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Mundak Upanishad - Comments - 2-2-3

Shlok 3
Taking the bow of Upanishadik wisdom, the seeker should fix the arrow of his mind (sharpened with meditation) at its target. Draw the string with full absorption in Him and shoot at the target. O my friend, remember that immutable eternal Truth alone is the target.

The Upanishad praise the glory of the syllable Aum and prescribe meditating on the sound to lead the student to the fourth state. Practically all the Upanishad describe Om as the highest syllable used in concentration. Who knows this highest syllable in profundity knows Brahm. (Read The Meaning of Om here in Kaarttikeya's story). Upanishad prescribe a definite and positive method of meditation for advanced students.

Without studying Mandukya Upanishad, a student should not make an effort to use either the syllable AUM alone or its sound and meaning to focus his mind. AUM is composed of three letters which represents the three states of consciousness, normally experienced by Jeevaatmaa - waking, dreaming and sleeping. It also includes the fourth state Tureeya - the subconscious state which is silent and is pure Aatmaa.

The beginners who are not well-versed in the scriptures, should learn to meditate and prepare themselves to understand the glory and meaning of the syllable OM. Who have crossed the lower stages of meditation only they can meditate on OM. They have left using all concrete objects for their meditation and have gone beyond the images and thought patterns created by mind. They meditate on the sound OM only.

Like great poets, the seeker also gets knowledge not through the mind, but through visions. Since these visions are not produced by human mind, that is why distractions and distortions of mind cannot affect them. The seeker should learn to sit in an erect position, keeping the head, neck and spinal bone in one line. He should gently close the mouth and seal the teeth so that the tongue doesn't move. Then with concentration he should try to listen to the sound OM.

There are very few Mantra that can be classified as a foundation for meditation. Using other Mantra in the breath can be fatal if they are not practiced properly and accurately by the seeker. One who knows both physical and Yog anatomy will understand that the constant creation of jerks in the breath makes the movement of the lungs and the pumping process of heart irregular, which, in turn will cause other irregularities in the supply of blood to the brain. Therefore, the process of imparting Mantra is a great science and only a few teachers and Yogee understand the consequences of their use.

However, when the seeker has completed the preliminaries, such as the withdrawal of the senses, he learns how to prepare to mighty bow made by wisdom of the Upanishad. When the arrow has been sharpened through meditation and fixed on the target by absorption, then only he can send the arrow at its aim - The Brahm.



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