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How to Remove Ego

Although it is right that we have to remove ego from our life... but it is indeed quite difficult to do so, at the same time it is not impossible too.. The following a simple remedy to remove Ego... Practice regularly, surely one day you will be successful in removing Ego from your life. This is for daily practice: Do it at least for 21 days and see the benefits!

(1) Select a quiet period at the end of the day before retiring to bed. Sit in a silent place in a comfortable posture preferably in front of the God. Perform breath-watching for 5Ė10 minutes.

--Do a review in your mind of all:
----Significant activities you engaged in since getting out of bed
----People you met and interacted with during the course of the day, especially. your own family members (parents, spouse, children, others in the family)

--Review the nature of your interactions
----Were there any angry, impatient, arrogant, obnoxious, abrasive interactions?
----Go deep into the incident and see what caused that behavior from within you?
----What was your state of mind?

--Put yourself in the situation of the other person and review the incident
----Did you cause the other person any pain or hurt, intentionally or otherwise? If yes, then internally ask for forgiveness
----Did you yourself feel hurt by the other person? If yes, then internally forgive the person

--What have you realized from the review?
----Are you constantly seeking love and approval from the others?
----Does your world fall apart when you donít receive it as per your expectations?
----Do you get hurt or do you get angry by that behavior?
----How do you react to the situation? Is your reaction due to the other personís behavior or is it because of your own craving for love and significance?

--Did you experience fear during the course of the day?
----Were you longing to know the future?
----Does uncertainty cause you suffering?
----Were there any thoughts of lust?

--Do you feel the need to be in control of people and situations all the time?
--Do you feel that only you are important and all the rest are not?
--Do you feel that only you are right and everyone else is not?
--Do you find it hard to see another personís point of view?
--Does controlling others give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?

--Does someone elseís success or happiness upset you?
----Do you feel that only you deserve the happiness and success and not anyone else?
----Do you start planning to bring their downfall?
----Would it make you really happy to see their downfall?

All of the above contemplation must be done without self-judgment or condemnation. It is only important to realize where you stand behind the daily social cover-up.

The Journey begins when you are aware of what is there and accept that it is there. Self Acceptance is the First Step; and it is also the Last Step.

Finally, before you retire to sleep for the night, promise yourself that if you have done anything wrong, you won't do it again and when you have done any positive incident, consider it a small step towards the destruction of your EGO.


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 12/20/11