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Last lesson
From  Taittireeya Upanishad

That was the last day of their living in Guru Kul. Aachaarya addressed his students for his last lecture. He and his wife had decorated the seats of their students with flowers, he offered them milk, butter and honey. Students recited special verses from Ved, took bath in the sea, and came back to attend their Samaavartan (graduation) ceremony. He started speaking --

Speak the truth
Do your Dharm, your natural duty
meditate everyday
Read the Ved everyday
After offering to your teacher, do not loosen the tie of affection

Radiate Truth
Follow Dharm, natural law
Think of the welfare of the others
Enjoy the prosperity
Alwys continue your studies
And be filled with devotion to God.

Honor your mother as God
Honor your father as God,
Honor your teacher as God
Honor your guest as your God.

Be pure in thought and action
Do actions you know are good
Be kind to those who are older
Give to other with faith, generously. modestly and with sympathy

If you doubt an action, do as the enlightened have done
Judge your action by those of virtuous people
If someone has spoken against you, behave with kindness and love.

Live your life in bliss
When you are full of bliss
You will know what is right to do
You will know your Dharm

This is the teaching
this is the knowledge
This is the secret of the Ved
This is the instruction

After this the students touched the feet of their teacher, offered him the gifts of woolen shawls, sweets and flower garlands



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