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Greatness of Bhaagvat Puraan-5

6-Method of 7-day Yagya

Sanakaadi Muni said - "Hey Naarad Jee, now we tell you the method of Saptaah Yagya. This method need people's cooperation and some wealth. -

(1) Find the auspicious Muhoort and arrange so much money as it is arranged for a marriage ceremony. Bhaadrapad, Aashwin, Kaarttik, Maargsheersh, Aashaadh and Shraavan - are good months for Kathaa. When the Kathaa is listened in the months, it gives Moksh to people. During these months also, Bhdraa and Vyateepaat like Yog should not be selected. Select some enthusiastic people as your assistants.

(2) Inform as many people about the Kathaa - "Here will be Bhaagvat Kathaa for 7 days, please come to listen to it. if you cannot come for 7 days, at least come for one day. Whoever people come to listen to the Kathaa, one should make the proper arrangements for them.

Kathaa may be told in any Teerth, or in a forest, or in one's own house. There should be enough room for the audience to sit. The land should have been cleaned, or the place should be cleared and adorned with many decorated things. Build a Mandap (canopy) and imagine 7 Lok over it. behind it a Peeth should be placed for the story teller. If te story teller sits North-faced then the audience should sit East-faced. And if the story teller sits East-faced, then the audience should sit North-faced. Otherwise both may sit East-faced. The story teller should be that person who is Vishnu Bhakt and who can explain deep subjects by examples.

The story listener should shave and nave his hair cut one day before the Kathaa starts. He should do his daily chores in the morning itself and worship Ganesh Jee not to get disturbed during the Kathaa. First day he should draw a Mandal and establish Hari on it. Worship Him and pray Him saying that - "I am your dear servant, I have come in your refuge, so fulfill my wish without any obstacle." Then he should worship the story teller, adorn him with clothes and ornaments and pray him - "You are like Shuk Dev Jee, kindly remove my ignorance by explaining the Kathaa." He should happily accept the rules to hear the Kathaa and follow them sincerely through the week till the kathaa ends. Lest the Kathaa is disturbed, he should select 5 Braahman more to recite "Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya" Mantra continuously till the Kathaa is told. Then he should greet everybody and sit on his Aasan to listen to the Kathaa.

The story teller should start Kathaa from sunrise and tell it till 3 and 1/2 Prahar (about 10 hours) in a medium voice. He should stop Kathaa in the afternoon for 2 Ghadee (50-60 minutes). One should take only very little food to keep control on his stomach, that is why the Listener should take only Havishyaanna once a day. If he is strength, he can stay without food the while day, otherwise he can take milk in the day time. There is no fast rule for listening to the Kathaa, who can tolerate whatever easily he should live in that way and listen to the Kathaa. If he cannot observe fast, it is better that he should take food in his normal way.

Hey Naarad Jee, Now listen to the rules to follow during this week long Kathaa. Who is not the devotee of Vishnu, he does not deserve to listen to the Kathaa. He should live with Brahmcharya, sleep on floor, and eat his food on leaves after the Kathaa is over. One should not eat Daal, honey, oil, heavy food and Baasee (kept overnight) food. he should keep his life regulated - without anger, attachment, greed, pride, jealousy etc. He should never talk to bad people and ill of others during this time. If anybody is poor, is the patient of Tuberculosis, is the patient of any other disease, is ill-fated, sinner, is without son and Mumukshu, he can listen to this Kathaa. Whose menses is stopped, who has only one child and is stopped further, who is barren or her child dies after its birth, or who has abortions, such women must listen to this Kathaa attentively. If all these kinds of people listen to this Kathaa methodically, they will surely be benefited. This Divine Kathaa gives the fruits of millions of Yagya.

After this one should do Udyaapan. Who have any desire they should do its Udyaapan like Janmaashtamee Vrat; but who have listened to this Kathaa just for Bhakti, there is no need for them to do any kind of Udyaapan. They are holy just ny listening to it as they are the selfless devotee of Bhagvaan.

