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12-Where is God?

A King was well learned in all the Ved and governed his people very well. There was no dearth or want of anything but three questions always bothered him. He visited many places and met many scholars to find the answers but in vain. One day he decided to assign this task to a great scholar who was very learned in literature and philosophy. He summoned the scholar and gave him the questions that were bothering him.
Where is god?
Which way is He seeing?
What is his work?

The scholar was given six months to find the answers to these questions and in return he was provided enough money to last. He was also assured that if he was successful in providing answers he would be treated well in gold and silver otherwise be banished from the kingdom. The scholar went home worried and tensed. He was a learned man but not very practical and with this task at hand so he got worried and fell sick. This man was taken care by a little boy who would graze the cows. The boy was very clever and blessed with knowledge.

One day the boy noticed that his master was more worried than being sick, so he decided to ask him if he could help him. Although the master was a learned man but he was hesitating to share his problem with a 12 year old boy, but finally he decided to share his problem as the time to meet the King was approaching fast. Once the boy heard the questions he assured his master to be at ease for the rest of the days and asked him to give a note on the due date that he is sick so cannot come personally, but the note bearer will answer his questions.

When the day arrived, the King was very excited to learn the answers of his questions. He had summoned all the neighboring kings and gathered a great audience to witness this event. The crowd was waiting anxiously to see the great scholar but he didn't show up, instead they saw a young boy walking towards the King and handing over a note to him. The King read the note and felt it was appropriate to let the boy answer the questions as the scholar himself had requested for it.

So the King broke the silence and declared that the boy has the answers and started asking him the questions with a smile. But the boy said I have a condition. The King was so anxious to hear the replies of his questions that he asked him what was his condition. The boy replied - "Since by replying your questions, I will get the status of your teacher, so I will need to sit on the throne while you should take the role of the student and need to stand by my side." Shocked with the strange request of the boy, the King consulted his ministers and decided to do as he demanded, because it was customary for the teacher to be seated on a higher seat and the student had to stand beside him. So he let the boy seated on the throne and he himself stepped aside.

Now the King asked out loud - "Where is God?"
In response to this question, the boy requested for a jug of milk and asked the King if he could see any butter in the milk? The King replied - "No, not right now. But that the milk has to be fermented and then churned to separate the butter from it." The boy replied - " In the same way God is one with the entire universe. He cannot be seen like that. He can be seen only by him who practices and spends time in looking for Him. The persistence and the devotion are required to see Him just as the fermentation and churning are required to extract the butter from milk." The audience was elated listening to the answer based on a simple comparison yet with so much complexity.

The next question was asked - "Which way is He seeing?"
The boy looked towards an oil lamp and asked the King which way the flame was pointed at? Surprised the King replied - "It is not directional but the whole room is illuminated." The boy explained - "Just the way sunlight is spread throughout the universe, because God's reach is spread throughout, which includes the human mind as well and so it is best to keep the mind open to feel God within, because his reach has no bounds and is not biased." The crowd was very pleased to see a genius at work and thought "A Daniel has come to the judgment."

Excited himself the King finally asked his third and the last question - "What is his work?"
The boy replied - "He brought a simple cowherd boy to sit on a lavish throne in comfort and took a King of kings down to stand in obedience with folded hands, that is the kind of work He does. Whenever and wherever a decline of righteousness and predominance of unrighteousness prevails at that time He manifests Himself personally." The King and all the people present there were very happy and impressed to hear the boy.

The King honored the boy with lots of rewards and gave a place in his court. He called that scholar back on work.

God's whereabouts and what he does. The above story is an excerpt from the Vigyaan Yog (chapter 7), Bhagvad Geetaa as narrated by Shree Vidyaa Prakaashaanandagiri Swaami. In chapter 7, Lord Krishn gives concrete knowledge of the absolute reality as well as the opulence of divinity. He describes His illusory energy in the material existence called Maayaa and declares how extremely difficult it is to surmount it. He also describes the four types of people attracted to divinity and the four types of people who opposed to divinity. In conclusion He reveals that one in spiritual intelligence takes exclusive refuge of the Lord without reservation in devotional service.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/01/13