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Chapter 1

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1-Description of Manvantar

Pareekshit Jee asked Shuk Dev Jee - "Hey Guru Dev, We heard about Manu and his daughters, Now please tell us about other Manu and Manvantar and about Avataar in different Manvantar." Shuk Dev Jee said - "In this Kalp, six Manvantar (Swaayambuv etc) have passed. Among them I have already described the first Manvantar. Devtaa etc appeared in the same Manvantar. Bhagavaan took Avataar as Kapil Muni from Swaayambhuv Manu's daughter Devahooti, and as Yagya Purush from Aakooti. You have already heard about Kapil Jee, now listen to about Yagya Purush. Manu went for Tapasyaa with his wife Shataroopaa on the bank of River Sunandaa. He did Tapasyaa for 100 years standing on one foot. Once he was reading Shruti then some hungry Raakshas and Asur thought that he was talking in sleep, so they ran to eat him. Seeing this, Yagya Purush came there with His son Yaam named Devtaa and killed them. He coronated Himself as Indra and started ruling Swarg.

Second Manu was Swaarochish. He was the son of Agni. His sons' names were - Dyumaan, Sushen, Rochishmaan etc. In that Manvantar, Indra's name was Rochan. Oorjstambh etc were Sapt Rishi. There was a Rishi named Tushitaa. Bhagavaan took Avataar in his house as Vibhu. He was lifelong Brahmchaaree and because of Him 88,000 other Rishi also followed his life style.

Third Manu was Uttam. He was the son of Priyavrat. He had sons named, Pavan, Srinjaya, Yagyahotra etc. Seven sons of Vashishth named Pramad etc were Sapt Rishi in that Manvantar. Satya, Vedshrut and Bhadra were the chief Gan of Devtaa. And Indra's name was Satyajit. At that time Bhagavaan took Avataar as the son of Soonritaa, wife of Dharm, was named as Satyasen and He killed Yaksh and Raakshas. Satyavrat named Dev Gan were also with Him. 

Fourth Manu was Taamas. He was the real brother of Third Manvantar's Manu Uttam. He had 10 sons - Prithu, Khyaati, Nar, Ketu, etc Satyak, Hari and Veer were the chief Gan of Devtaa. Indra's name was Trishikh. Jyotirdhaam etc were Sapt Rishi. There was a Rishi named Harimedhaa and his wife's name was Harinee. Bhagavaan took Avataar in their house as Hari and saved Gajendra (elephant) from Graah (big alligator)."

Pareekshit asked - "Hey Muni, Now we want to hear the story of Gaj and Graah."



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