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Chapter 16

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16-Description of Bhagavaan's Vibhooti
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Uddhav Jee asked - "Hey Bhagavan,  You are Par-Brahm. You have no beginning, no end. You are the cause of birth of all living beings, materials, their existence, protection and Pralaya. You are in everybody, but who have not controlled their mind and Indriyaan, they cannot know you. The great Rishi worship and meditate your whatever Swaroop and Vibhooti, tell me those Swaroop and Vibhooti." Krishn Jee said - "Hey Uddhav, You are very good at questioning. When the war was going on between Kaurav and Paandav in Kurukshetra, at that time Arjun also asked me the same question. Arjun thought that killing one's own family members, and that also for kingdom, is a very dirty A-Dharm. He was thinking like an ordinary person that, "I am the killer and they are the victims". Then I convinced him in many ways, that I am the soul of all living beings. I am the controller of all of them. I am the strength of moving in moving things, and I am the Kaal among controllers. I am the equilibrium among three Gun. I am the natural Gun among all materials which have Gun. I am the Jeev in the minute things. I am the Man (heart) among those things which can be controlled with great difficulty.

I am the three Maatraa Aumkaar (a+u+m) among Mantra; Akaar (a) among Akshar (letters of alphabet); three Pad Gaayatree among Chhand (structure of poetry); I am the Indra among all Devtaa, I am Agni among eight Vasu; I am Vishnu among 12 Aaditya; I am Neel Lohit Rudra among 11 Rudra; I am Bhrigu among Brahmarshi; I am Manu among Raajarshi; I am Naarad among Devarshi; I am Kaamdhenu among cows, I am Kapil among Siddheshwar; I am Garud among birds; I am Daksh among Prajaapati; and I am Aryamaa among Pitar.

I am Prahlaad among Daitya, I am Chandramaa among planets; I am Som Ras among medicines; I am Kuber among Yaksh-Raakshas; I am Airaavat among elephants, I am Varun among water creatures; I am Soorya among heated and shining things; and I am king among human beings. I am Uchchshraivaa horse (Bali's horse) among horses; I am gold among metals; I am Yam Raaj among justice doers; I am Vaasuki Naag among Sarp; I am Shesh Naag among Naag (see  Sarp and Naag); I am lion among animals with horn and molars; I am Sanyaas among Aashram; and I am Braahman among the four Varn. I am Gangaa among Teerth (holy places) and rivers; I am sea among water bodies; I am bow among weapons; and I am Tripuraaree Shankar among archers.

I am Sumeru Parvat among uninhabited places; I am Himaalaya among difficult to reach places; I am Peepal tree among trees and creepers; I am barley among grains; I am Vashishth among Purohit; I am Brihaspati among knowers of Ved; I am Kaartik among army chiefs; and I am Brahmaa among guides to right path. I am Brahm Yagya (Swaadhyaay Yagya, or self-study) among Panch Mahaa Yagya; I am Ahinsaa (non-violence) Vrat among Vrat and ever-clean Vaayu, Agni, Soorya, Jal, Vaanee among purifiers; I am Mano Nirodh Samaadhi (Samaadhi in which the mind is controlled) among 8 types of Yog; I am Mantra Bal (Neeti power) in the people who desire for victory. 

I am Manu's wife Shataroopaa among women; I am Manu among men; I am Naaraayan among Muneeshwar; I am Sanat Kumaar among Brahmchaaree; I am Karm Sanyaas in Dharm; I am sweet speech and Maun (being quiet) among the means of hiding meaning; and I am Prajaapati among man-woman couples (the first man-woman couple was born from two parts of Prajaapati's body); I am Samvatsar Kaal among very careful watchmen; I am Vasant (spring) among seasons; I am Maargsheersh Maas (Agahan month) among months; and Abhijit Nakshatra among constellations. I am Sat Yug among four Yug; I am Maharshi Deval and Asit among logical people or learned people (Vivekee, or Gyaanee); I am Shree Krishn Dwaipaayan Vyaas among Vyaas; and Shukraachaarya Jee among poets.

I am Vaasudev among knowers of Creation and Pralaya of this world, birth and death of beings and Vidyaa and A-Vidyaa; I am Uddhav among my Bhakt; I am Hanumaan among Kimpurush; I am Sudarshan (who bit Nand Jee in the form of python) among Vidyaadhar; I am ruby (Laal, or Padmraag, or Maanik) among gems; I am lotus bud among beautiful things; I am Kush among straws; I am cow Ghee (clarified butter) among Havishya (materials to put in Havan); I am Lakshmee among those who live in traders; I am gambling in cheaters; I am tolerance power of tolerant people and I am Sat Gun in Saatwik people. I am Nish-Kaam Karm in devotees, I am Vaasudev in nine idols worshipped by Vaishnav; I am Vishwaavasu among Gandharv; I am Poorvchitti (Apsaraa in Brahmaa Jee's court) among Apsaraa; I am stability in mountains and I am clean pure smell in Prithvi.

I am Ras (taste) in Jal (water); I am shine (Prabhaa) in Soorya, Chandra and stars; I am Shabd (sound) in Aakaash's single Gun; I am Raajaa Bali among Braahman Bhakt; I am Arjun among brave people; and I am birth, existence and Pralaya in living beings. I am the strength in legs to move around; I am speaking power in speech; I am holding power in hands; and I am pleasure experiencing power in genitals. I am touching power in skin; I am seeing power in eyes; I am tasting power in tongue; I am hearing power in ears and I am smelling power in nose. I am Indriya power in all Indriyaan. I am everything from Prithvi, Vaayu, Aakaash, Jal, Tej, Ahankaar, to Sat, Raj, Tam. I am the Eeshwar and I am the Jeev. I am everything. There is nothing besides Me. If I start counting then I can count Paramaanu, but I cannot count my Vibhooti. Because when billions of Brahmaand created by Me cannot be counted, then how can My Vibhooti can be counted.

Hey Uddhav Jee, According to your question, I described my Vibhooti in brief. All these are not Paramaarth (real) things, they are only ideas of mind. And whatever is thought by mind, and spoken by word is never real. It can only be imagined. That is why you stop your free speech. Don't make any vow (Sankalp) and don't think about the alternatives (Vikalp). And for this you control your Praan and Indriyaan. Pacify your mind through Saatwik Buddhi (mind). Then you will not have to face birth and death. Whoever Saadhak don't control their speech and mind, their Vrat, Tap and alms all are destroyed as water is destroyed in a mud pitcher (a pot which is not oven-heated). In fact my devotee should control his speech, mind and Praan, if he does this he doesn't have to do anything else."



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