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Chapters 12-15

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12-Rahoogan's Query and Jad-Bharat's Solution

Rahoogan said - "I greet you, You are born only to distribute knowledge. Your words are for me as the medicine is for a patient. I will clear my doubts later, first you tell me whatever you have told me just now in simple language. I am confused about your statement that "the action of lifting the weight and its result fatigue both are Maayaa and not the Truth", I do not understand this." Bharat said - "Hey Raajan, This body is the Vikaar of Prithvi. When this starts walking for some reason then only it is named as weight bearer. It has two feet and all others are its parts. On my shoulders is kept this Paalakee. In that also there is another Vikaar sitting named Sauveer King who is proud of being the King. But this kingship doesn't prove you any better, in fact you are very cruel. All are born from this Prithvi and are lost in the same Prithvi, just because they take different form and do different work that is why they are named differently. Tell me what other difference they have? Hey Rahoogan, Only Tap, Yagya, Vaidik Karm, various kinds of donations, serving guests, study of Ved cannot give one the knowledge of Paramaarth. One cannot get it without sitting with saints, because they always talk about Shree Hari, they never talk about the subjects of Indriyaan.

In the previous life I was a King named Bharat. I was always busy in worshipping Shree Hari, still at one time I got attached with a deer and lost my way of Paramaarth, that is why I had to be born as a deer, that is why now I am scared of people and wander alone."

13-Jadbharat and Rahoogan

Bharat said - "Raajan, These Jeev are like traders who are attached to wealth and trade in various countries. Maayaa has inspired them to Pravitti path that is why they come to this world forest. There are six robbers in this forest. So as the Jeev comes in this forest those robbers rob him. This forest is very dense that is why he cannot find his way and thus wanders in search of comforts. For company sake he makes his family and gradually it expands also. He alone cannot feed himself in that forest then how can he maintain his family? He has to beg the comforts from others, and when he doesn't get them he irritates. Still he keeps extending relationships with others. Thus suffering and enjoying his life his time comes to end. His own companions start dying but he keeps proceeding with new born people. Neither any man has come back from there, nor anyone has gone on the way of Paramaarth. Who have won even the Lords of directions they also talk like this "This is mine" and fight in battlefields, but they don't get Vishnupad which is attained by those only who are not jealous with anybody. Who once walks on this path never knows his own powers till the end of his life. Rahoogan, You are also walking on the same path, therefore abandon this work of punishing and be kind to everybody, try to cross this path with Gyaan."

Rahoogan said - "Oh, This human species is the best among all species. What is the use of being Devtaa or anybody else in other Lok where one cannot get the company of the people like you. My A-Gyaan is already destroyed in just a short time. I greet all Brahm Gyaanee whether he is just a beginner in that or a matured one, or a skilled one."

Shukdev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Thus he discoursed that Sindhu Desh king who insulted him, on Aatm Tattwa (spiritual knowledge). Rahoogan greeted his feet and Bharat went away." Pareekshit said - "Hey Muni, Whatever you have described, it is very difficult for me to understand, please tell me in simple language."

14-Description of the World

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Raajan, People do three types of Karm because of the three Gun - auspicious, inauspicious and mixed ones. Because of those Karm only this Jeev comes to this world, either with uniting someone, or separating someone. He experiences [the pleasures and sorrows] by six ways - by five Gyaan Indriyaan and one mind. Being under their control, he falls into this world forest and enjoys and suffers for the Karm done by his body. His six Indriyaan are like six robbers because they take him towards pleasures which are short lived. These pleasures are the reasons which take him towards making a family. This Grihasth Aashram is Karm Bhoomi (ground for doing actions) because one can never get out of doing Karm from here, because this family life is the unending store of desires [and to fulfill these desires we have to do Karm]. Because of these desires, many times he has to do what he doesn't want to do. If his previous Punya are exhausted soon then he becomes like a dead man for the rest of his life. He feels happy in the company of his family members only, but when running after pleasures he wants to steal other's wealth, it leads to sins and he falls in such Narak which has no end. Besides them, there are other obstacles also such as love, jealousy, pride, craziness, sorrows, greed, insult, diseases etc.

Kaal's cycle is Vishnu's weapon. It starts from Paramaanu and goes up to two Paraardh time. He is always on run, and with the help of this he kills from Brahmaa to the smallest being. Nobody can stop him from running. Whose weapon is this Kaal, leaving Him alone, this foolish being runs after false pleasures, thus he adopts Karm Kshetra, Grihasth Aashram, and get stuck in the world, consequently forgets his death time. He becomes happy at small pleasures and sad at small sorrows. Even if he does some Punya and frees himself from Narak and troubles then also he joins this world community. The same thing happens to those also who go to Swarg etc Lok."

[Shuk Dev Jee said - ] Hey Raajan, It is said about King Bharat, that as a fly cannot compare itself with Garud, in the same way nobody can follow Bharat's path even with mind. He had abandoned all his relatives as he grew up. Normal people cannot abandon even one of them. He did not desire even for Lakshmee. Bhakt also admire him. Whoever listens to his story he never desires anything from anybody in his life."

15-Lineage of Bharat

Raajaa Bharat's son was Sumati. He followed Rishabh Jee's path so he will be worshipped in Kali Yuga. His wife Vriddhsenaa gave birth to a son Devtaajit. 

Devtaajit and Asuree gave birth to Devadyumn
Devadyumn and Dhenumatee had Parmeshthee
Parmeshthee and Suvarchalaa had the son named Prateeh
Prateeh and Suvarchalaa had Pratihartaa, Prastotaa, and Udgataa
Pratihartaa and Stuti had Aj and Bhoomaa
Bhoomaa and Rishikulyaa had Udgeeth
Udgeeth and Devkulyaa had Prastaav
Prastaav and Niyutsaa had Vibhu
Vibhu and Rati had Prithushen
Prithushen and Aakooti had Nakt
Nakt and Druti had Gay; Gaya was very religious and spiritual
Gaya and Gayantee had Chitrarath, Sugati, Avarodhan
Chitrarath and Oornaa had Samraat
Samraat and Utkalaa had Mareechi
Mareechi and Bindumatee had Bindumaan
Bindumaan and Sarghaa had Madhu
Madhu and Sumanaa had Veervrat
Veervrat and Bhojaa had Manthu and Pramanthu
Manthu and Satyaa had Bhauvan
Bhauvan and Dooshanaa had Twashtaa
Twashtaa and Virochanaa had Viraj
Viraj and Vishoochee had Shatjit etc 100 sons and one daughter.



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