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Chapter 18-19

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18-Raajaa Pareekshit and Shringee Rishi

Soot Jee further said - "By the grace of Shree Krishn, Pareekshit did not die in womb because of Ashwatthaamaa's Brahm Astra. When Takshak came to bite him, he did not get afraid of dying because he was a great devotee of Shree Krishn. Who tell and hear Shree Krishn's Kathaa they are not deluded even in their last moments. Although as Shree Krishn left this Prithvi, Kali Yug came to stay here, still till Pareekshit ruled, Kali Yug did not have much effect on people. Pareekshit did not have any kind of jealousy with him, because this is one quality of Kali Yug that in this Yug you get the results of your Punya as soon as you intend to do anything good, while you get the result of your Paap Karm only after doing it, not just by intentions." Shaunak Jee said - "You are blessed who has centered your life around Krishn. You tell us the same story which gave Moksh to Pareekshit. Whatever Shuk Dev Jee told to Pareekshit, it must have been said in full detail, he would have not hidden anything. So we want to hear the same."

Soot Jee said - "My life is indeed blessed and meaningful in spite of being born in Vilom caste, because even sitting with high caste people is a respectable thing for a lower caste person. There is no end of Bhagavaan's attributes, His power, His glory. That is why He is called Anant. This is enough to explain about His qualities that Lakshmee Jee serves only Him leaving other Devtaa in spite of being loved by them. The water Brahmaa Jee used to wash Bhagavaan's feet [at the time of measuring Tri-Lok], the same water came out from the nails of His feet in the form of Gangaa River. This water makes everything holy from Mahaadev Jee to the whole world. In this situation what can be another word for Bhagavaan except Krishn? Now I describe whatever you have asked me according to my capacity. As all birds fly according their capacities in the same way all learned people describe Krishn's Leelaa according to their own capacity.

One day Pareekshit went to forest for hunting. After some time he got tired, hungry and thirsty. He could not find any pond nearby but he saw an Aashram of a Muni so he entered the Aashram of that Muni. Muni was sitting on an Aasan quietly. He was in Yog Mudraa and in such condition he could not know that Raajaa was there. Raajaa asked him water in this situation. But nobody answered, nobody welcomed him, so Raajaa felt insulted. Since he was very hungry and thirsty, he got very angry. While returning, he picked a dead snake from his bow and hanged it in the neck of the Muni and came back to his palace. He was thinking whether the Muni had really controlled his Indriyaan or he was just ignoring me?

That Muni was Shameek Rishi. His son Shringee was also very powerful. He was playing nearby. When he heard that the Raajaa has misbehaved with his father, he said - "These kings have started behaving badly with people, today I will punish them, see the power of my Tap today." He did Aachaman from the water of Kaushikee River and said - "Pareekshit has insulted my father that is why Takshak Naag will bite him on the seventh day from today." He came to the Aashram and saw that dead snake hung in his father's neck. He got sad and started crying. Muni opened his eyes slowly hearing his cry and asked - "Dear son, why are you crying? Who has misbehaved with you?" His son told everything. Shameek Rishi did not appreciate his son's reaction, he rather said - "O foolish boy, You have committed a great sin. It is very sad that you have punished him so severely for such a small mistake. You are very immature. You should not have treated a Raajaa like an ordinary man. Without Raajaa there will be lot of unrest in the society. Emperor Pareekshit is a very good Raajaa. He came here to have some food and drink only. Hey Bhagavaan, This immature child has insulted our innocent servant Raajaa, pardon this child. Devotees of Bhagavaan do have the power to take revenge, but they never take any kind of revenge from anybody for any kind of crime or sin." 

Shameek Rishi got very sad at this. He did not pay any attention on the insult Pareekshit did to him."

19-Pareekshit and Shuk Dev Jee

Soot Jee said - "When Pareekshit came back to his palace, he got very sad for his action and repented for it. He thought that he had done a great crime to that innocent Muni, and now he would surely have to face the consequences of this action, and it was justified too, because in this way he would not dare to behave in this way to any Rishi in future. He was thinking in this way, that he came to know that Muni's son has given him Shaap of Takshak bite on the seventh day from that day. He became very happy thinking that for long time he was indulged in worldly pleasures, at least now he will get the reason for Vairaagya (detachment). He sat on the bank of Gangaa River vowing not to take any food or drink till death.

Hearing this, many Muni came there - Atri, Vashishth, Chyavan, Sharadwaan, Arishtnemi, Bhrigu, Angiraa, Paraashar, Vishwaamitra, Parashuraam, Medhaatithi, Gautam, Naarad Jee, Vyaas Jee etc. Raajaa welcomed all of them and said politely - "Today I am blessed because I have got the Darshan of all Rishi together. Be pleased with me, and be kind on me. Whether Takshak bites me or some other snake bites me, it doesn't matter. You tell me the stories of Bhagavaan's life. I pray for this only that according to my Karm I will take birth in whatever Yoni (species) I should have love and devotion in Shree Krishn, please bless me for this." He then sat down on a Kush Aasan facing Northwards on the Southern shore of Gangaa River. Devtaa started showering flowers from sky. Rishi said - "Hey Raajan, We will be here until you go to Heaven." Raajaa Pareekshit expressed his desire to listen to Bhagavaan's Leelaa and asked - "Then kindly tell me that at this time that what Karm one should always do and especially what those people should do who are going to die in such a short time, with their heart and body?"

At that time Shuk Dev Jee also came there wandering on Prithvi. He had no visible signs of Varn and Aashram and he was surrounded by women and children. He was only 16 years old. His all body parts were very tender soft and childlike and he was very handsome. He was of dark complexion. All Muni and Rishi welcomed him. Pareekshit also got up and worshipped him. Seeing his grand welcome by so many Rishi women and children went back. Then he was offered the highest Aasan (seat). After he was seated comfortably Raajaa Pareekshit came and asked him politely - "I am blessed today that I became the right person to have this company of saints. You are the teacher of Yogee and are very pious. Certainly Krishn is pleased with me that is why He has sent you here for mortal people like us. Kindly tell us that what a person, who is about to die, should do in his last moments. Besides what all human beings should do otherwise, like to whom they meditate, whose praise they should sing and to who they should leave. Your Darshan is very difficult. You don't stay at one place even for the time in which a cow is milked."

Hearing this Shuk Dev Jee spoke.




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