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51-Som Vrat Kathaa-1

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51-Som Vrat Kathaa-1
A similar story is given for Mangalaa Gauree Vrat also

Simple Monday Fast

There lived a rich man. He had everything but he did not have a child. He was worried for this all the time. He used to keep fast on every Monday, worshipped Shiv Jee on that day and light a lamp before the Shiv Ling in the evening. One day Paarvatee Jee said to Shiv Jee - "Naath, This man is your great devotee, you should fulfill his wish." Shiv Jee said - "Paarvatee, This world is Karm Kshetra. As a farmer sows seed in his farm and reaps its results, in the same way in this world also people do whatever Karm, and they reap their fruits." Paarvatee Jee again said - "Still he is your great devotee. You should help him. If you will not fulfill his wish then why people will worship you?" Seeing Paarvatee Jee so compassionate for him, Shiv Jee said to her - "He doesn't have any son, that is why he is always worried. Although he doesn't have a son in his fate, I bless him with a son but he will survive only for 12 years. I cannot do anything more than this for him."

That rich man was overhearing this conversation between them. Hearing this conversation neither he was happy nor he was sad. He continued to worship in the same way for some more time. After a while that man's wife got pregnant and she delivered a beautiful boy at appropriate time. Everybody was very happy to see the child in the house, but the man neither showed any happiness at this event, nor he told anything to anybody about his child's 12 years of age.

When the child became 11 years old, the mother asked the father to marry him, but the father clearly refused this and said - "I will send him to Kaashee to study." He called the child's Maamaa (maternal uncle), gave him some money to take him to Kaashee and put him to study there. He directed his son that while going to Kaashee you should do Yagya and feed Braahman on your way. So both Maamaa and the nephew set off to Kaashee and were doing Yagya and feeding Braahman all the way.

On the way they happened to be in a city in which its King was marrying his daughter to a Prince who had only one eye. The groom's father was very much worried lest the bride refuses to marry his son if she sees his son. So when he saw this beautiful young boy of the rich man, he got an idea that he should replace this boy at the "bride's door" ceremonies. He talked to the boy's Maamaa and Maamaa got ready for this. So the boy put on the groom's clothes, rode on the mare and completed all the "bride's door" ceremonies.

When all this was over comfortably, the groom's father thought that if the boy could be replaced in marriage ceremony also, it will all so be better; so he talked to his Maamaa again about it. He promised him to give lots of money in exchange of this favor. Maamaa got ready for this also. So all the marriage ceremonies were also completed comfortably. After the marriage ceremonies, when the boy set off to Kaashee, he wrote on the cloth of his wife - "You are married to me, but with whom they will send you, he is with one eye only, and I am going to Kaashee to study." After he had left, the bride read that message and refused to follow the other Prince saying - "He is not my husband, I am not married to him. My husband has gone to Kaashee to study." So the Princess' father did not send her with other Prince and the groom's family went back.

Now the boy and his Maamaa came to Kaashee. The boy started his studies and Maamaa started his Yagya. When the boy came to the age of 12 years, his Maamaa was doing Yagya. The boy said - "Maamaa, Today I am not feeling well." Maamaa said - "Go and sleep inside." The boy came inside and lay down. After a while he died. After a while his Maamaa came to see him and found him dead. He got very sad. He thought if I will start crying now then my Yagya will remain incomplete, so when the Yagya was completed and Braahman went away, he started crying.

By chance Shiv Jee and Paarvatee Jee were passing from that side. They heard the cries, so Paarvatee Jee said - "Naath, Some sad man is crying, please remove his grief." So they went to Maamaa where they saw a dead boy lying on the floor. Paarvatee Jee said - "Oh, He is nobody else than the son of that rich man who was born by your blessings." Shiv Jee said - "Paaravtee, His age was only this much, so he has already spent." Paarvatee Je got compassionate with him, so she said - "Mahaaraaj, Give this boy his life, otherwise his parents will die in his separation." After requesting several times, Shiv Jee gave him life and he became alive again.

Now Maamaa and the nephew again started their journey back to their home in the same way - doing Yagya and feeding Braahman. They arrived in the same city where the boy was married. They started their Yagya there also. The boy's father-in-law recognized him, took him to his palace, showed him every kind of hospitality, and bade him farewell along with his daughter and lots of things in dowry. They came back to their own place. The boy's parents were sitting on the roof of their house. They have thought that if their son had come well and alive, they would come down otherwise they will die by jumping from that roof.

At that time the boy's Maamaa informed them that "Your son has come". They could not believe their ears. Then the Maamaa said "Not only he but his wife has also come with him." The man welcomed both his son and daughter-in-law pompously and they all lived happily ever after.




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