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Tulaa means "scale" or weighing machine or balance on which something can be weighed. This Tulaa sign is the sign for an astrological Raashi (Zodiac Sign) Tulaa (Libra) also. Interestingly enough our scriptures have a few references of Tulaa. Here I give these references --

1. Tulaa Raashi
The first example is from Jyotish (asytology) - Tulaa Raashi or Libra Sign. There are 12 Raashi in the Raashi Chakra or Zodiac circle, starting from Mesh (Aries) and ending in Meen (Pisces) Raashi. Tulaa Raashi is the 7th Raashi. This Raashi is owned by Shukra (Venus), the magnanimous Asur Guru Shukraachaarya. Venus is for high and intellectual learning, all round happiness and enjoyment and very good relations including marital relations. The Tulaa indicates every thing requires a limit or balance on either extreme. There is the saying "Adhik mayal Amritam Visham. (even if it is nectar, if exceeded a certain limit, become poison).

Venus himself is an example of it. He used to love his daughter Devayaanee very much, and had to go to extreme ends to fulfill her desires. He is more magnanimous Guru comparing to Jupiter in my opinion. Those born with Libra ascendant are found keeping an upper and lower limit in all their enthusiasms and magnanimous. This could be very clearly seen if ascendant is between 12-18 degrees in Libra. Those born in stars, Swaati and Vishaakhaa are also found to have the qualities mentioned above in general.

2. Tulaa Bhaar
What is Tulaa Bhaar? It is mentioned in the context of Daan (alms and donations). In this process a person is weighed with certain things in front of the deity and then that thing with he has been weighed is given in donation. This "thing" could be anything - jaggery, plantain, coins, silver, coconut, paddy, raw rice, even water or any thing for whichever one has prayed, or often suggested by the astrologer. Deity accepts any thing vouched for. Normally Tulaa Bhaar is done with jagerry, wheat, rice, sugar etc things. In this process the thing with which the person is weighed should be should be well more than his weight. Many times it is done to remove the bad effects of planets too.

Temple Tulaa Bhaar Procedure
Tulaa Bhaar is formally done in a temple and there is a special procedure for it. Guruvayoor temple will have many Tulaa Bhaar on a day. Tulaa Bhaar is offered for getting cured of a disease, a successful operation, getting a good job, passing in examination, or simply as an offering for well being. Depending up on the temple arrangements the procedures may vary. In general the procedures are as follows.

First time and date and material is informed to the temple authorities and necessary payments are made for it. The person to whom Tulaa Bhaar has to be offered and his relatives offer worship in the temple sanctum. The person wears new or washed cloths. Some wear a garland also given from the temple as per their custom. A new towel is placed on one side of the Tulaa and the person sits on it. Normally he sits facing East after the priest performs a small prayer before Tulaa, with his consent.

If Naad Swar party is there they play instruments. The offering items are placed in medium measures on the other arm after placing a new cloth over it. Normally temple people themselves arrange things which are more convenient. A part of Tulaa Bhaar item is given to devotee also. Normally Tulaa Bhaar items are distributed after offering to the people present there on the occasion. Normally people know their weight and so bring a little more than that so they don't need more. After the Tulaa Bhaar devotee again offers prayer at sanctum to deity before leaving.

Story-1. Tulaa Bhaar of Krishn
Read this story in another flavor
You must be wondering hearing this for Krishn. Who is that who could weigh or suggest Tulaa Bhaar for Krishn - the Almighty God? Just imagine who could do this? You are right, he could not be other than mischievous Naarad. Once mischievous Naarad Jee thought to have some fun with Satyabhaamaa - Krishn's one of the eight chief wives. He knew that she was always jealous with Rukminee and was always to find the opportunity so that she could keep full control on Krishn. So he went to Satyabhaamaa and said - "Dear Satyabhaamaa, If you want to fully control Krishn, there is a way." Satyabhaamaa got very happy to hear this, she said - "What are you saying Naarad Jee? Is there really such a way?" Naarad Jee said - "Yes Satyabhaamaa. After doing that Krishn will be all yours." Satyabhaamaa could not control herself and restlessly asked him - "Tell me the way, O Naarad Jee." Naarad Jee said - "You make a Tulaa Bhaar to Krishn with Gold, and after that He will be all yours and he will not see at Rukminee at all." Satyabhaamaa said - "That is no problem, I have plenty of gold." She was proud of her gold wealth also. Now Naarad could not have implemented this without the consent of Krishn so he had already consulted Him on this issue before talking to Satyabhaamaa.

