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11-Shiv Bhakt

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11-Story of a Shiv Bhakt

Once there was a Braahman who used to worship Shiv Jee a lot. He used to offer 1,000 Bilva Patra daily to Shiv Ling after writing Raam Naam on them especially in Shraavan Maas. Once a Vaishya asked him 2,000 Rupees. The Braahman said - "I am a poor Braahman, where I will bring 2,000 Rupees. I have only 100 Rupees, you may take these." Vaishya thought, "OK, whatever is there." So he took that money from him and went away.

As in Shraavan Maas Shiv and Paarvatee wander around to bestow boons to their Bhakt. Seeing that Braahman, Paarvatee Jee said to Shiv - "Dev, This Braahman seems to be a great Bhakt of yours, give him something" Shiv Jee said - "Devee, Whatever will be in his fate, he will get it." Paarvatee Jee asked - "What about his labor?" Shiv Jee replied - "All right. He will surly get the results of his labor."

At the same time, the Vaishya who took 100 Rupees from him was hearing this conversation. He thought, "Now this Braahman will get lots of wealth, so let me see what does he get. Let me come in this temple at night and see what does Shiv Jee give this Braahman." So he came in the evening and sat there waiting for Shiv to come there and see what was the thing Shiv wanted to give to that Braahman.

One hour passed, two hours went by, four hours passed. It was early morning but Shiv Jee did not come. he got very angry and started beating Shiv Ling saying, "Where are you? I have been waiting for you for such a long time, and you are still not there. You are a liar." As he touched the Shiv Ling to beat, his hands stuck with the Shiv Ling. He wanted to separate them from the Ling but as he wanted to separate them, his hands were sticking to it more strongly.

The then a divine voice said - "You will have your hands stuck to the Ling like this only. If you want to get them separated from the Ling, first thing in the morning, call your son and send 200,000 Rupees to that Braahman's house from whom you have borrowed 100 Rupees. Then only you will be free."

So the Vaishya waited for the morning. The Braahman came there to worship Shiv Ling in the morning. Seeing the condition of the Vaishya, he exclaimed - "Oh, What happened to you?" The Vaishya asked him to call his son and asked his son to deliver 200,000 Rupees to that Braahman. As the Vaishya's son brought the 200,000 and gave to the Braahman, the Vaishya got freed from the Ling.



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