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Chapters 3-5

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3-Maharshi Chyavan, Sukanyaa and Raajaa Sharyaati's Vansh

Shuk Dev Jee said - " Manu's son Sharyaati was very knowledgeable in Ved. He told the 'second day Karm' in the Yagya of Angiraa Gotra Rishi. He had a beautiful daughter named Sukanyaa. One day Raajaa arrived at Maharshi Chyavan Rishi's Aashram with his daughter Sukanyaa. Sukanyaa was roaming around with her friends that she saw an ant-hill in which two lights were shining from its two holes. By the desire of Bhagavaan, she pricked those lights with a thorn. Lots of blood flowed from those holes.

At the same time the excretion system (stool and urine) of Sharyaati's soldiers got stopped. At this Raajaa became very surprised and asked them if anyone misbehaved with Chyavan Rishi. Sukanyaa got frightened and said - "Father, I think I have done this, because I have pricked two lights with a thorn." Hearing upon this Sharyaati got worried. He then prayed Muni, hidden in the anthill, to please him. Later he guessed the intentions of Chyavan Rishi, so he gave his daughter to him as his wife. That is how he got relieved from the anger of Rishi.

Now Sukanyaa started serving Rishi very carefully. After some time both Ashwinee Kumaar came at the Rishi's Aashram. Rishi paid due respect to them and said - "You are all powerful. You can give me youth and give me such form that is liked by young girls. I know that you are not eligible for Som Ras, still I will give you Som Ras in Yagya." Ashwinee Kumaar agreed upon this and asked him to take a dip in a pond saying that pond was created by Siddh. So Chyavan Rishi entered the pond along with Ashwinee Kumaar, and at the same time came out three men - all looking the same. Now Sukanyaa could not recognized her husband. Then she prayed Ashwinee Kumaar to reveal her husband's real identity. Ashwinee Kumaar got pleased with her and they pointed towards the real Chyavan Rishi and went to their Lok.

After some time with the desire of doing a Yagya Raajaa Sharyaati came to Chyavan Rishi. There he saw his daughter sitting with a young man. Sukanyaa greeted her father, but he did not reply, rather he said displeasingly - "You haven't done good to Chyavan Rishi. You have deceived him who is respectable for all. I am certain that you have abandoned him thinking that he is old and not worthy for you. You were born in a highly respectable family. How did you get this mean thinking?" Sukanyaa smiled and said - "Father,  He is your son-in-law, Bhrigu's son Maharshi Chyavan." Then she described the whole incident. Hearing this Raajaa Sharyaati got very surprised and blessed his daughter.

Maharshi Chyavan did Som Yagya for Sharyaati and in spite of being illegible for Som Paan, he invited them for it. Indra gets angry very soon so he could not tolerate this and he lifted his Vajra to kill Sharyaati. Maharshi Chyavan froze his hand with his own Vajra. Then all Devtaa agreed to give them Som Ras. Previously they were ineligible for Som Paan because they were only Vaidya of Devtaa.

King Sharyaati had three sons - Uttaanbarhi, Aanart and Bhoorishen. Aanart had the son named Raivat. Raivat habited a city named Kushsthalee in the sea. He lived in that city and managed Aanart etc countries from there only. He had 100 sons. The eldest was Kakudmee. Kakudmee had a daughter named Revatee. Once Kakudmee went to Brahmaa Jee with his daughter to ask for her husband. At that time the path to Brahm Lok was open. There was lots of music in Brahm Lok, so he waited there for a few moments because he could not find time to talk to Brahmaa Jee. At the end of the function, he greeted Brahmaa Jee and told his purpose to come there. Brahmaa Jee smiled and said - "Whoever you have thought for this girl, all have died now. Leave their sons, grandsons and great-grandsons, we do not hear even their Gotra. Twenty-seven Chatur-Yug period has passed. * Therefore you go back to Earth and Ansh Avataar of Bhagavaan is still on Prithvi as Baladev Jee, give your daughter to him. Kakudmee did as Brahmaa Jee said. [After he had left for Brahm Lok] His people abandoned the city and went here and there because of fear of Yaksh, so Kakudmee also went to Badaree Van to do tap after marrying his daughter to Baladev Jee."

* This shows that he lived in the first Chatur-Yug of this present 7th Manavantar.

4-Naabhaag and Ambareesh

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Manu's son Nabhag had a son named Naabhaag. When Naabhaag returned after living as Brahmachaaree for a long time, he got only his father from his elder brothers as his share of inheritance. He asked his brothers - "What do you give me as my share?" They said - "We give you father as your share." He said to his father - "Father, my elder brothers have given you to me as my share." Father said - "Don't mind them. See, These elder intelligent people from Aangiras Gotra are doing a big Yagya, but every 6th day they commit a mistake in their Karm. You go and tell them two Sookt related to Vaishwadev. When they will go to Swarg, they will give all their remaining wealth from the Yagya to you only." He did as his father said. They gave him all the remaining wealth from their Yagya to Naabhaag and went to Swarg.

When Naabhaag took the wealth, a dark complexioned man came there and said - "Whatever is remaining in this Yagya, it is mine." Naabhaag said - "Since Rishi have given this wealth to me, it is mine now." But the man said - "Ask your father regarding this that whose wealth it is."  Naabhaag went to his father to ask about this. Nabhag said - "Once, in the Yagya of Daksh Prajaapati, Rishi decided that whatever remains in the Yagya is the share of Rudra, therefore Mahaadev Jee should get this wealth." Naabhaag came back and respected that man and asked for his forgiveness, and said - "My father has said that it is your wealth. I did wrong, so I ask for your forgiveness for this." Then Bhagavaan Rudra said - "Your father has said according to Dharm, and you also told the truth to me. You already know Ved very well, now I will deliver the knowledge of Sanaatan Brahm Gyaan to you. I am giving you this remaining share too which is mine. You accept it." After saying this Rudra disappeared.

