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Chapters 30-31

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30-Var to Prachetaa Gan

Vidur Jee asked - "What Siddhi did Prachetaa Gan achieve by Rudra Geet? They must have got Mukti, I am sure, but what other things they achieved in this Lok, please tell me that?" Maitreaya Jee said - "After getting Rudra Stotra from Mahaadev, Prachetaa Gan did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years standing in water. Then Shree Hari appeared before them and said - "You all love everybody else and you are doing Tapasyaa for the same purpose also. I am very pleased with you, ask for any Var. Whoever will remember you in the evening he will love his brothers as himself. You will have a very famous son who will make you famous too. O Princes, To destroy the Tap of Kandu Rishi Indra sent an Apsaraa named Pramlochaa. They had a daughter. Pramlochaa left that girl on Prithvi and went to Swarg Lok. Then trees brought her up. When she cried with hunger, the Lord of all the medicines Chandramaa put his index finger in her mouth. You may marry that girl. Since you are all alike, that girl will also love you in the same way. With my blessings you will be young for one million divine years and will enjoy all pleasures of life till then. Who do Karm with the devotion in me and who spend all their time in hearing and telling my stories, in spite of living in Grihasth, they are not bound to their Karm. And when they get me, neither they suffer from Moh, nor from sorrows, nor from happiness." Then Prachetaa Gan prayed Bhagavaan and said - "We desire only that till we live here, we can always get Satsang." "Be it so" and Shree Hari  went to His Vaikunth Lok.

Prachetaa Gan came out of the water and saw that whole Prithvi was covered with very tall trees as if they were blocking the path to Swarg. Seeing this Prachetaa Gan got very angry at trees. They started them burning with the fire blown from their mouth. Seeing them burning, Brahmaa Jee came there and calmed them down. Then the remaining trees gave that girl, Maarishaa, to Prachetaa Gan and married her to them. When Brahmaa Jee's son Daksh left his body in the Yagya because of Mahaadev's fury, he took birth from Maarishaa's womb. The same Daksh created new population in Chaakshush Manvantar. He was very good at doing Karm that is why he was named as Daksh. He was appointed the chief Prajaapati to protect the Universe and he then instructed other Prajaapati to do their own duties.

31-Naarad Discourses Prachetaa Gan

After one million Divine years have passed, Prachetaa Gan remembered Brahmaa Jee's words; so they left their wife with their son and went to the seashore in the West side and started Tapasyaa. Then one day they saw Naarad Jee. They welcomed him and said - "Hey Devarshi, Discourse us on Paramaarth, because the Adhyaatm Gyaan you told us last time, we have forgotten it during observing Grihasth Dharm. Tell us again so that we can get Moksh now."

Naarad Jee said - "In this Lok only the same birth, same Karm, same life span, same mind and same speech of a human being is meaningful by which Hari's Karm is done, His name is thought, heard, and spoken. Which does not help to attain Hari, those parents, Vidyaa, Ved prescribed Karm, long life like Devtaa's, Tap, all kinds of powers, Yog, Gyaan, Sanyaas, Ved study, all are useless. As when you water only the root of a tree and that nourishes the tree, in the same way worship of Bhagavaan is everybody's worship." Thus Naarad Jee told them many other things also and went away. Then they again continued to do Tap and later went to Paramdhaam."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Up to here you heard about the lineage of Manu's son Uttaanpaad, now you hear about the lineage of Priyavrat. In spite of receiving Aatm Gyaan from Naarad Jee, Priyavrat enjoyed his kingdom and later went to Paramdhaam after distributing his kingdom among his sons. Vidur Jee also went back to Hastinaapur to see his well wishers.




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