To implement her plan Satyabhaamaa talked to Krishn that she desired a Tulaa Bhaar to Him with gold for His well being, Krishn showed His happiness hearing this and got ready for it. On the stipulated day and time, Krishn smilingly came to her house and told that He was ready for Tulaa Bhaar. Satyabhaamaa had already set up the Tulaa (scale), so He smilingly sat on one side of the Tulaa. As if nothing big, Satyabhaamaa brought a very big basket full of her ornaments carrying by four or five assistants. She felt even a quarter of it will not be needed for Tulaa Bhaar, so she started keeping her ornaments on the other side of the Tulaa. The ornaments were too many and heavy, but as Satyabhaamaa started keeping them, they did not affect the Tulaa at all. Naarad Jee was also standing on one side and was supervising the things. Even after loading the full basket on the Tulaa, Krishn's side was still heavier. She brought another basket of gold but nothing affected.

Satyabhaamaa started sweating now. Now she brought all the remaining ornaments and took off her own ornaments also which she was wearing and put them on the Tulaa. Still no effect. She then asked Krishn's other wives and Gopee also to help her, they did help her but to no effect at all. She was too proud to go to Rukminee, so she did not seek her help. Now she looked at Naarad Jee for a way out. He put a solution - "You have not requested Rukminee to keep her ornaments here. You go to her and get her ornaments too, maybe that can help. Although Satyabhaamaa was too proud to go to Rukminee for her help, but noticing the delicacy of the situation, she had to agree to go to her.

Satyabhaamaa herself went to Rukminee's and knocked at her door. Opening the door, Rukminee welcomed Satyabhaamaa and offered a seat with smile. Satyabhaamaa was not in a mood to this welcome and formal talks, she put her subject matter politely requestin her to give her ornaments. Rukminee said - "I am ready to spare all my ornaments for Krishn. Why do you talk so politely and in a requesting tone? I will open the door of my ornaments room and and you may simply take as much as you require. Is it alright for you? But before that can I see the Tulaa Bhaar myself?" "Sure, Sure." Satyabhaamaa readily agreed for this and thus Rukminee came to Tulaa Bhaar site. There were only two women there - a smiling Rukminee and sorrowful Satyabhaamaa.

Rukminee looked at the Tulaa and said politely - "It does not need any ornaments to add. May I add a Tulasee leaf to it?" Satyabhaamaa thought when after putting all these ornaments nothing happened, how Rukminee's Tulasee leaf is going to work? How foolish is she. In the meantime, Rukminee took out a small Tulasee leaf and placed it above the heaped gold ornaments. What a wonder. The side where Krishn was sitting went so high as if the other side had double of His weight. And thus Tulaa Bhaar of Krishn was successfully completed. The pride of Satyabhaamaa went away on that day.

The heavy weight was an illusion made by Krishn for that purpose. Actually by placing just a quarter a basket of ornaments on Tulaa the Tulam arm would have gone up.

Story-2. Story of King Shibi
This story comes in Puraan. Long long time ago there was a king named Shibi. Once King Shibi was relaxing after meals near an open window for breeze, that suddenly a pigeon came flying from nowhere and fell on the lap of king and hid himself in it. He gently, caressed it assuring him his safety and security. Meanwhile a hawk came following him and asked the King to give his prey to him. The King said - "This pigeon is in my refuge now, it is my duty to save him, I cannot give him to you. You can take whatever you want in exchange of this." The hawk said - "This is my prey, let me have him." Shibi said - "No, I cannot give him to you, I can give you lot much meat in exchange of this." The hawk said - "I do not wish to kill others for my food, this is my prey that is why give him to me." Shibi said - "If you do  not want to kill other animals, will you be happy with my flesh, if I give it to you equal to his weight?" The hawk got ready at this but he put a condition - "I will not accept your flesh as my food if even one drop of tear will fall from your eye." Shibi agreed.

A Tulaa was set up to weigh the King's flesh equal to the weight of the pigeon. The pigeon was kept on one side of the Tulaa and the King started cutting his flesh and keeping it on the other side of the Tulaa. He started with a little flesh as the pigeon was very little, but his flesh side of Tulaa always remained up and pigeon always weighed heavier than his flesh. He had cut almost his whole body and kept it on the Tulaa, but it never equal to the weight of the pigeon. So in the the King himself sat on the Tulaa pan.

At the same time, the pigeon and the hawk changed to Dharm Raaj and Dev Raaj Indra. they blessed him and told him that they were testing his magnanimity. This ultimate sacrifice of Raajaa Shibi is unparallel in our Hindu history. Shibi ruled for many more years after that.



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