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Taken From Devee Bhaagvat, Skandh 3 - this Utathya is not the son of Maharshi Angiraa and the brother of Brihaspati.

There lived a Braahman named Devdatt with his wife Rohinee in Koshal Desh. He used to listen to Devee stories very attentively and regularly. He was childless so one day he intended to do Putreshti Yagya (see under Yagya) in which he invited many learned Braahman. During the Yagya Devdatt felt some fault in the Yagya he got angry with Gobhil Muni and asked him why did he pronounce the Mantra wrong? At this Gobhil Muni also got angry at Devdatt and gave him Shaap to him that he should get a foolish son. Hearing this Shaap Devdatt got very sad. He held Muni Gobhil's feet and prayed for his kindness. Gobhil Muni kindly said - "First your son will be a fool, but later he will be great learned Braahman."

At appropriate time Devdatt impregnated his wife Rohinee and in an auspicious time Rohinee gave birth to beautiful boy. Devdatt named him Utathya. Utathya started growing, but as he grew older, he had no interest in reading and learning Ved etc. Seeing this Devdatt got very sad. When he grew older, people used to insult him as he did not know reading anything, he left the house and went to forest.

Utathya did not know either Sandhyaa or Poojaa or Mantra or prayers. He just took bath in Gangaa River, ate fruits and roots and passed time roaming around. Thus he spent 40 years there like this. But he had a special quality that he always spoke truth and everybody knew that he spoke truth. Utathya had no business with anybody. He lived there indifferently, innocently and without any ill will in his mind.

One day, a hunter came in that forest and shot an arrow at a boar. Pierced with the arrow, the boar ran away to save his life and came running towards the abode of Utathya. He hid himself there. Seeing him in this condition Utathya got pity on him. The hunter followed him, and he also came behind him. Seeing Utathya there he asked him - "Hey Braahman, Have you seen a boar coming this side? I am a hunter and live upon preys. My family is hungry, so please tell me soon where is he?"

Hearing this Utathya got in a flux, how to speak truth about him? To protect somebody is also not A-Satya (untruth). Satya is not that which kills somebody. If any lie can save somebody that is also like a truth. He was thinking like this that by the grace of Devee "Aim" letter came out of his mouth. This is Devee's Beej Mantra, so Devee got very happy with him and imparted him knowledge.

Although Utathya had no knowledge of Vaag Beej, but by the grace of Devee all knowledge came to him and he started speaking Shlok with the hunter. Utathya had become a learned Braahman. He said - "Hey Vyaadh, Eyes see, but they cannot speak; mouth can speak but it cannot see. Why do you ask this repeatedly? If you take my advice, then go home."

Hearing this Gyaan from Utathya's mouth, that hunter went back to his home. Utathya had now become learned like Vaalmeeki. Hearing this incident Utathya's father Devdatt got very happy and came there. He embraced his son dearly.

Therefore Hey Janamejaya, You also meditate on Devee, she is very kind. I heard this story in saints' community in Naimish Aranya. Maharshi Jamadagni asked Lomash Jee and Lomash Jee said to him to meditate on Devee - Mahaa Shakti Shivaa who is the Mother goddess of all creatures of this world.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/02/13