Naabhaag's son was Ambareesh. He was a very religious man. The Brahm Shaap which could never be stopped any where any time, that also could not harm him." Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, I wish to hear the story of Ambareesh." Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Ambareesh was very fortunate. Seven Dweep of Prithvi, immovable wealth etc everything he had in his control. Although he had all these things still he took it as a dream, because he knew that all this is short-lived. He was a great devotee of Krishn. Pleased with his devotion Bhagavaan appointed His Chakra to guard him. His wife was also very religious. Once he intended to do Dwaadashee-Pradhaan Ekaadashee Vrat for one year. At the end of the Vrat, in the month of Kaarttik, he kept fast for three nights. One day they took bath in Yamunaa River and worshipped Bhagavaan in Madhu Van. Although he did not need to do this because all his desires were already fulfilled, still he worshipped Him with great Bhakti. After that he fed Braahman and sent 600 million cows to their houses. The cows' horns were covered with gold plate and their feet were covered with silver plate. When it was all done then with their permission they got ready for the Paaran (conclusion) of his Vrat. At the same time Durvaasaa Rishi came there.

Raajaa Ambareesh stood up in his respect as he saw him and worshipped him. He bowed to him and requested to take food. He accepted Raajaa's request and went to the bank of the River Yamunaa to do his daily chores. Now Dwaadashee remained only for one Ghadee (24 minutes). Ambareesh consulted Braahman about this - "that not completing Vrat in Dwaadashee is also a Paap and taking food without first offering the food to Braahman is also a Paap. Therefore, please tell me the way so that I should not be blamed for any sin." So with the consultation of Braahman, he took only water because it was considered as neither to take food nor to break the fast. Now he just waited for Durvaasaa Rishi to come. He came back after taking bath in the river, Raajan welcome him but Rishi understood that Raajaa has done the Paaran of his Vrat. He got extremely angry and said - "You have not behaved well." Then he broke a flock of his hair off his skull and produced a Krityaa to kill Ambareesh. She proceeded towards Ambareesh carrying a sword. But Raajaa Ambreesh did not even move from his place. He just stood where he was. Krishn's Chakra killed the Krityaa and then it proceeded towards Durvaasaa Rishi. Durvaasaa Rishi ran away from there, but wherever he went he saw Chakra following him. He went to Brahmaa Jee for shelter.

Brahmaa Jee said - "When my two Paraardh age will be over and Kaal form Bhagavaan will absorb His Creation, and will want to burn everything, at that time this whole Universe and my own Lok too will disappear in Him. Shankar Jee, Daksh Jee, Bhrigu etc Prajaapati all are bound to His rules. We are not capable of protecting the enemy of His devotees." When Brahmaa Jee disappointed him, he went to Bhagavaan Shankar Jee on Kailaash Parvat. Mahaadev Jee said - "Durvaasaa Jee, We do not have the capability to do anything related to Him in which Parameshwar Brahmaa-like Jeev are born when their time comes and die when their time comes. All of us including Sanat Kumaar, Naarad, Brahmaa, Kapil Dev etc cannot know his Maayaa, because we are also His Maayaa. This Chakra is Vishweshwar. This is intolerable to us. You go to Him only. Only He can do any good to you."

Durvaasaa Jee was burning with the fire of Bhagavaan's Chakra. He fell onto the feet of Bhagavaan. He said - "Hey Achyut, Hey Anant, You are the life-giver to the whole world. I am your culprit. Please protect me, save me." Bhagavaan said - "Durvaasaa Jee, I am in the control of my devotees. I am not independent at all. Therefore I do not love myself, nor my wife Lakshmee Jee. Whosoever has come in my protection leaving everything - wife, son, house, teachers, wealth etc I cannot leave him or her. I tell you one thing - to whom you have done bad, go to the same person, only he can save you. Go to Naabhaag's son Ambareesh. Only he can pardon you."

5-End of Durvaasaa's Sorrow

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, When Bhagavaan said thus, he came back to Ambareesh and fell onto his feet. Seeing this Ambareesh Jee prayed to Bhagavaan's Chakra - "Hey Prabhu, Hey Sudarshan, I bow to you. You are capable of doing anything. If I have done anything good, if I have given any alms, then Durvaasaa Jee's physical pain should go away." Hearing Ambareesh's prayer, Chakra calmed down and Durvaasaa Jee got relieved, he blessed Raajaa Ambareesh in many ways and said - "Today I saw the glory of Bhagavaan's Bhakt (devotee). Whose heart is so kind, there is nothing difficult for him in the world."

"Pareekshit, Since the moment Durvaasaa Jee ran away, Ambareesh did not take any food. So he held his feet, pleased him and offered food. When Durvaasaa Jee finished his food, then he asked Ambareesh also to take the food. Durvaasaa Jee blessed Ambareesh and went to Brahm Lok where only Nish-Kaam Karm doers can go. From Durvaasaa's running away till he came back, one year had passed. Ambareesh took only water during this period. Then he handed over his kingdom to his able sons and went to forest."



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