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Chapters 14-17

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14-Arjun Comes Back From Dwaarakaa

Soot Jee further said - "Arjun had gone to Dwaarakaa to know about what Shree Krishn wanted to do next, after meeting His people, but several months had passed, Arjun didn't come back. Bad omens were occurring here and there in Hastinaapur. Seeing this, Yudhishthir said to Bheem - "We sent Arjun to Dwaarakaa to know about Krishn's activities but now seven months have passed and he has not come back yet. It seems something bad is going to happen." In the meantime Arjun came back with a very sad face. Yudhishthir had never seen him like this before. He remembered Naarad Jee's words so he asked Arjun - "Is everybody in Dwaarakaa all right?"

15-Paandav Go to Swarg

Soot Jee said - "Arjun was already very sad, and seeing his sad face, Yudhishthir asked him several questions at once. Arjun said - "Bhaiyaa, Krishn has robbed me assuming the form of my cousin and friend. I am like a dead body now without Him. Because of Him I won Draupadee and killed many kings; because of Him only I offered Khaandav forest to Agni Dev and got this beautiful royal court built by Maya Daanav; Bheem also killed Jaraasandh because of Him; only He made those women whose husbands insulted Draupadee's hair, widow and they had to loose their their themselves. Whatever we did, we did only because of His power of only. He helped us our whole life. But now since He has gone I could not do anything. When I was bringing His wives from Dwaarakaa, a group of wicked Gop defeated me and I faced them like a helpless woman. I had the same Gaandeev bow and the same arrows [which I had in MBH war] but all became useless without Shree Krishn. Whichever Dwaarakaa people you are asking about, they were also deluded because of Braahman's Shaap. They fought among themselves after drinking liquor and all have died fighting among themselves. Among them only 4-5 people are left. This is all Bhagavaan's game that people take care of each other and kill also each other. Whatever Krishn taught me that all gave me peace. When I remember Him I feel so obliged to Him." Hearing this Yudhishthir also got sad and decided to go to Swarg. He left every comfort and pleasure.

The day Krishn left for His Paramdhaam, Kali Yug came in this world. Yudhishthir noticed it and decided to leave the world. So first Yudhishthir handed over his kingdom to Pareekshit and crowned Aniruddh's son Vajra in Mathuraa. Then he did Praajaapatya Yagya and got ready for Sanyaas. He took off all his clothes and jewelry, stopped taking any food or drink, untied his hair and left the palace without waiting for anybody like a dumb person. He went towards North. His younger brothers also followed him. Vidur Jee also left his body in Prabhaas Kshetra. At that time he went to Yam Lok with Pitar who themselves came to take him. Draupadee also left her body meditating on Shree Krishn.

16-Raajaa Pareekshit and Kali Yug

Soot Jee said - "Hey Shaunak Jee, After Paandav had left this world, Pareekshit started his reign. He married Uttar's (his Maamaa - Uttaraa's brother) daughter Iraavatee and they had four sons - Janamejaya etc. He did three Ashwamedh Yagya in which he gave Pushkal Dakshinaa to Braahman under the guidance of Kripaachaarya. Devtaa themselves came to his Yagya to accept their shares. Once he saw Kali Yug in the form of a Shoodra but in the apparel of a Raajaa - he was kicking a couple of a cow and a bull, so he punished Kali Yug for this indecent behavior.

Shaunak Jee asked - "At the time of world victory tour, why Pareekshit left Kali Yug only after punishing him, why didn't he kill him? Because even he was in the guise of a King, he was still a sordid Shoodra who kicked cow with his foot. If this event is related to Krishn Kathaa then surely tell about it."

Soot Jee said - "When Raajaa Pareekshit was reigning as an emperor in Kurujaangal Pradesh, he heard that Kali Yug has entered his kingdom. He became sad hearing this but not very sad, because he found this as an opportunity to fight with him. He took his bow and arrow and came out to search Kali Yug. His army was with him. He won Bhadraashwa, Ketumaal, Bharat, Uttar Kuru and Kimpurush Varsh. He heard his ancestors' praise and the account of Shree Krishn as how He had saved him from Brahm Astra, how He became his grandfather's Saarathee (charioteer) etc.

