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15-Shiv and Bhairav

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15-Shiv and Bhairav
From   Shiv Puraan

Bhairav Dev is said to be a form of Shiv and people worship him. His vehicle is dog. In Shiv Puraan, and also in some other books Lord Bhairav is said to be born of the eye brow of Lord Shiv. At one time the three gods, Brahmaa, Vishnu and Shiv, gathered and deciding to know who is the greatest? Immediately Lord Shiv disappeared from the sight and appeared in the form of a huge pillar of light or fire whose beginning or the end was nowhere to be seen.

To decide who is greater, Brahmaa and Vishnu decided that whoever would find the top or bottom of that pillar will be declared greater. So Brahmaa took the form of a swan and flew up to go to the top, while Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar and went down to find its bottom. Both wandered here and there for a long time, but could not find its top or the bottom.

At that time, a flower of Paarijaat tree, was falling from Swarg Lok. Brahmaa caught it on the way and asked it where it came from and it told him that it came from Swarg. Brahmaa asked it - "Did you see that how high this pillar has gone?" It said - "This pillar extends even above the Swarg Lok." Hearing this Brahmaa got a little worried but then he told lie to Vishnu saying that he got it from the top of the pillar, to which the flower agreed. And Brahmaa came down.

After a while Vishnu also came there. Both asked each other whether the other one could find its end. Lord Brahmaa showed him the flower saying that he had got it from the top of the pillar. Hearing this lie Lord Shiv again transformed himself into his normal form and got angry with Brahmaa and assumed his Rudra Roop. At that time because of his anger a powerful being with long nails and armed with many weapons appeared from his eyebrow. He was Lord Bhairav.

Lord Rudra told him that since one of Brahmaa's mouth had committed a sin by lying so it must be cut off. Immediately Bhairav went to Brahmaa and before Brahmaa could know he cut off his one out of the five faces. But at the same time Bhairav also committed a sin himself by doing Brahm Hatyaa, so a terrifying being by the name of Paap came forward, from nowhere, and wanted to eat Bhairav.

Bhairav went to Shiv to ask for his forgiveness. Shiv told him to do Parikramaa of mother Earth, and wherever this Paap would be destroyed would be his new home. Lord Bhairav circumambulated the earth and when he reached Kaashee his Paap was destroyed, so he stayed at Kaashee and is called "Kaashee kaa Kotvaal" since then.

This is the history of Lord Bhairav connection to Lord Rudra in short. Lord Bhairav is protector of his devotees and eliminates all problems.



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