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Pitri Paksh-2

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Pitri Paksh-2
Aashwin's whole Krishn Paksh

What One Should do in Pitri Paksh
(1) Performing Shraaddh during this Paksh is a must. For those who are not in the habit of performing Pratyaabdik Shraaddh they should perform at least simple Shraaddh during Pitri Paksh. If not feasible to perform with Hom and feeding of Braahman according to Parv Vidhaan, should be performed at least as Hiranya Shraaddh.

(2) Through out the Pitri Paksh, one must perform daily Tarpan, failing which one renders himself liable for Pitri Shaap.

(3) If Shraadh is performed on either one of Mahaabharanee, Madhyaashtamee and Vyateepaat it is meritorious. One gets the benefit of performing Shraaddh at Gayaa. Performing Shraaddh on Chaturdashee, is believed to be beneficial for only those who had met with unnatural death.

(4) Only during Pitri Paksh, Tarpan is performed for Kaarunya Pitri. Now, who are called as Kaarunya Pitri? Father's elder and younger brother, one's own elder brother and younger brother, father's sisters, maternal uncles, mother's elder and younger sisters, their sons, one's deceased wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law, father's sister's husband, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, Guru, teacher, master and friend are all eligible for Tarpan.

(5) If one performs Shraaddh during the Pitri Paksh as a Hiranya Shraaddh in one year, there is no bar for him to perform full-fledged Shraaddh (Paarvan Vidhaan) during any Pitri Paksh of subsequent years.

(6) Shraaddh should be performed with Shraddhaa. When the Pitri are pleased they bless the Kartaa with progeny, wealth, Vansh Vriddhi, good health, knowledge, liberation etc. Those who do not perform Pitri Paksh Shraaddh will get adverse effects. Curse (Shaap) is a weapon in the hands of the Pitri. One should strive for blessings from Pitri and should not render themselves eligible for their curse.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/05
Updated on 09/29/13