After this the listener should worship the book and story teller and distribute the Prasaad, Tulasee garlands. All should do Keertan. If the listener is detached, then recite Geetaa next day or if he is Grihasth, then do Havan. He should offer Aahuti of Kheer, honey, Ghee, sesame seeds, and Anna etc reciting all Shlok of Bhaagvat's 10th Shlok. OR recite Gayatri Mantra. If one cannot do Havan, he may donate Havan materials to Braahman, OR recite Vishnu Sahastra Naam, Vishnu Sahastra Naam brings success to all unsuccessful aims, because there is nothing greater than this. Then feed 12 Braahman with Kheer and best food and donate a cow and gold. If one has the capacity, he should donate a gold throne of 20-30 gram gold along with a book of Bhaagvat Puraan. By doing this the listener becomes free from birth and death cycle. This week long method of recitation of Bhaagvat destroys all kinds of sins, there is no doubt about it.

Sanakaadi Muni said - "We have told you the method of week long listening to Bhaagvat Kathaa." Then they prayed Bhagvaan Purushottam. Gyaan and Vairaagya became nourished. They stood on their feet. Naarad Jee also got very happy seeing his aim fulfilled. He prayed Sanakaadi Muni.

Last Words on Bhaagvat

Soot Jee says - "Hey Shaunak Jee, When Naarad Jee was telling all this, that Shuk Dev Jee arrived there. He came after the Kathaa had finished. He was like a 16-year old boy and was reciting Bhaagvat in a low voice. Naarad Jee offered him a high Aasan and worshipped him. After sitting comfortably, Shuk Dev Jee said - "This Bhaagvat is the sweet matured fruit of Ved Kalp Vriksh. It contains only juice, there is neither any skin in it, nor any stone (Guthalee). The greatest advantage of this is that it is easily available in this Lok only. Till you have life, you should listen to it repeatedly. It is written by Ved Vyaas Jee. It describes desireless Dharm. It pacifies all the three Taap (sorrows) - Adhyaatmik, Aadhi-Daivik and Aadhi-Bhautik. Who comes in its refuge, he need not read to any other Shaastra. It is above all Puraan and the treasure of Vaishnav. It describes pure Gyaan. Who recites it with Bhakti, he gets Mukt."

Soot Jee said - "When Shuk Dev Jee was saying like this, that there appeared Hari along with Prahlaad, Bali, Uddhav, Arjun etc and His Paarshad. Naarad Jee worshipped Hari and His devotees and offered Him a beautiful throne. All started doing Keertan for Him. To listen to that Keertan, Mahaadev and Brahmaa Jee also came there along with Paarvate Jee. Prahlaad Jee was a bit fast so he took control of Kharataal, Uddhav Jee picked Jhaanjhar, Naaarad Jee started playing his Veenaa, and because of being good at singing Arjun started singing. Indra started playing Mridang and Sanakaadi Muni started speaking "Jaya Ho, Jaya Ho" in between. Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya started dancing.

Seeing this scene Hari got very pleased and said - "I am very pleased with your Bhakti, ask anything from me." All asked - "Hey Bhagavan, We have this wish that wherever this Kathaa is recited, you also come there with your Paarshad." Hari aid - "So be it." and got disappeared from there. After this all went to their places. Shuk Dev Jee established Bhakti, Gyaan and Vairaagya in Bhaagvat, that is why when one reads Bhaagvat Kathaa, Shree Hari comes and sits in the reader's heart."

Who Told It When?

Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Soot Jee, Tell us when Shuk Dev Jee told this Kathaa to Raajaa Pareekshit, Gokarn told this Kathaa to Dhundhukaaree, and Sanakaadi told this Kathaa to Naarad Jee?" Soot Jee said - "After Krishn left for His Dhaam, some 30 years of kali Yug had passed. Shuk Dev Jee started this Kathaa for Pareekshit on the Shukla Navamee of Bhaadrapad Maas. Then after passing 200 years of Kali Yug, Gokarn Jee told this Kathaa to Dhudhukaaree on Shukla Navamee of Aashaad Maas. After this 30 years more passed of this kali Yug. Then Sanakaadi Muni told this Kathaa to Naarad Jee on Shukla Navamee of Kaarttik  Maas. ey Shaunak Jee, Bhaagvat Kathaa is the sure shot for all kinds of worldly diseases. Hey Rishi, You listen to this Kathaa with joy.

Even Yam Raaj stays at a distance from Vaishnav. Once seeing the Paash in his Doot's hand, Yam Raaj said to his Doot - "Look, Wherever Bhagvaan's Kathaa is going on, you be away from that place. I have the power to punish others." So Hey Shaunak Jee, Who listens to this Shaastra, there is nothing difficult for him in this world."



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