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Brihadaaranyak - 5-1

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Brihadaaranyak Upanishad - 5-1
Yaagyavalkya and Maitreyee-1 Part 2, Ch 4; and Yaagyavalkya and Maitreyee-2, Part 4, Ch 5 - both are the same. Why?

1. Om. Infinite is That Brahm, infinite in this manifested universe. From the Infinite Brahm proceeds the infinite. After the realization of the Great Identity or after the cosmic dissolution, when the infinity of the infinite universe merges in the Infinite Brahm, there remains the Infinite Brahm alone. Om is the Aakaash Brahm - the primeval Aakaash. It is the Aakaash containing air, says the son of Kauravayarn. It (Om) is the Ved - thus the knowers of Brahm know; for through it one knows what is to he known.

Once the Angels, the Humans and the Asur - the three children of Brahmaa lived with him as his students. After they completed their studies, Prajaapati gave them the last lesson, so he told the Angels the syllable "Da" (pronounced as in Divya) and asked - "Did you understand?" The Angels answered "Yes, Sir, we did. You told us "Daamyat" , means exercise self-control (Dam)."
Prajaapati said, "Yes, You have understood it."

Then he talked to Humans, and he told the same syllable "Da" to them too and asked - "Did you understand?"
The Humans replied, "Yes, Sir. We have understood. You told us "Datt", means "be charitable" (Daan).
"Yes," said Prajaapati, "You have understood."

Then he talked to Asur. He told the same syllable "Da" to them too and asked them - "Did you understand?"
They replied - "Yes, Sir. We did understand. You told us "Dayadhwam", means "Be kind (compassionate)" (Dayaa)."
"Yes, You have understood."

The Divine voice of thunder repeats "Da, Da, Da" and asks us everyone to exercise self-control (Dam), to do charity (Daan), and to be kind (Dayaa).



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