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What is Maayaa and what is Lobh (greed)
Maayaa is that which is seen but is not there, and Moh is intense attachment to the worldly things.

What is Moh? What is Raag (intense attachment)

What is Mad and what is Eershyaa (jealousy)

All these are the hindrance in attaining the spiritual knowledge. Many saints say this -

Krishn says in Geetaa -

Tulasee Daas Jee says in his Maanas -

Chaanakya says in his Chaanakya Neeti - Lobh is the greatest evil, Nindaa is the greatest sin, Speaking truth is the greatest penance, pious heart is like living in Teerth, Ignorant people go after gold and gem-studded jewelry like mad people, but they forget that the real jewel, Yash can be obtained only through meritorious actions (Satkarm). People are mad after wealth which can be stolen any time by anybody, but the Vidyaa (wisdom) which is real wealth cannot be stolen by anybody.

Bhartrihari writes - Greed, Maayaa and attachment are such a great ... which shake the mind of  even the greatest saint and compel him to commit any kind of grave sin, that is why first of all these should be left out.

The great Sant Kabeer says - Maayaa and Moh are all Jhooth. In whichever house there is Maayaa Moh

Ramana Maharshi

If anything comes your way, by reason of Praarabdh (destiny based on the balance sheet of past lives) you can't help it. If you take what comes, without any special attachment and without any desire for more of it or for a repetition of it, it will not harm you by leading to further births. On the other hand, if you enjoy it with great attachment and naturally desire
for more of it, that is bound to lead to more and more births."

kalyataam mama kurushwa taavateem,  kalyate bhavadupaasanaam yayaa
spashtam ashta vidhayog aachaaryayaa,  pushtayaashu tava tushtimaapnuyaam. .1..
shree man naaraayaneeyam chaturtha skandh

hey varad yayaa bhavadupaasanam kalyate mama taavateem kalyataam kurushwa.
aashu pushtayaa asht Vidya yogaachaarya yaa tava tushtim spashtam aapnuyaam.

In the Bhaagavat Puraan, the Dharmaanushthaan by the Ashtaang Yog is described in detail. This sublime mode of Upaasanaa is dealt with concisely by Bhattathirippad in this Skandh 4 of Naaraayaneeyam The above is the first stanza giving introduction to the subject.

You Guruvaayurappaa, the eternal source of Grace, please give me sufficient health (kalyata) that will be required to perform your worship through the Yog methods. May your Divine Grace be pleased to permit me to do attain your favorable disposition by following the path of Ashtaang Yog. (Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Praanaayaam, Pratyaahaar, Dhaaranaa, Dhyaan and Samadhi are the eight steps in the Yog practice and these will be described in the coming stanzas.)

For the devotee Bhattathir, the existence in good health not for any selfish reason.. The worship of Guruvayurappan is possible by the various Vidhi (rules) prescribed only if the devotee is in a state of good health. Krishn, Who can practice Yog with a body afflicted with arthritis.


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