One day a strange incident occurred near his camp. Dharm was roaming in a bull's form with one leg, that he met Prithvi in the form of a cow. She was crying. Dharm asked her - "Hey well wisher of all, Are you all right? You look very sad. I hope you are not worried about me that I have only one leg, my three legs are broken. Tell me what is the reason of your being so sad." Prithvi said - "O Dharm, You know the answer of this question very well. Because of Bhagavaan, with whose kindness you could stand with your four legs, has gone to His Paramdhaam and Kali Yug has come and because of that I am so sad about all of us - Devtaa, Pitar, hermits, human beings, you and me, Shyaam Sundar who came to destroy all the bad people has also gone. So I am sad." Both were talking like this that Raajaa Pareekshit came there."

17-Pareekshit Controls Kali Yug

Soot Jee further said - "Raajaa Pareekshit saw a Shoodra in the apparel of a King beating a couple of a cow and a bull as if they didn't have any master. That bull was trembling standing on one leg and the cow was crying. Raajaa Pareekshit asked the Shoodra - " Who are you? Why are you beating these weak animals in my kingdom? You are so powerful still you behave like this? You look like a King but you are acting like a Shoodra." Then he asked Dharm - "You are standing on one leg only, this makes me sad. Tell me who are you and this mother cow!  You don't cry, O Mother. I have come now to punish him whosoever has made you so sad. Hey bull!  Who has cut your three legs?"

Dharm said - "Hey Raajan, You are the descendent of Raajaa Paandu. Whatever you are saying is worthy for you to say. We do not know that man who is responsible for our sadness. Some, who do not believe in Dwait Vaad, say that the reason of sadness is the person himself, some say it is Destiny, and some say it is Karm. Some say it is one's nature and some say it is Eeshwar. Some say the cause of sadness can neither known through logic nor it can be told by mouth. Now whichever opinion among these is right, you decide yourself." Pareekshit was very happy hearing this. He became calm and said - "You are telling me Dharm, so you must be Dharm himself, I believe, in the form of a bull. You have not told the name of the person who has been the cause of your sadness, because whatever Narak is prescribed for the person doing A-Dharm, the same one is prescribed for the complaining person too. In Sat Yug you had four legs - Tap (penance), Holiness, Kindness and Satya (Truth). Now only one leg Satya is left. And this Kali Yug wants to break your remaining leg also. And this mother cow is Prithvi. She is sad because Shree Krishn has left her."

Thus Pareekshit consoled Dharm and Prithvi. After saying this he took out his sword and was about to kill Kali Yug, that Kali Yug fell onto his feet. Pareekshit was very kind. When he saw this, he did not kill him and said - "When you have come in my shelter you need not to be afraid of anybody, but since you are the follower of A-Dharm you should not live in my kingdom. When you live in the bodies of kings, A-Dharm, greed, lie, poverty, pride etc will always be on increase. Therefore you will not live here in Brahmaavart even for a moment, because this place is for Dharm and Truth." Kali Yug said - "Wherever I want to live I see that you are standing there with your bow and arrow. That is why you tell me the place where I can live." Then Raajaa Pareekshit told him four places to live - wherever Jooaa (gambling) is played, Madyapaan (where people drink liquor), Stree-sang (where man and woman are together), and Hinsaa (violence) where people are troubling on another; because at these places reside four types of A-Dharm - lie, pride, attachment and cruelty. Kali Yug was not satisfied with these places, so he requested to tell him some other place also. Then Pareekshit told him one more place to live - gold. So Kali Yug started living in these five places.

After this Pareekshit gave back the three legs to bull - Tap, Holiness and Kindness; and calmed down Prithvi. The same Pareekshit is now ruling Prithvi."



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