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16-Misc Information

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22-Misc Information About Shiv

Who are Nayanmaar? Are there any women among them?
There are 63 slaves called Nayanmaar of Lord Shiv among whom there are three women. Karaikkal Ammayar occupies the prime place among them.

Why Monday Fast for Shiv
There are numerous myths associated with any particular fast. The stories vary from region to region and from community to community. Som Vaar Vrat, or Monday fasting is dedicated to Shiv too has numerous stories associated with it. Among the several myths, three myths have gained popularity (read these stories here) -
--the first is the story of a poor Braahman gaining wealth due to Monday fasting,
--second is the story of a rich merchant begetting a son after long wait and the subsequent death of the son and his rebirth due to the grace of Shiv and Paarvatee and
--the third story is the most famous story of involving the game of dice played between Shiv and Paarvatee.

Shiv and Paarvatee Marriage etc
Shiv agreed to marry Umaa on Shraavan Shuka 3 (Hariyaalee Teej)
Shiv got married to Paarvatee on Phaalgun Shukla 14 (Shiv Raatri)
Shiv was married to Umaa on Jyesth Shukla 5  (Mahaadev Vivaah)
Shiv and Umaa are worshipped on Bhaadrapad Poornimaa  (Umaa Maheshwar Vrat)
Kaanvar Day - people bring Gangaa Jal and offer it on Shiv Ling on Shraavan Krishn 14 (Rudraabhishek) to cool down Shiv's anger at the      immolation of Satee. It is believed that Parashuraam started this practice and now even women also do this.

Paarvatee fought with Mahishaasur on Chaitra Shukla 8 (Durgaa Ashtamee)
    It is said that once Paarvatee went on Arunaachal Parvat. There ruled Mahishaasur Raakshas. He had already heard about the beauty of
    Paarvatee so he sent a woman to Paarvatee. She met her and told about her beauty to Mahishaasur. So he took some  of his people and went
    to Paarvatee. Hearing this Paarvatee sent Bhavaanee along with Rudra soldiers to fight with him. Bhavaanee was the daughter of Maharshi
    Kaatyaayan and thus was also called Kaatyaayanee. Kaarttikeya also went to help Bhavaanee.

Bhavaanee was born on Chaitra Shukla 8. She was very brave and good at use of weapons. She killed Chand and Mund Raaakshas, Then she
    killed Mahishaasur also. She hung his head on her dagger and danced in battlefield. This happened on Kaarttik Krishn 14. She is worshipped
    as Kaalee for killing Mahishaasur. Due to this Bhavaanee is called Kaalraatri also.

Shiv kills Gajaasur (son of Mahishaasur)
Paarvatee killed Shumbh and Nishumbh through Bhavaanee
Durg - In his dynasty many Daanav were very mighty - Aruru, Bal, Varatra, Vijwar, Varakh. Durg was the son of Aruru. As he
     was troubling Devtaa very much, they prayed Shiv to kill him. Shiv sent Bhavaanee again to fight with him. Durg said "who will
     bring Bhavaanee to him I will honor him and will make him Indra." Nobody could fight with her, so Durg had to come himself.
     Then Bhavaanee killed him. This happened on Aashwin Shukla 10 (Vijayaa Dashamee).

Yaksh were not the worshippers of Shiv. They were businessman. They lived in Alakaa Puree and their head was Kuber. Kuber's wife was Riddhhi (Lakshmee). [MBH, 13.146.4]. Yaksh did not fight with Asur, but helped them when they liked. Once they refused to help them, so Devtaa and Shiv killed Kuber by cutting his head. Then the Yaksh approached Shiv. Kuber's ride was elephant, so Shiv attached elephant's head on his headless body. He became devotee of Shiv. He was declared the son of Shiv and Paarvatee and named as Ganapati Ganesh (Lord of Yaksh) instead of Ganapati (ruler of Yaksh) [Shiv Puraan, 105] This happened on Bhaadrapad Shukla 4 (Ganesh Chauth or Siddhi Vinaayak Chauth). Yaksh regarded Ganesh along with his wife Lakshmee II as their leader Kuber. Lakshmee and Ganesh are worshipped on Kaarttik Amaavasyaa (Deepaavalee or Lakshmee-Kuber Poojan)



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