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4-Shiv Hom

Some people condemn the Shiv Hom. Tantra are many and so are the rituals, systems etc. However, the arguments against Shiv Hom seem to be mere fiction and own interpretation rather than based on Tantra or Aagam scriptures. Shiv Hom or Rudra Hom is fully sanctioned in various scriptures and is being conducted from time immemorial. Here is one single most authentic reference in this regard. The 324th chapter in Agni Puraan, is on Rudra Shaanti. It starts with "eeshwar uvaach.. shiv shaantim pravakshyaami. ...." and continues to explain "trinshallaksham japen mantram homam kuryaaddrishaamshatah..." and again continues to explain the Shruti and Mantra. Similar Shaanti Hom is also explained in another authentic Taantrik work "Tantra Samuchchaya" which is the Bible of Taantrikaachaarya in Kerala.

The above Hom is done for Mahaadev. Then there are Mrityunjaya Hom, Aghor Hom etc for Shiv. There are various forms of Shiv and so do have different purpose as well.

The very first chapter of Shiv Puraan provides the information about Shiv's Hom or Havan or Yagya. And this is a rendering by none other than Sage Shaunak. In the section where he explains the procedure for recitation / hearing of Shiv Puraan, he says :--
viraktashch bhavedshrotaa para ahani visheshata: |  geetaa vaachyaa shivenoktaa raamchandraaya yo mune
gristashched bhavedshrotaa kartavyastena dheemataa  |  homa: shuddhen havishaa karmanastasya shaantaye
rudra sanhitayaa homa: pratishloken vaa mune  |  gaayatraastanmayatwa aaccha puraanasyaasya tattwata:
doshayo prashamaartham cha nyoonataadhikataakh yaayo:
Meaning : (not exact)
If the Shrotaa (one who hears) is a Virakt (one who has denounced worldly pleasures), he should recite the Geetaa advised by Shiv to Raamchandra (Shiv Geetaa). If he is a Grihasth (family person), he should conduct Havan for Mahaadev with Shuddh Havishya (Ghee, cooked rice etc) for the Shaanti of Karm (Paap Mukti). The Hom should be conducted by the Mantra from Rudra Samhitaa. Hom could also be conducted with Gayatri Mantra, since Shiv Puraan is also Gayatraatmak. The Hom can also be conducted with Shiv Panchakshar Mantra.

Hence it is very clear that Hom for Mahaadev is authentic and sanctioned by scriptures.

Types of Shiv Hom
--Mrityunjaya Hom is performed.
--Aghor Hom - Only very few learned Pandit can do this Hom. Depending on availability of Ved Pandit and Yagya Kartaa it can be preferred. Probably Aghor Hom might be performed at home.
--Rudraabhishek - This Yagya is performed mostly in Shiv Mandir, on important days like Mondays, Shiv Raatri.
In Shankar Math of Kaanchee, Kaamkoti Peeth, Mahaa Mrityunjaya Yagya is organized from time to time.
--Like wise Mahaa Rudra Abhishek is performed 1008 times by a group can also be taken up.

Mahaa Mrityunjaya Hom
Mahaa Mrityunjaya Hom dedicated to Shiv is mainly to avoid untimely death The Mrityunjaya Hom is performed to achieve Jaya or Victory over Mrityu or death. The object of worship of this Hom is Shiv. One of the synonyms of Shiv is Mrityu Mrityu which means death of the death or the destroyer of death. During this Hom one chants 21 Mantra. The prominent offerings in this Homa are Doorvaa grass and an herb called Amrit. The former is famous for purifying blood and the latter is a medicine for incurable diseases. Since these are used as offerings in this Hom, there is no doubt that it bestows longevity on the performer. The Mrityunyaja Hom is said to remove the fear of death. The hymns are devoted to Mrityu, the God of death, praying for long life. These hymns are used in the Poorn Aahuti or the final offering in the famous Som sacrifice. This Hom also alleviates Mrityu Dosh or untimely death too.



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