aditi. Aditi gave birth to Vivaswaan (Soorya). Vivaswaan Married Sangyaa who gave birth to Shraaddh Dev Manu (Vaivaswat Manu, the present Manu), who in turn produced 10 sons from his wife Shraddhaa - Ikshwaaku, Nrig, Sharyaati, Disht, Dhrisht, Karoosh, Narishyant, Prashaadhra, Nabhag, and Kavi.

Vaivaswat Manu was first childless, then Vashishth Jee did the Mitraavarun Yagya for him to get children. In the beginning of the Yagya, Manu's wife Shraddhaa who was on a milk diet, expressed her desire to Hotaa for a girl. Then with the inspiration of Adhwaryu, Hotaa Braahman offered the Aahuti remembering Shraddhaa's words. Thus as result of this Yagya a girl named Ilaa was born, instead of a son. Seeing her Manu was not very happy, so he asked Vashishth Jee - "You are like Brahm, how did your Karm give the opposite result? This is very sad. Your Vaidik Karm should not have given this result." Hearing this Vashishth Jee knew that the Hotaa has given the Aahuti with another intention, therefore he said to Vaivaswat Manu - "Raajan, your Hotaa has intended the opposite, that is why our aim has not been fulfilled. Still I will give you a son through my Tap." So Vashishth Jee prayed Bhagavaan to convert Ilaa into a son. Shree Hari kindly did that and Ilaa was converted into a son named Sudyumn.

One day Sudyumn went for hunting in a forest riding on a horse in the foothills of Meru Parvat. There lived Bhagavaan Shankar with Paarvatee Jee. So as he entered that forest, he became a woman. And not only he, but his all people were also converted into women. They started looking at each other in surprise and all got very sad at this."

Pareekshit asked - "Why that forest was like this which made them women? Who made it like that?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "One day many great Rishi went there for Shankar's Darshan. At that time Ambikaa Devee was not wearing any clothes. Sudden arrival of Rishi made her embarrassed. Quickly she got up from Shankar Jee's lap and put on her clothes. Rishi also saw that Shankar Jee was enjoying with Paarvatee Jee so they also went back to the place where Nar-Naaraayan were living. At that time Shankar Jee said to Ambikaa Jee to please her - "Whosoever, except me, will enter this place will become a woman." Hey Pareekshit, Since then men did not go to that place.

Now Sudyumn had become a woman, so he just started roaming around with his ministers from one forest to another. At that time, the mighty Budh saw that a beautiful woman was roaming around surrounded by several beautiful women. He wished that he should get that woman. The beautiful woman also wished that Budh becomes her husband. He took her to Aashram and started living together. After a while they had a son named Pururavaa. Thus Manu's son Sudyumn again became a woman [even after becoming a man through Vashishth's prayers].

It is said that at that time Sudyumn remembered his Kul Purohit Vashishth Jee. Vashishth Jee became extremely sad seeing this condition of Sudyumn. So he prayed Bhagavaan Shankar to convert him again into a man. To respect his request, as well as to keep his own words Shankar Jee said - "Vashishth Jee, Your person will remain man for one month and woman for another month. With this arrangement, he will rule the Prithvi." So Sudyumn started ruling Prithvi with this arrangement. But his people did not respect him properly in this way. He had three sons - Utkal, Gaya, and Vimal. They all ruled Dakshinaapath. After long time when Sudyumn got old then he handed over his kingdom to Pururavaa and went to forest."

2-Manu's Five Sons' Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "After Sudyumn had left for forest, Vaivaswat Manu did Tapasyaa for 100 years on the bank of Yamunaa with the desire of a son. This time he prayed Shree Hari for a son and got 10 sons like himself. Among all the sons Ikshwaaku was the eldest. There was one son named Prashadhra. Guru Vashishth had appointed him to guard his cows, therefore he sat very attentively in the night to guard his cows. One day, it was raining. A lion entered the herd of cows. This woke up cows and made them cry with fear. Lion caught one cow so she started crying. Hearing her cry Prashadhra went to help her. The night was dark. He wanted to kill lion, but by mistake he killed the cow. Although the sword did cut a piece of lion's ear, still the lion ran away. Prashadhra thought that the lion is killed but in the morning he found that he had killed a cow instead of the lion. He got very sad. Although he did not commit the crime intentionally, still Vashishth Jee gave him Shaap - "You will not be Kshatriya from now on. Go and become a Shoodra." Prashaadhra accepted his Guru's Shaap and became a Brahmchaaree. His all desires ended, Indriyaan got controlled. He started behaving strangely. Sometimes he behaved like a blind, sometimes like a fool, and sometimes like a deaf. Living like this, one day he came to a forest where he saw the jungle-fire. He burned himself in that fire.

Manu's youngest son was Kavi. He also did not like pleasures of the world so he abandoned his kingdom and went to forest with his brothers and got Param Pad in adolescent age only.

Manu's son Karoosh had a son named Kaaroosh. Dhrisht had a son named Dhaarsht. Later he became the Braahman. Nrig had a son named Sumati, his son was Bhootjyoti and his son was Vasu. Vasu's son was Prateek and Prateek's son was Oghvaan. Oghvaan had a son named Oghvaan (same name) and a daughter Oghvatee who got married to Sudarshan.

Manu's another son Narishyant had a son named Riksh, who had a son named Meedhvaan, who had a son named Koorch, who had a son named Indrasen. Indrasen had a son named Veetihotra, his son was Satyashravaa, his son was Urushravaa, and he had a son named Devdatt. Devdatt had a son named Agniveshya who was Agnidev himself. Later he became known as Kaaneen and Maharshi Jaatoo Karnya. Agniveshya Gotra among Braahman started from his name only.

Disht's son was Naabhaag, this Naabhaag is different from the one whom I will describe later. He became Vaishya because of his actions. His son was Bhalandan and his son was Vatspreeti, his son was Praanshu and his son was Pramati. Pramati had a son named Khanitra, and he had the son Chaakshush, and Chaakshush had Vivinshati. Vivinshati had the son named Rambh, and Rambh's son was Khaninetra. Both Rambh and Khaninetra  were very religious. Khaninetra had the son named Karandhan and he had Aveekshit, Aveekshit's son was Marutt. He became a Chakravartee Raajaa. Angiraa's son Mahaayogee Samvratt Rishi did a Yagya for him. In that Yagya all the small and big utensils were of gold. In that Indra lost his senses after drinking Som Ras and Braahman were over-satisfied with Dakshinaa. Also, in that Yagya, Marut Gan distributed the food and Vishwedev was the courtier.

Marutt's son was Dam, his son was Raajyavardhan, his son was Sudhriti, his son was Nar, his son was Kewal, his son was Bandhumaan, his son was Vegvaan, his son was Bandhu, and his son was Raajaa Trinbindu. Raajaa Trinbindu was a very qualitative man. Alambooshaa Apsaraa chose him as her husband and she gave birth to many sons and one daughter named Idvidaa. Muni Vishravaa learned the knowledge from his father Pulastya Jee and produced Kuber from Idvidaa. Trinbindu had three sons - Vishaal, Shoonyabindu and Dhoomraketu. Raajaa Vishaal inhabited a city named Vaishaalee. Vishaal had a son named Hemchandra, and he had a son named Dhoomrakesh. Dhoomrakesh had a son named Sanyam and Sanyam had two sons - Krishaashwa and Devaj. Krishaashwa's son was Somdatt and Somdatt had the Sumati and Sumati had a son named Janamejaya."



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