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1-Shiv Poojaa-2

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1-Shiv Poojaa-2
By Astrologer Anuragg Goswami

Lord Shiv is the super-most in providing good health. Even he brings people out from the hands of Yam Raaj. His other form is "Mrityunjaya" and in this form, he has lots of Nectar Pitchers; which means that he is the Lord of Health and Immortality. By worshiping Lord Shiv on the occasion of Mahaa Shiva Raatri, health must be received. Here I am giving you some such tips which will give you quick relief from the sickness.

If you are suffering from bad health since long time, you should visit the Lord Shiv's temple on the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri and should do the consecration with the milk mixed water and black sesame seeds. For consecration, do not use copper vessel (you can use steel vessel). Do the consecration with the above mentioned water 108 times with following Mantra: "Om Joom Saha".

Whenever you start any medicine, first of all you offer it to Lord Shiv and pray him for quick recovery.

Mix some Gangaa Jal in the water, the patient drinks.

Bind a Gomatee Chakra with a leg of the bed on which the patient sleeps, you can see quick recovery.

Together with these tips, I am imploring you to do the faultless and unfailing Mahaa Mrityunanjaya Yagya.

Remedy to Get Children
Lord Shiv never disappoints his devotees who are not blessed with the child. By worshiping the Lord Shiv, these couples can get the child with intelligence and Longevity.

On the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri after finishing the daily worship, the childless couple should prepare 11 Shiv Ling by the wheat flour and thereafter they should do the water consecration of each Shiv Ling with "Shiv Mahimn Strota". Thus, do the water consecration 11 times. The couple should take that water as Prasadam. This procedure should be done till 21 or 41 days starting on Mahaa Shiv Raatri.

For the protection of pregnancy and to get the child, wife can hold the Garbh Gauree Rudraaksh. This can also hold on the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri or any auspicious Monday. By holding this, blessings of Shiv increases.

For Early Marriage
If any boy or girl is not getting married even when they are about to cross the right age of marriage, these boys and girls should wear the "Gauri Shankar Rudraaksh" on the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri.

For Employment
If you are not getting any job, even when you are qualified enough for it, follow the below remedy and you will certainly get a good job very soon. This should be done till 41 days from starting on the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri. Do the consecration with the cane juice of Shiv Ling in Shiv Temple and recite the Mantra  "Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraaya" 108 times. Recite this Mantra at the time of consecration also and do not forget to offer the holy water after the consecration.

For Increasing Income
On the day of Mahaa Shiv Raatri, establish the Paarad Shiv Ling in your home temple and worship it will proper procedure. Thereafter, recite the Mantra for 108 times: "Em Hveem Shreem Om Namah Shivaaya Shreem Hveem Em".

Every time while reciting the Mantra, offer one Bilva Patra on Paarad Shiv Ling. Write, "Em, Hveem, Shreem on the three groups of three Bilva Patra by red sandal. Follow this procedure for 40 days. On the last day, take away the last Bilva Patra after worshipping and keep it in a glass frame; worship it on daily basis with incense sticks and Diyaa. Your income will start increasing very soon.

For Kaal Sarp Dosh
If Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed in your horoscope, remove it on the occasion of Mahaa Shiv Raatri" because the time of "Mahaa Shiv Raatri is the most valuable to remove Kaal Sarp Dosh by Yagya and Poojan.

For Business Loss
If your trade is dull, then on Shiv Raatri day keep 11 Gomatee Chakra (11) with three small coconuts on a red cloth. With Rudraaksh rosary repeat "Aing kling shring" Mantra 11 times, bind everything in the red cloth and hang it from the main door a little inside at a height.

Install an energized Dakshinaavartee Shankh at your business spot on Shiv Raatri day. Recite 11 times "Om aing shring sarv kaarya siddh kuru kuru swaahaa" and burn holy sticks and incense.

You perform Shiv Kuber Yagya on Mahaa Shiv Raatri day because Kuber himself got the position of God of wealth by the worship of Shiv. Lord Shiv is the God of Kuber and so his worship is very important for getting wealth.



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