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Relationship of Games With Astrology and Philosophy

Playing Cards
Joker is like a divine intervention having overriding positive powers, let me share what playing cards had to offer in astrology.

The playing cards are differentiated in two colors representing male and female - red ones are male and black ones are female.

The wheel represents the four elements in its cardinal houses correlating the four suites.

The Diamond represent the Lagna or the first house, the Club represent the 7th house. the Spade represents the 4th house and the Heart represents the 10th house.

While the Diamond is male, its opposite Club is female. the Heart is male and its opposite Spade is female. just like first being self and 7th wife; 10th father and 7th mother.

The number of cards 1 to 10 represent the ten Indriyaan (five Gyaan Inriyaan and five Karm Indriyaan viz. the intelligence and work aptitudes of the body)

Ace being the base is also given the connecting sequence at the end after the King, as back to the beginning.

The total number of 52 cards represent the total 52 alphabets.

Joker or the wild card, even the computer has heavily used the wild card concept, just means a 'place holder' that can represent anything - from Ace to King. [The ? and * are the wildcards used in searching for files or other data where the exact number or alpha character is not known or when we wish to create a list of all strings where that one character could be 'anything' in computer.] The Joker or wildcard is a very very powerful icon.

Dice Game
The dice game which has a major mention in Mahaabhaarat was also played by Lord Baalaajee at Tirumalaa with Baavaajee and that too has its own philosophical or astrological angle.

Chinese Checkers
Chinese checkers also has great hidden meanings of Tantra and cosmic nature and the diagrams of that board itself is of great mystic significance.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 06/09/11