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22-Raadhaa and Rukminee

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22-Raadhaa and Rukminee
Taken From  Puraan
I heard this story from a Pandit Jee who was telling Bhaagvat Kathaa in a temple. I have never herd this Kathaa before, and I don't even know where it has been taken from, because Raadhaa's name has been mentioned only in Brahmaand Puraan, nowhere else.

Rukminee had never seen Raadhaa but she heard a lot about Raadhaa. Krishn used to admire her very much. Hearing all this, one day Rukminee said to Krishn - "Whichever Raadhaa you talk about so much, I also want to meet her." Krishn said - "OK, When the time comes, I myself will take you there." The time passed by.

One day Rukminee heard that Raadhaa was in town, so she requested Krishn to bring her to her house. Krishn said - "All right." and He brought Raadhaa to His home and introduced Rukminee to her. Knowing that Raadhaa was very dear to Krishn, Rukminee also respected her and took a great care of her, so that there is nothing left for any kind of complaint. They talked also at length.

The day passed, the night fell. After having dinner, Raadhaa was shown to her room to take rest for the night. Rukminee herself went to show her the room, and confirming with her that she did not need anything else, she came back to Krishn. Krishn said to Rukminee - "Raadhaa is used to drink milk at bed time, so go and give her a little milk."

Rukminee got surprised to hear this from Krishn, as she was just coming back from Raadhaa and she did not express any need for anything else, and Krishn was saying to her to give her some milk at bed time. It also means that Krishn knew her too well, that He knew even that she drank milk at bedtime. Well, she started feeling a kind of jealousy thinking, "Whether Krishn knows so much about her also?" She went to the kitchen, warmed some milk and took it to Raadhaa. Since she was not in herself, she warmed the milk hotter than required. She entered Raadhaa's room, gave her milk and waited her to finish the milk. When Raadhaa had drank the milk Rukminee took the glass back, kept it in the kitchen and came back to Krishn again.

As her routine was, she took Krishn's foot in her hands and started massaging it. She was shocked to see that the sole of Krishn's foot was full of blisters. She checked the other foot, that also was full of blisters. She never saw such blisters on Krishn's feet before, she got worried. She exclaimed - "How did you get such blisters? I have never seen such blisters before on your feet. What happened?"

Krishn smiled - "It seems that you have given Raadhaa very hot milk." Rukminee got more surprised to hear this from Krishn. How did He know this, and how did it affect His feet soles? Krishn continued - "You know, My lotus feet are always in Raadhaa's heart, and you gave her hot milk. She drank that milk considering it my Prasaad but as she gulped it down and it went through her heart, and soles of my feet were burnt."

Rukminee understood the love between Krishn and Raadhaa, as how one's pain affects the other. Her head bowed before their love.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/02/13